Left Creating Scenario For Civil War

The refusal of some 40 Democrat Congressmen to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday is of itself a non-event. Indeed, the average IQ of attendees will be elevated as a result. It can also be argued that this is another example of the Left’s penchant for tokenism, comfortable posturing and superficial symbolism.

However their apparent posturing needs to be placed in the wider context of a developing preparation by the Broad Left for violent confrontation. If we do not look at the wider context we can dismiss the 40 as a group of mostly Black lawmakers pandering to their tribal voters.

In the narrow context we can also view the paid-for anarchists and urban vermin who are planning Friday’s Washington violence, as just a continuation of the fringe Far Left Trotskyites who at one time targeted Wall Street. In the same narrow context we can see Friday’s contribution to mayhem by the competing Trotskyites of Black Lives Matter, as just another expression of the Obama-encouraged Black militancy that puts Whitey in his place.

There is now evidence on the Internet that the increasing domestic Muslim assertiveness will also be on display in Washington on Friday. Perhaps the 40 Congressmen are wise to stay away from an event that is an invitation to Islamic terrorism and certain to be dangerous.

On this website we have predicted that a Ruling Class that has been stealthily imposing a moral Revolution on America, and its Far Left allies who have been imposing an economic and Internationalist Revolution, will not peacefully depart from power.

They never anticipated that a significant Counter-Revolutionary movement would emerge, for they believed that they had successfully used 8 years of Government to squash any effective resistance. So confident were they that they could win the 2016 election against a weak, collaboration-prone Republican Party, that they allowed the ailing, scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton to be their candidate. No-one saw Donald Trump and his improvised Nationalism by-passing the MSM, shaking the American working class out of its lethargy, and actually winning the election, even if it was by a whisker.

But we believe it is a mistake to see all these ideologically fragmented Leftist groups and their plans for violence as an unconnected patchwork of discontents. The bigger picture is a Media Class, its Mainstream Media and the Democrat Party creating a narrative of the illegitimacy of Trumps Presidency. The announced plans to shelter millions of illegitimate immigrants in ‘sanctuaries’ and to obstruct the building of a wall with Mexico, are setting up a scenario for civil war.

It is our view that the Broad Left, which includes not only the groups planning violence on Friday, but the forces that until now have governed America and controlled information, have deliberately set out a confrontational scenario to a Trump Government that must result in physical conflict. They most surely know that Donald Trump and his Broad Right followers are not going to cave in. The Media Class may not be setting the pace this time but its Leftist allies are thirsting for a civil war and the overthrow of Trump’s Government.

The declaration by Democrat Congressmen that an elected President is illegitimate, is a rejection of the democratic process and an opening shot of war. Friday may witness the first skirmish. Are the Trump regime and its Broad Right followers prepared for action?

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  1. It speaks to the actual insanity of the GlodoHomoLefty Coalition of the Botched that they think they would have any chance at all in prevailing in a physical conflict with RealAmerica. If “they” give “us” the opportunity to flush their $#!t once and for all, it would truly be a blessing from God.

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