Dusseldorf Axe-man: Trump Victory Saved Free Speech

Most Americans will be ignorant of the name Fatmir H. and the man’s axe attack at a Dusseldorf Rail Station on Friday. There are several reasons for their ignorance, starting with Angela Merkel’s policy of an open German door to a Muslim immigrant invasion, a policy of official German cover-up of the consequences, and the collusion in cover-up by the West’s Mainstream Media, not least America’s MSM.

The ‘plain fact’ is that Europe’s politicians and their paymasters have long plotted the eradication of Europe’s Christian culture and Nation States. The civil wars of the Middle East, generating populations on the move, have provided millions of desperate Muslim invaders, whose presence and aggressive alien culture guarantees the end of European man and his Christian identity.

Predictably, the Muslim invasion has had unpleasant consequences for Europe’s working people. In order to prevent a political rebellion, the architects of the plot have perfected mechanisms for concealing bad news, and criminalizing dissent and protest. Visitors to this website will be well aware of the rationale and methods – definitions of ‘hate speech’, official promotion of ‘inclusiveness’, and ‘multi-culturalism’,  legal suppression of free speech by increments, and a blanket of MSM propaganda.

The situation in Europe can be illustrated by two recent events. The axe attack in Dusseldorf and the speedy suppression of the fact – a technique increasingly copied in Obama’s America. And the arrest and prosecution in Bristol, England, of three Christian men who read verses of the Bible in the public square thereby causing anger and protest by local Muslims.

The other ‘plain fact’ is that the same sinister anti-Christian, anti-Nationalist forces that have been at work in Europe, have been at work in Obama’s America. The last few years have seen a similar Muslim invasion commence, made easier by the presence of a crypto-Muslim in the White House.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected President, the pace of the invasion would have been greatly increased, the MSM and the authorities would have hidden the inevitable bad news, and ordinary Americans would have been denied the right of opposition to invasion by incremental legislation.

The election of Donald Trump has halted this sinister plan, and predictably the anti-Nationalist and anti-Christian forces are being marshalled to defeat him. At stake are two fundamental issues that dwarf health care and trade protections, important though they are. Free speech and the restoration of the American Christian Nation State rest on Trump’s shoulders. We cannot, at this time, afford the luxury of selective support.

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