Immigration and Our Full House

Conservatives and Nationalists are generally agreed that illegal immigrants should not have a path to citizenship and that those already in the country should be made unwelcome. They are also agreed that a wall should be built on the Mexican border. These three positions are seen as a ‘hard stance’. Donald Trump has firmly nailed his colors to this mast and it is one of the prime reasons for supporting his candidacy through thick and thin.

But on this website we do not see this ‘hard stance’ as nearly hard enough. Too many who give lip service to it (we absolve The Donald from any charge of double talk) are quick to add, after expressing the hard stance on Talk Radio or on websites, that they are all for immigration, as long as it is legal and/or subject to a few safeguards. They usually reinforce this open door argument by saying that America has always been a Nation of immigrants, that a constant stream of immigrants (just as long as they are legal and vetted) has made America prosperous, inventive and powerful. Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation is typical of these ‘Conservatives’. They are only marginally better than the Bushies.

There was a time, way back in the last Century, when this welcome to immigrants made sense. America was a big country, it had plenty of room for new farmers, ranchers, fishermen, foresters and the people with skills to support them. Industries developed, cities grew and there were jobs and room for more workers, innovators and entrepreneurs. In California the fruit and vegetable farms of the Central Valley benefited from seasonal workers from Mexico.

America now has tens of millions of citizens, both legal and illegal, permanently unemployed, and tens of millions more who have given up looking for work or who prefer living on welfare. It has a Black population of 30 million, at least half who appear to be uneducable and unemployable and who are making large cities lawless. Their leaders complain that there are not enough jobs for them. Add to this a growing population of Muslims who do not intend to assimilate and 19 trillion dollars of debt. Cities continue to grow into conurbations where people spend half their time in cars and public transport, commuting to work. Increasingly they spend the rest of their time living in apartment blocks, like ants . Those who flee to the ever-expanding suburbs are overtaken by relentless urbanization, ironically misnamed ‘development’.

America is overfull with people. Farmland and the way of life it sustains, is shrinking, and in California (one of the worst for unstoppable urbanization) there soon will not be enough water for teeth cleaning or a weekly shower. All the time people are encroaching on the unique and irreplaceable wilderness We are aware of the predictions of Malthus and his failure to allow for science and technology. But a sustainable Nation is more than just the ability to feed its people, it is also about its people being cohesive, gainfully employed, attached to their country, its history and culture, and not living an artificial existence.

We believe true Conservatives and Nationalists will say ‘enough is enough! No more immigrants. No more refugees!’ Stop this madness of population growth that is destroying the Nation. Let us shrink our conurbations, build no more freeways and allow people to once again make contact with the soil, the great outdoors and the marvels of God’s real world. In such a world people will once again produce and reproduce.

There will be fewer articles written during Thanksgiving week as the writer intends to explore Florida.





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