Karl Rove Is Right

In today’s Wall Street Journal Karl Rove, the former Bush adviser, is predicting that Donald Trump’s reliance on TV and Radio guest appearances, is a fatal mistake. Rove appears to be positioning himself as a Trump supporter.

Rove has long been a bete noir of Conservatives and Nationalists because of his association with Bush-era passiveness and then his fund-raising subservience to Big Business donors. On this website we have never considered Rove any worse than all the other ’conservative’ fund-raisers who infest Washington DC. In fact he is probably more sincere than many Republican Congressmen. In this instance he is right to assert that Clinton’s billion-dollar campaign of adverts will drown Trump’s current reliance on guest appearances and rallies.

At the present time, the Mainstream Media is doing a good job of extremely biased reporting that is hugely favorable to Clinton and highly unfavorable to Trump. Even without an advertising blitz, Clinton, thanks to the MSM campaign, is beating Trump hands down. Rove thinks Trump has already left it too late to raise sufficient money to match Clinton in direct Media propaganda.

In this unfolding general election Trump, no matter what he thinks, will not outwit and exploit the MSM. The ability of the MSM to turn the Orlando massacre into an attack on gun ownership and a war on anti-Muslim speech and Conservative disapproval of homosexual perversion, shows its awesome power. Trump needs to be swamping the Media with his campaign in order to stand the slightest chance.

As we have always proclaimed on this website, the MSM is dedicated to making propaganda in pursuit of a Revolutionary agenda. It will be spending 24 hours every day of every week up until November working with lies, distortions and concealments, for the election of Hillary Clinton and the decisive defeat of Donald Trump and his Nationalist, Conservative and Christian supporters.

We were in Orlando last Sunday when the news broke of the Pulse massacre. We watched the TV coverage from the airport, and as always the earliest news coverage is the most accurate. Even then the police spokes-persons were performing verbal gymnastics and evasion when referencing the Pulse clientele and the religion of the gunman. At that point in time the MSM had not worked out how to turn a crisis to advantage.

A deadly enemy attack on American soil is an attack on every American. Those who died and were injured, no matter how disgusting the activities that regularly took place on the premises, were sons, brothers and fellow-workers, and should not have been punished in pursuit of orthodox Islamic teaching.

For the record, the Muslim killer, Omar Mateen, was an American citizen and should not have been, for he and his parents had never owed any loyalty to the USA. He appears to have been bi-sexual, for he had been to the homosexual nightclub on several previous occasions. It is likely that he had been indulging in unnatural sexual practices with other men and was wrestling with self-disgust fueled by his alien religion and culture.

He had also been exploring an attack on a Disney family center, so homosexuals were not his only potential victims. Whatever tipped him towards homosexuals and not families, we are glad that it was not fathers, mothers and children who were gunned down. Most of the homosexual victims in the night club were from Puerto Rico.

Finally, it is worth noting that Muslim terrorists have in the past attempted to massacre Americans in night clubs by arson, and only luck prevented tragedies. Paris and Brussels, both situated in countries where citizen gun ownership is non-existent, have experienced attacks similar to this latest one in Orlando.


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  1. Why should Trump fund the enemy? Rove is worse than a cuck, he’s outright hostile to White self-interest. He wants the gates kept open til we become Brazil or worse. His boy W crushed the conservative brand with his BS “compassionate conservative” garbage which is just Moar Big Government.
    Trump is fighting with a new tack. No dead old media that is totally in the tank for Hillary, and using new stuff like twitter and viral memes to crush Hillary in the Cyberworld where she and her team are a generation behind due to heavy reliance on outdated platforms like newsprint and TV. So 20th Century and outdated now.

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