Democrat Nincompoop Defeated in Georgia

The special election in Georgia’s 6th District proved to be a major disappointment for the Media Class, its MSM, and Far-Left allies. Despite more than $30 million of Ruling Class money pumped into the election, the fanatical support of the Hollywood perverts, and a MSM campaign of adulation, the young Media nincompoop Jon Ossoff failed to take the Congressional seat from Republican Karen Handel.

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Opinion polls failed to predict Handel’s winning margin of 3.7% (rounded in the table above to a winning margin of 4%), and had claimed that Ossoff would win comfortably until the final days. This result is a major setback for the Democrats and their MSM masters, who had framed the election as a referendum on President Trump.

The election showed one thing above all else, and that is that the Democratic Party is the party of the rich and famous of America’s Ruling Class. It is easy to dismiss the Hollywood crowd as a fringe element because its members are shallow, ignorant, self-absorbed and loud mouthed, but it is a core element of our Ruling Class in terms of wealth, influence and propaganda skills.

We congratulate Karen Handel for her steadfastness and grit and her stand on abortion.

In the special election in South Carolina’s 5th District, Republican Ralph Norman retained the seat for his party – but by a narrower margin than Handel’s victory in Georgia. Norman received 51.1% to Archie Parnell’s 47.9%. The Republican Party should see this result as evidence that a do-nothing Congress is not arousing Broad Right enthusiasm.

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All in all, it was a good night for President Trump and the Republicans, but not one for complacency. We still maintain that Trump should forget Syria and world geopolitics and concentrate on the counter-revolution at home.

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