Democrat Sociopaths Come In Several Sizes

The violent attacks on Trump supporters in Minneapolis are predictably hidden from the public by the Mainstream Media. This is not surprising, given that elitists in the Republican Party like Bret Stephens, Ben Shapiro, and other defectors also choose to ignore the violence and criminality rampant in the Democrat Party, yet are nauseated because Donald Trump has been rude to a female TV babe and defended himself against a Muslim activist.

Democrats are clearly outraged by even peaceful opposition and provoked by the exercise of free speech. But sociopath behavior runs through the Far Left from the bottom to the very top. As someone who has professionally dealt with sociopaths, I can shed some light on socio-pathology at the top.

The subject came up on Friday’s Rush Limbaugh show (Rush had a day off) when a caller drew attention to it when talking about Hillary Clinton and Obama. Here is how I see them.

Hillary Clinton totally lacks a conscience and this qualifies her as a sociopath. She lies about everything – and brazenly. So does her husband, who is another sociopath. They have been caught out so many times in their lying that no-one any longer pays attention. The Democrat rank-and-file harbors so many petty sociopaths and aspiring sociopaths that Clinton lies are deemed to be evidence of a fitness for public office. They also boldly enrich themselves by breaking the rules and the law.

But their lies are a necessity and no doubt began early in Bill Clinton’s life. He always cheated, took the short cuts, and dated several women at the same time. Such behavior can only be sustained by constant lying. In other words a bad lifestyle creates a habit of lying. When Hillary became involved with him, she was drawn into lying. It may be that prior to her marriage to Bill she was not a liar. She certainly is now!

Obama is a very different kind of sociopath. He does not lie for financial gain and it is possible that he has never cheated on his wife and been forced to lie to cover infidelity. He lies to reassure himself that he is intellectually superior to others and much smarter. He lies when he does not need to lie, and the bigger and bolder the lie, smoothly told and unchallenged, is reward in itself.

The Clintons lie because they have to but Obama lies simply for pleasure. He is a superior sociopath. There are sociopaths in the Republican Party, especially in the upper ranks where private lifestyles conflict with the morals of the Republican rank-and-file. But few can hold a candle to the Clintons and none can match Obama. He is the master!

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