Dem Convention In Retrospect

I doubt any of our website visitors watched the whole Dem Convention, and probably few sane Americans, unless paid by George Soros, watched more than snatches here and there. So I’ll confess that this article is only based on snatches and impressions.

But I was greatly impressed by several things, not least the discipline and dedication of the Mainstream Media in never revealing the presence of substantial dissent both within and without the Convention Center. The Bernie Babes may have mustered significant numbers, expended much energy, and demonstrated great anger against Clinton and her troops, but the MSM made them near invisible to all but us Counter-Revolutionaries who look elsewhere for the real news.

If you think that I am beginning by writing about the MSM and not the Democrat Party organization, my reply is that the MSM operates right at the heart of the Democrat Party. Party activists (Revolutionaries) at all the higher levels are indistinguishable from Media people. They are one and the same and have been for decades.

Not only were Bernie dissenters consigned to the sidelines by the MSM, but the empty seats in the Center were carefully avoided by the cameras. It is not clear if those empty seats were evidence of Party rank-and-file disinterest, or belonged to Bernie people who were purged at the entrances. If it was the latter, then the Party organizers were impressively efficient, and the MSM made sure the American Public remains unaware of the suppression of inner Party democracy.

Real American democracy owes a debt to Julian Assange, Vladimir Putin, or whoever released the Party’s anti-Bernie emails. They revealed that the fix for Hillary had been in from the beginning. Despite the efficiency of the MSM in hiding dissent from the News, the Far, Far left followers of Bernie have learned the truth. Whatever we Counter-Revolutionaries think of them and their naïve beliefs, spare a thought for those tens of thousands who gave much money and time to the Bernie campaign in the belief that he was wholly serious and the Party and Presidency might become theirs. They now know they were sold out both from the beginning and at the end. This is a blow to the Party and the Clinton campaign, and Hillary’s reputation as a cynical, cheating crook will not be salvaged among many young idealists.

I did watch Bernie’s Convention speech made early on. What an angry man he is, and for what? His rage against the market economy and his espousal of the Planned Economy ignores Cuba, Venezuela North Korea. And it seems that up there in peaceful, sleepy, stable, affluent, picturesque Vermont, Bernie sees the chimney stacks, cotton mills and rotting slums of England’s 19th Century Industrial Revolution.

Does he suffer from hallucinations? He became noticeably wild-eyed once he started ranting, and he gesticulated and drooled like a madman. Did he see himself atop a burning barricade, Hammer and Sickle waving above, and before him a ragged army of workers ready for sacrifice in the act of making history? Did he smell the cordite and hear the guns and strains of The Red Flag, where the rest of us saw the Convention and its ranks of well-fed Government workers and Party hacks? Or was it all a great performance by an old man who craves notoriety and the adulation of the young, even if only temporarily?

When it came to the crunch, Sanders sold out and betrayed his young followers. Was his sell-out pre-planned to preserve his seat in the Senate, was he exhausted by acting out his fantasies (depression after mania), or was he fearful of the consequences of angering the Obama/Clinton machine? Who knows, but he did damage to the Party’s base-pillar of young idealists and they will go the Green Party in November or stay home.

I was impressed by Bill’s reminiscences of the courtship of a ‘hard-to-get’ Hillary. To hear him tell it, his married life ever since has been a daily replay of the old song “I Only Have Eyes For You” rewarded with her response “I Only Have Thighs For You”. It takes great courage to open up your heart in front of thousands and the cameras of the world! Especially when you know that they know that you are an old Tom cat, that she has long had a Muslim lady-friend and the two of you avoid each other like the plague.

Do the MSM people who peddle this dope to the masses also fall for it, or in their private, after-work gatherings, do they have hysterics? Before we laugh with them, remember America today is full of dopes and they will vote like dopes.

Chelsea’s sharing of family ‘secrets’ with the world, was as cringe-making, as her father’s. What a mother, grandmother and friend Hillary has been over the years. Baking, diaper-changing, bed-time stories, shopping, ironing and always present with emotional support. Not only that, but finding time for endless good works for the neighborhood’s poor and handicapped. And all the time also creating the modern Democrat Party, being First Lady, earning a crust as an Attorney, being a role-model for ambitious women, traveling the world as Secretary of State and campaigning for the Presidency. Super Woman! And all heart!

Chelsea and Bill’s tasks at this Convention was to kick off the humanizing of a cold-blooded monster. Hillary, the Ruling Class and the Party’s elite know that the real Hillary is totally unappealing. It became clear that a plan to create a fictional Hillary for this election was set in motion way back and that the most skilled practitioners of the Media World of fantasy have been on the job. We on this website are not surprised, for the Ruling Media Class has slipped into power by using its ability to foist fantasy on to the masses, rewrite history, play on emotions and distract from reality.

On the final day of the Convention a long line of ‘ordinary folk’, representing every complaining Democrat constituency – and a few renegades from the enemy – climbed the podium to skillfully give rehearsed, professionally-composed short speeches. Boy! Were they professionally written, what research they must have required, and what coaching!

All of them combined an appeal to a specific minority, a personalized tribute to Hillary’s good works and selfless character, and a message of optimism to contrast with Trump’s dystopian (which Hollywood film advert did this word come from?) view of America. One ‘Mommy’ read a letter she had once composed to her young daughter to be read in the future, and extolling the virtues of Hillary.

This whole session was given over to modern fairy-tales. But do not underestimate the psychology, preparation and professionalism of the Media Class, or the gullibility of a large segment of the American people who have been conditioned by education, popular entertainment and the MSM.

The MSM will now go into overdrive to paint this Convention as a grand display of Party unity, Hillary as Mother-of-the-Nation-in-waiting, and Happy Days Are Here Again. Despite the heavy thighs, she is about to enjoy a huge bounce in their opinion polls. Will a majority of Americans choose to believe a Fairy Tale?

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