Georgia 6th District, Revisited

As the Media Class and the Far-Left made the Georgia Special election not only the most expensive in history, but also a referendum on Donald Trump, a second look is justified. The next few paragraphs include some interesting facts.*

More people voted early than on the day. There were 142,700 early voters, and 116,800 voters on the day. Is this a record and a new trend?

Of the early voters, 76,000 voted for Ossoff and 66,700 for Handel. On election day, 67,900 voted for Handel and 48,900 voted for Ossoff.

Ossoff had a lead of 9,000 on the early vote, but Handel had a lead of 19,000 on the election day votes.

In the First Round, Ossoff had 48.1% against Handel’s 19.8% (she had many Republican competitors). On election day, Ossoff again had 48.1% to Handel’s 51.9%.

In the April 18th First Round, turn-out was 192,100; in the run-off, turn-out was 259,500.

Clearly Handel ultimately picked up the votes of her Republican rivals to reach 134,600 and Ossoff’s final total was 124,900.

Despite Rush Limbaugh’s optimism today, this election brought relief to the Broad Right but banished complacency. The MSM onslaught against Trump is taking its toll on Broad Right voters and the passivity and divisions of Congressional Republicans must also be having a negative effect.

It is possible that the Congressional Democrats are as divided as the Republicans but the MSM hides their disunity whilst magnifying Republican divisions. This may be true, but we believe that there is much greater unity and discipline on the Far-Left, for the Democratic Party is a party of intolerance and this works internally as well as externally.

Furthermore, it is a party of violent revolution, and thus prepared to ruthlessly punish those who step out of line. Seth Rich may be the clearest example of the punishment of those who act independently.

Most importantly, the Democratic Party is the tool of a Ruling Media Class that has great resources and which can greatly reward Republican turncoats with jobs, financial gifts and favorable publicity.

Ossoff, who we dubbed ‘nincompoop’, was a lightweight candidate, lacking life experience and work experience. It is likely that many Georgian working people regarded him with disdain, but his very shallowness will have appealed to the brain-washed, pop-culture corrupted younger people – even in Georgia.

The Hollywood and general Californian interventions will have made good Broad Right Georgians resentful. Handel skillfully exploited this and it may have been a big component in her victory. We shall never know for sure, or whether the assassination attempt on Scalise had an effect.

In our view, yesterday’s two victories, though worryingly narrow, deprived the revolutionaries of a morale and propaganda advantage. They were victims of unreal expectations.

Tonight, Trump will hold a rally in Iowa. We hope the counter-revolutionaries will arrive in their tens of thousands and remind him of their expectations and their militancy. He has spent too much time in the swamp and needs to breathe some American fresh air.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, where the natives have long been brain-washed and suppressed, Prime Minister May will be looking for opportunities to further crack down on those who resist the ‘joys’ of diversity and inclusion.

The isolated pay-back attack by the British man who drove into Muslims leaving a Finsbury Park Mosque is being exploited by the MSM and its political pawns to turn reality upside down by painting Muslims as the victims of Right-wing violence.

The relentlessly persecuted BNP has revealed on their website some facts that the MSM will strain to conceal. Past attendees at this mosque have included shoe-bomber Richard Reid, 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, and Mohammed Sidique Khan, the London Underground suicide bomber.

Along with the BNP, we do not support isolated and random attacks of revenge on any group, including Muslims. Most are poor people innocently caught up in situations for which the Media Ruling Class and its Far-Left and Big Business allies are responsible.

Whilst Muslim terrorism is effectively downplayed by the MSM, any revenge attack is a gift to the Ruling Class, and is used to further stifle and criminalize resistance. Already, a London Socialist MP, Rushanara Ali (born in Bangladesh!) is calling for a ban on any criticism of Islam. This will be music to the ears of Theresa May and her Parliamentary comrades.

Finally, this writer spent last week in the relative sanity of the South, where Trump bumper stickers were commonplace, the cost-of-living was lower, and, contrary to popular belief, there is more racial harmony. California is a wonderful state run by lunatics and perverts.

*Numbers are rounded.

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  1. Perhaps the Democrats should get Mueller to investigate Karen Handel to find out if the election was influenced by the Russians.

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