Hate Speech- You Have Been Warned!

I have several friends who are nominally Muslim and who are American citizens. They came to the USA from Iran after the fall of the Shah. Unfortunately most of them vote Democrat but they are as secular as my wife and not only far removed from Islamic Imperialism’s plan for world conquest but hostile to the Muslim regime in Iran. They are no threat to America and their children are fully integrated.

That being said it is the opinion of this website that to allow more Muslims into the USA is to fly in the face of reason. The evidence from France, the UK, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Thailand, The Philippines, 9/11 and several other Muslim terrorist attacks in this country is overwhelming proof that Islam is incompatible with any other religion or culture. It is also clear that Islamic terrorists flourish when they have a supportive Muslim community in which to swim.

We believe that the USA and all Western countries should immediately refuse all foreign Muslims entry for any other purpose than business and that any admitted for this should be closely monitored. Cutting off the source of Muslim population growth from abroad however would not remove the dangers posed by current Muslim citizens, Green Card holders and their off-spring. As we wrote in a previous article on terrorism, the IRA terrorists who attacked the UK from within so effectively were successful because they moved around safely within Irish Nationalist communities. There they recruited, raised funds, did their planning, assembled their weapons and explosives, emerged, murdered, and then hid.

A website visitor brought to our attention a VDare article dated Jan 22nd by Thomas Martel. Arguing for the removal of America’s dangerous Muslim population Martell advocated the deportation of Muslim citizens using the Security processes which are more arbitrary and speedier than other deportation processes. We believe that there is a far better way of sorting the Muslim wheat from the terrorist-friendly chaff.

We advocate passing laws to ban Halal slaughterhouses, ban all cruel killing of animals for meat and ban imports of such meat. Penalties for law-breaking should be harsh and result in deportation. This would be a problem for some Jews but Western Nations should not make exceptions for animal cruelty. America is still a Christian Nation and Christians long ago rejected animal sacrifice. A civilized society should not tolerate the cruel treatment of animals. Killing animals by cutting throats and bleeding them to death is unnecessarily cruel. Jews as well as Muslims should be required to adhere to Western standards and update their dietary practices where appropriate. It is a short step from cold-bloodedly cutting animal throats to doing the same to humans.

Pork should be served in all schools and Muslim sensitivities to pigs and pork should not be indulged anywhere or anytime. The burqha should be banned in public. France has already shown this can be done. There should be absolutely no concessions to Sharia Law, and polygamy should never be recognized, including for welfare payments, food stamps etc. None of the aforementioned restrictions would affect my Muslim friends but they would have a major effect on all those Muslims who are committed to the Koran and Islamic culture. Many would surely leave the USA and those who remained would be gradually integrated.

It will be argued that such discouragement of Islam has no chance of being enacted by any Congress, whether Republican or Democrat. For sure if it was enacted in the next two years it is certain that Obama would veto it, for his Islamic sympathies become clearer the longer he is in office. However the Islamic situation is not static but dynamic. Every day brings word of new atrocities, territorial advances, increasing numbers of Muslim warrior recruits despite casualties, and growing confidence and boastfulness among the spokesmen for Islam who reside here in our midst. Since Obama and other Western leaders are unwilling to treat Muslims as the enemy, it seems highly likely that there will be more and shocking terrorist attacks all across the Western world.

It is possible that the public, ‘educated’ and ‘soothed’ by the MSM, will become immune to shocking events. But we think that with leadership and no punches pulled, the American people can be mobilized to respond to increasingly outrageous acts of terror. At this time and thanks to the MSM and the Left most Americans are unaware of the infiltration of practices that pander to Muslim sensibilities and the erosion of Western standards. The Right should be forthright in opposing every intrusion of Islamic practices. There is the clearest evidence that Islam cannot and will not co-exist with other cultures and practices. So when Muslims and Leftists in America claim that our proposals are intolerant, we can reply that Muslim countries, with the exception of Indonesia, are wholly intolerant. Where are the Muslim countries that permit Christian Churches to be built, Bibles to be imported, Pork butchers to open for business and animal lovers to campaign against Halal slaughtering?

Two cheers for Boehner!

His invitation to Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress next month has drawn the ire of the WSJ’s Peggy Noonan. Boehner’s sin, according to Noonan, is that he did not consult Obama first and this was disrespectful to the Office of President. Noonan warns that one day in the future the Democrats will again have the majorities in Congress at a time when the White House is occupied by a Republican.

Obama has done everything possible to humiliate Netanyahu since taking Office. No insult has been too small to indulge. The big picture to this humiliation is Obama’s attraction to Islamists and his hostility to Israel. But beyond this there is Obama’s dislike and contempt for a Prime Minister who, unlike himself, has been a soldier and a patriot.

Netanyahu may have unwisely treated Obama as an equal when they first met and at a time when other Nation’s leaders were appropriately groveling before the world’s superior mind. There is also the possibility that Obama does not like Jews. This may sound preposterous considering that Obama owes his elevation to, and residency of, the White House to the Jews of Hollywood. It is they, several of them homosexuals, libertines and billionaires, who occupy the inner sanctums of the Ruling Media Class and who plucked Obama from obscurity and abandoned the Clintons. Obama has to dance to their tunes but he may not enjoy them. No doubt he does not see Jews as persons of color and we know from experience that he has great resentment for Whites.

Whatever the reasons for the personal animosity, it is clear that Netanyahu has had enough of it and we can assume that each man now hates the other. We don’t know what kind of man is Netanyahu but we do know that Obama is a psychopath who feels greatly superior to everyone else, who has the thin skin typical of psychopaths, who is incapable of ever being wrong and so would never admit to a mistake, and who never climbs down when confronted.

Boehner’s invitation will have infuriated Obama, as Boehner knew it would, for the invitation is a deliberate exercise of Congressional authority and Congressional independence from the Emperor in the White House. In some under-cover way, Boehner must have made contact with Netanyahu and included him in the plot, for he had to be sure that Netanyahu would agree to come and thereby convert Obama’s contempt into rage, hatred and future punishment. This is a dangerous action for both Boehner and Netanyahu!

It is almost inconceivable that Obama will retreat and invite Netanyahu to the White House during the visit although it is just possible that the Hollywood Media Class Jews will play their tune and he will be forced to dance. The cleverness of Boehner’s move is that besides publicly embarrassing Obama it also places the Congressional Democrats between a rock and a hard place. For if they attend the joint session and applaud Netanyahu they will surely earn the hostility of Obama and his future punishment. The Hardest Left in the Far Left Democrat ranks may opt out from the joint session in order to support their leader in the White House but they will risk both general public unpopularity and the withdrawal of future campaign funding from many rich Jews.

In the meantime, the MSM will be pondering how to retrieve this situation for their Party and their man in the White House. Peggy Noonan is not a Media Class hack. Her mistake is in believing that we are still in the days of ‘politics as usual’. Her nostalgia for the Reagan era when she was a Princess has blinded her to the fact that we are now experiencing the politics of Revolution. The Revolutionary Media Class and its allies are waging war not politics and the gloves are not only off but are never going to go back on. The old Rules of the separation of powers and respect for institutions and conventions have been discarded by one side. Boehner whether he realizes it or not, has taken off his gloves as if to make this a real fight with Obama. We will soon discover if he and his Congressional colleagues have the backbone to land a punch. We can be sure that the MSM will go all out to cast him as the villain and behind the scenes the RINOS will be seeking defectors from his forces.

Global Warming Watch

The MSM cannot hide or play down this cold winter as the snow and ice head to the North East. It must be challenging to maintain the MMGW at this time.

Music Choice

As we have mentioned the Hollywood perverts in the article I am recommending the Andrew Hill composition “The Rumproller” as recorded in 1965 by the Lee Morgan Quintet. This is a long tune and therefore a long recording but since all the musicians are outstanding it never flags. Besides the top trumpeter of that era the band consists of Joe Henderson on tenor sax, Ronnie Mathews on piano, Victor Sproles on bass, and the excellent Billy Higgins on drums. Enjoy Morgan’s sense of humor!

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