Hamburg Mob Is Rag Bag of Revolutionaries

The Mainstream Media rarely – if ever – reports any news honestly, for everything is sifted and sorted in the newsrooms and re-packaged to support a hidden agenda. After decades of such absolute corruption, the ability to report a small and simple collection of facts, devoid of the agenda, is a bridge too far.

The annual Anarchist extravaganza of violence that accompanies the G20 summit like hungry lice on a sewer rat has the American MSM as bewitched, bothered and bewildered as the smitten lover in the old song.

The ‘reporters’ and editors in the propaganda rooms are certain that the rioters, this year in ugly Hamburg, are comrades of the Media’s Allies in the Far-Left, yet the target of all the rage – anti-globalism – seems to sound awfully like opposition to the ‘one world’ panacea of Socialism and open borders.

Consequently, the reporting of car-burning, looting and harassment of the great and the good, is surprisingly neutral. Read any report from Hamburg in our MSM and you will fail to find a note of disapproval! The activities of the mob are reported much like the activities of New Year’s revelers.

Not only is the violence only noted in passing, but there is no attempt to dig into the origins, finances and ideologies of the 100,000 or more street warriors. This is an interesting lack of curiosity on the part of the MSM and the pundits, and can only be explained by a mixture of instinctive sympathy and bewilderment.

To get more than 100,000 people to a single place on the map and by a certain time is quite an achievement of organization and logistics. Somewhere in there is an impressive core organization and substantial finance. George Soros and his footloose friends are prime suspects, but what is their motive if they are the guilty conspirators? They are, after all, Globalists, to a man.

Some might conclude that like the footloose Jacob Schiff and Armand Hammer who funded Lenin, Trotsky, and the Bolsheviks, their twin goals are simply to exacerbate the decline of the West and financially profit from chaos.

No doubt the core organization attracts a multitude of smaller lice. This has been true of the Left for almost exactly a hundred years. Various brands of Communists, Trotskyites and Anarchists, and their tin-pot leaders, compete for attention, notoriety and recruits, and turn up for the fun and excitement. More recently, their ranks have been swelled by gender-deniers, assorted perverts and fantasists seeking sex and exposure.

The rioters are not anti-globalists in the sense that they wish to preserve borders and Nation States from the plans and subversion of the aspiring World Ruling Class. They are all Far-Leftists of one brand or another and driven by the personal dysfunctionalism that has blossomed in a secular world of Hollywood values and urban welfare.

A cleansing Nationalist Counter-Revolution that restores old Christian family values and the work ethic will rescue future generations from the mindless vandalism of Hamburg.

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