Kasich And Cruz. Hanging Together Or Hanging Separately?

The Wall Street Journal, the mouthpiece of Republican Internationalists/Globalists, has been relentless in its attacks on Trump and his followers. Its ’Conservative’ editors, Opinion writers and Far Left reporters have regularly predicted Trump’s political demise – even his financial demise – and have labored to dismiss his voters as ignorant know-nothings who would eventually stop voting as his shortcomings became obvious to them.

After Jeb Bush, the leading proponent of Internationalism and mass immigration was humiliated by both Trump and Republican voters, the WSJ found much to admire in Kasich. But when he too failed to stop The Donald’s march, the Journal held its collective nose and in desperation found a little something to like in Ted Cruz.

Today, as the Republican voters in five primaries look certain to hand Trump impressive victories, the Journal’s editors, grasping at straws, are welcoming the “gentleman’s agreement’ between Kasich and Cruz with the heading “Cruz and Kasich Hang Together”. We could not resist completing that old saying about life’s losers hanging together or hanging separately.

The Journal, admitting that the pact is “better late than never” is pinning its hopes on it working in Indiana for Ted Cruz, where 57 delegates are up for grabs in the State’s winner-takes-all system. No explanation is forthcoming as to why the pact is not expected to deliver the goods in today’s elections. After all, if it will appeal to the anti-Trump voters in Indiana, why not in Pennsylvania, Maryland and the rest.

Meanwhile poor old Rush Limbaugh, so often decisive and sharp on the issues and the players, this morning strapped on his roller skates. Like the WSJ, he is skating round today’s contests and heading for Indiana. His desperate tactic is to dismiss today’s five contests as irrelevant, simply because the opinion polls predict they are already decided for Trump. They are nails in Cruz’s coffin. Limbaugh is inviting his listeners to skate by with him, but the very relevant question he should be asking is ‘why are the Republican voters in the five States so pro-Trump and not pro-Cruz’. After all, we are well into the second half of the contest, and today’s results will provide a snapshot of where the Republican voters are now. In some ways it hardly matters where the voters were back in October, November and December of last year.

If Trump gets more than 50% in any of today’s contests, it will tell us that his support, as voters get to know him and his core policies better, has been growing, not declining. This is the opposite of the predictions of the WSJ’s gang-of-four experts.

Unlike many of our website visitors, we like Rush Limbaugh. He has been a clear-headed realist over the years, as anti-establishment as Donald Trump, a powerful voice for small Constitutional government, and mostly a supporter of traditional moral values. It is painful to hear him now waffling, splitting hairs and indulging in political semantics to justify Cruz‘s continuing relevance. He is forfeiting his integrity in the process.

This morning he convincingly explained how Cruz long ago positioned himself as the Republican outsider, correctly judging that Republicans were in revolt against their Party leadership. Expecting that the Party establishment would seek to deny him a victory by any means, Cruz -according to Rush – set up a network to grab delegates. This was not aimed at outwitting Trump -who was at that time not on the political horizon – but outwitting the establishment. Rush believes that Cruz was knocked off course by Trump’s entry into the race as THE insider, and he has still not fully recovered. We would add, neither has Rush! There is something in all this, but Rush fails to properly account for Trump’s instant eclipsing of Cruz. Here is the explanation!

Cruz, a lawyer, a Constitutionalist, steeped in Congressional politics, was not able to see beyond this small world. He saw the answers to grass-roots unhappiness as a Conservative counter-reformation of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump’s entry, focused on borders, immigration and the bad effects of laissez-faire International trade, released a popular Nationalism and a Counter-Revolutionary movement. The Ruling (Media) Classes here in America and in Europe are, besides imposing a Revolutionary moral agenda, Internationalists. As such they are opposed to borders and National integrity. They are working for the destruction of Nation States, for worldwide redistribution of wealth (but not their own!) and the obliteration of racial distinctions.

Cruz and his preoccupation with legalistic political reform, was eclipsed by Trump’s instinctive Nationalism. Trump, politically speaking, IS the true outsider and Counter-Revolutionary, and he has embraced the most fundamental issue, which is the retrieval of America’s political and economic independence and identity. Moreover, an increasing number of Americans believe Trump has the character and ability to pull it off, even at this late hour.

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  1. I guess it was about 6 months ago that all of the self-appointed smart people were saying that Trump had a hard ceiling of support of just 20%, even though at that point there were still about 12 candidates.

    Sometime after that when there were a couple less candidates, those same smart people were saying his hard ceiling of support was just 25%.

    Then after that, it was 30%.

    And after that, he definitely wouldn’t be able to break the 35% hard ceiling.

    A few weeks more and 40% was the new magic number. He’d certainly never be able to get 50% anywhere, because most people hate him, we were told.

    Not long after he topped 50%. But 50% was as good as it was gonna get for Mr. Trump.

    Fast forward to tonight where he won every single county in every single state, and his average take appears to be about 60%.

    So I guess 60% is now the new hard ceiling of support for Trump, for those of you keeping track of these things.

    The traitorous neocon infestation at FOX News, The National Review, The Weekly Standard, and the WSJ is not having a very pleasant night. Barring the unforeseen monumental mistake by Trump, I don’t see it getting any better for these nation wreckers.

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