Guantanamo And The Crypto Muslim

It did not take this website long to identify Barrack Obama as a man of limited education and grandiose ambitions. Back in 2007 when he was campaigning against Hillary Clinton we saw him as an honest Democrat of limited abilities challenging a dishonest and greedy family. We were mildly pleased when he defeated her for the Democrat nomination and we expected a Republican candidate to expose his limitations in the campaign for the White House.

It was our view that Obama owed his victory over Clinton to the billionaire perverts of Hollywood and the insiders of the Media Class, who together were looking for an actor and puppet. He could be depended upon to read and speak their lines, be committed to their Revolutionary homosexual agenda, be completely dependent on the Mainstream Media to cover his monumental failings in office, and the MSM could endlessly play the Race card and White Guilt to the advantage of their Far Left allies. In short (and we frequently wrote this), they saw a Black actor, a hugely ambitious, quick-witted but limited psychopath who believed in nothing and therefore would follow the script they provided. At the same time his Chicago street agitator background would please their Far Left allies and mobilize the Black vote.

Hillary Clinton was perceived by the Media Class to be the means by which Bill Clinton would re-occupy the White House. He had alienated the unforgiving Hollywood homosexuals, was too able when in office to be dependent on the MSM, and far too uncontrollable in every sense.

Back then we underestimated Obama. He has increasingly proved to be his own man. Sure he has met and exceeded his sponsors’ homosexual and libertine agenda. Sure he has mobilized the Black vote, has played the race card at every opportunity, and has promoted the ‘browning’ and racial Balkanization of America. He has more than satisfied the Far Left allies of the Ruling Media Class with his advance of racial conflict and Big Government Socialism.

It is true that he has been able to rely upon the MSM to gloss over his policy failures, ignore his lies and constantly promote him as a family man working hard for America – all the while he and his wife living high on the hog. But the MSM does this for all Democrats and Far Leftists in every corner of America. Hiding the scandalous and hypocritical private lives of the Media Class and its allies is one of the central tasks of the MSM as a propaganda source.

Despite intellectual and educational limitations, Obama has revealed great ability as an actor and communicator. We have to admit he is not just a reader of lines. He lies with amazing confidence and sincerity and is skilled in presenting the Far Left agenda he promotes. His dismissal of Congress and the Constitution and their replacement with Executive Orders has been accomplished with aplomb. His confidence has grown hugely in office at the same time as he has been able to resist any growth in wisdom or humility.

On this website we still say he believes in very little and that any motivation and energy he has is driven by deep-seated resentments of a personal nature that he can invest in anti-White and anti-American policies. As a grand psychopath his adrenalin flows when he can brazenly lie and demonstrate his tactical superiority over all others.

Only one thing has emerged in his actions over recent years that reveal a commitment that is not just self-centered or part of his pact with his sponsors. It is now clear that he has an attachment to Islam that is emotional and for which he is prepared to go beyond the agenda of his Media Class masters and their Far Left allies. It is as if, with middle age, the religious teaching he experienced as a child and acquired from his father, is pulling him back to his roots. He is not yet ready to publicly embrace Islam, indeed given the sacrifices that would entail, he might never go the whole way, but he is advancing the Religion of the Prophet whenever an opportunity presents itself. This is significant, for his Hollywood sponsors must be uncomfortable with his support of a Religion that would demand they be thrown from tall buildings.

For some time we have been calling him a Crypto Muslim, for he is advancing the Islamic Imperialist agenda without an open commitment. Clearly as President of the USA he cannot convert but he is more useful to Islam’s international agenda of conquest as a secret supporter. It is in this context that his importation of Syrians and his determination to close Guantanamo – thereby ending the isolation of activists and warriors – must be understood.

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