Julian Assange, Seth Rich and Murder Inc.

This website generally avoids conspiracy theories and concentrates on the big picture of politics and popular culture. The Broad Right can gain most from understanding current political events (and predicting immediate-future political events) in the context of America’s stealthy Revolution, as the new Ruling Media Class consolidates power by using its awesome weapon -the Mainstream Media (MSM) to shape public opinion.

Anyone closely following the current election will see what we have long maintained, that all major political contests are between the Broad Right and the MSM. Donald Trump is not fighting for his political life against Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. Indeed, they hardly have even a walk-on part. But every day the MSM, marching in lockstep, swings into deadly action with distortions, accusations and lies, narrowly focused on destroying Trump. It has abandoned any pretense of objectivity and bi-partisanship. Truly the MSM is engaged in a ‘Class Action’!

As we say here on R and R, these are Revolutionary times, and as befits a Revolutionary situation, violence is always part and parcel of the compulsory transformation of a society. This Revolution may have been characterized by stealth, thanks to the new Ruling Class enjoying a near-monopoly of mass communication, but lawlessness, arbitrary law and political violence are being increasingly employed against any Counter-Revolutionary or other opposition.

Whilst the Broad Right is the main impediment to the completion of the Revolution, a number of maverick groups of Leftist idealists have emerged and become remarkably effective. Bernie Sanders who was probably motivated by vanity and the pursuit of fame, unwittingly gave form and hope to many idealists. Even though he has deserted his followers to buy himself (with the proceeds of campaign contributions?) an island summer vacation retreat, his most ardent supporters are fighting on in pursuit of a mythical Socialist world shorn of Big Business, profits, and hidden power.

One such idealist (as far as we can tell he is an idealist) is Julian Assange, a gifted techie, who has made his reputation by penetrating the computers of Government and revealing to the world the secrets contained therein. His goal is transparency and alerting the public to the secret surveillance of people by Government. For this, Assange has become a fugitive from the American Government and has holed up in the London embassy of Ecuador. Since the UK Government will hand him over to the American Government if he steps outside the embassy, he is a virtual prisoner.

Assange has founded an organization called Wikileaks, where he and associates can publish the pilfered material. Most recently during the Democrat Convention, he has been publishing some of Hillary Clinton’s illegally transmitted emails and emails pilfered from the Democrat National Committee. His motive seems to be that he is a sympathizer of the Bernie Sanders campaign. The DNC emails he published on Wikileaks revealed the much-denied collusion between the Clinton Campaign and the DNC, and which included dirty tricks against Sanders.

On July 10th, during the Democrat Convention, Seth Rich, a Jewish DNC staffer was murdered (assassinated?) on a Washington street at 4am. He was shot twice in the back but was not robbed. He was taken to hospital but died without recovering consciousness, according to an official police statement. Surprisingly little was made of this tragic event at the Conference or subsequently in the MSM. Up to the time of writing this, no motive has been discovered and no perpetrator or witness traced. The police have suggested it was a robbery-gone-wrong, though why he was not robbed -if that was the motive – remains unclear.

At the time, one explanation for the lack of Democrat and MSM interest could be that his casual killer may have been Black, and this clashed with the Party/MSM agenda that America suffers from White-on-Black violence. Alternatively, Rich may have been indulging in a little street vice, natural or unnatural. Either way it was a tragedy for the young man and his family and deserved more concern.

But now, Julian Assange in an interview with a Dutch TV station has more than hinted that Rich was a Wikileaks insider who leaked the emails to him. It was not, as the DNC has been trying to claim, a Russian job. If true, this is a massive scandal in the making – except that the American MSM is capable of ignoring anything that helps Donald Trump or further alienates the Sanders idealists.

On July 3rd, Shawn Lucas, another former Bernie Boy who had not given up the fight against the Democrat/Clinton conspiracy, served the DNC with a complaint and summons on behalf of himself and his comrades. On August 2nd, his girlfriend found him shot dead in his bathroom. So far, official explanations are few so we are not to know if this was suicide or an assassination. The American MSM is not interested.

Some 4 months ago, John Jones, a 48 year old British barrister (QC) who was professionally acting to prevent the extradition of Julian Assange was found dead on a West Hampstead railway line. The minimal official explanation was that he had been hit by a train. The MSM has had no interest in this death. Jones had a wife and two children.

Some might also see a connection between these three deaths and the death of John Ashe, a Black former President of the UN General Assembly who was about to be questioned in connection with a criminal investigation that would have implicated big Clinton donors. His June 22nd death, at first reported as a heart attack, was later said to be the result of dropping a barbell on his throat.

Just for good measure we will throw in the sudden death of a Conservative Supreme Court Justice.

There was a time when we would have hesitated to suggest that all or some of these recent mysterious deaths were connected by politics but we now live under a lawless Revolutionary Government, intent on completing the Revolution after November, and enjoying the collusion of the MSM.

For the record we believe that if Donald Trump defeats the MSM and its candidate in November, and escapes assassination, there will be a Martial Law proclamation to prevent his Presidency.

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