Imagine that Ted Cruz had found a more cunning way of arranging health care for his family and out-foxed the Media’s hounds. Imagine that he had the measure of the MSM and forced them to invent scandals and mis-steps that failed to dent his reputation for honesty and clean living.

Imagine that in January 2017 he and his wife have settled into the White House, brought back the Churchill bust, and his Vice President is Scott Walker, whose social conservatism has been stiffened by Cruz’s fearlessness. Imagine that Mike Lee is the new Senate Leader with a large majority of conservative Republicans and that Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell are retired. Imagine that Republicans still have a large majority in the House and Mia Love is the House Leader.

Imagine that President Cruz is fully aware that he has the responsibility and the means to enact an agenda of counter-revolution and that his first steps include bringing American troops back from Germany and posting them on the borders of California, New Mexico and Texas, deporting all illegal aliens and banning entry into the USA from any Muslim country.

Imagine that President Cruz, with strokes of his pen, repeals every Obama law and regulation that is unconstitutional. Imagine that Ruth Ginsberg, Sotomayer,  Kagan and John Roberts have all passed away and Cruz replaces them with four young Justices committed to a literal interpretation of the Constitution.

May I indulge in one more exercise of my imagination? Cruz announces that the USA is withdrawing from the UN and is requesting that it removes its HQ from the USA within one month.

On this website, where we understand the power of the MSM and the hidden Ruling Media Class it represents, and recognize their formidable propaganda machine, we think Ted Cruz is unlikely to survive the primaries and has no chance of reaching the White House. This is not because we don’t like Cruz. We would happily vote for him. But by throwing his hat into the ring early he has given the MSM an opportunity to concentrate all its firepower on destroying him. Unfortunately, in any country where the MSM can make and break public figures, Leftist politicians are forced to be extremely disciplined and those on the Right rarely are. Any Leftist who turns on his colleagues is either ignored by the MSM or punished, and so few break ranks. On the Right, rank-breakers can expect immediate MSM publicity and most of it temporarily favorable. This reward for treachery is too much of a temptation, especially for the ambitious. Most of those Republicans who intend to compete in the primaries will turn on Cruz and seek to attack his character.  Few will praise him personally whilst challenging his policies.

Life is full of unintended consequences. By jumping in early and enraging the Media Class Cruz has taken the Media heat off Hillary and Emailgate.

Here are two quite separate events that shed light on Obama’s dedicated Muslim sympathies.

It was announced today that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is to be charged with desertion. Bravo to those military men who took this decision! They will be lucky to escape Obama’s wrath. There was never a doubt about the treachery of Bergdahl’s action, which cost several soldiers their lives. The decision to exchange him for 5 senior Taliban Gitmo prisoners was Obama’s. Obama, in the immediate aftermath went through an elaborate act to sell this as a humanitarian concern for an American soldier. Now we can see that his sole motive was to justify the release of 5 of his Muslim comrades so that they could continue the struggle for Islamic Imperialism.

Almost as soon as the Germanwings plane crash was reported, the White House declared to the American people that terrorism could be ruled out. Yet it was not Obama’s business to comment on a foreign plane tragedy. In any case he could not have known anything about the cause of the crash. Today the French Interior Minister said that terrorism “Was not the most likely theory”. So here we have Obama certain but the French Interior Minister expressing uncertainty.

The next post on this website will come from Florida over the approaching weekend-God willing!

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  1. If Bergdahl is found guilty, he should face a firing squad. But he won’t. We’ve become too squeamish for that.

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