Is Ruling Class’ Resistance to Trump Losing Momentum?

On this website, pessimism has ruled the day since the November election. We have repeatedly forecast that the Ruling Class, despite temporarily losing the White House, was succeeding in isolating President Trump, preventing his attempts at governing, and building a momentum on the streets that could lead to his violent overthrow.

At this moment, sensing betrayal in the budget deal, many on the Broad Right will be concluding that Trump has indeed been isolated and rendered powerless, and that the Congressional Republicans are colluding with the Ruling Class to frustrate his campaign promises.

But maybe we should see his survival in office, his energy and optimism, and the many small but highly significant  inroads he is making into the Obama legacy, as cause for optimism. The plain fact is that Trump has not been ousted, and every day that he occupies the White House, deals with foreign affairs, and his Cabinet appointments get to grips with their Departments, is significant.

We fretted that the collapse of the Healthcare Bill hindered Trump’s momentum, but perhaps it is the Ruling Class Alliance that is most losing momentum, and it is Trump who is strengthening his grip on the machinery of government. Simply by staying in Office, behaving as a President, exhibiting confidence and optimism, Trump is outrunning and out-foxing his enemies.

Yesterday, the May Day marches and protests, long the expression and annual culmination of the Far-Left’s control of the streets, fizzled out in America. After 3 months and more of weekly mega demonstrations, surely meant to build in momentum and reach a climax that would bring Trump’s to his knees, May Day was a Revolutionary damp squib.

We get the sense that the weekly Far Left protest marches have peaked and are becoming tiresome and unexciting. Street protests either build in momentum to a climax or they quickly run out of steam and popular appeal. The chances of a civil war, precipitated by the anti-Trump forces on the streets, now seem to be receding.

From the beginning in November, the Ruling Class strategy was to create the popular opinion that Trump was an illegitimate President who had won the election with Putin’s help and with a minority of votes. There never was substance to the Russian charge but the Mainstream Media (MSM) did its best, and for a while it worked and even netted some victims close to Trump.

But again, it was a strategy that had to gain momentum or fizzle out. It has run out of steam and popular appeal and like all the attack strategies, the longer Trump stays in the White House and acts the Presidential role and exhibits unwavering confidence, so the momentum goes out of the strategy.

Trump has recognized the MSM as the main enemy and has taken the offensive against it. He dismisses its attacks and then counter-attacks and has dragged its reporters out into the open ground of partisanship. At worst, the score is even.

The longer this amazing man stays in Office, stands on the world stage of foreign affairs, gives the impression that he is in for the long haul, and retains an air of confidence, so he becomes in the eyes of Americans and the world, the legitimate President of the USA.

And the longer he is in the White House, chipping away at the Obama legacy, so the Counter-Revolution makes advances and the Revolutionaries of the Media Class Alliance lose ground.

Perhaps we pessimists should remember the old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

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  1. What’s to protest when President Trump rubber-stamps the DNC spending bill which rejects every one of his campaign promises while he steadfastly refuses to fight the courts who’ve put a stopper on all his executive orders?

    Trump, not the ruling class, has stopped resisting.

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