Dem Convention A Parade Of Shameless Liars

One after the other the liars come to the stage to speak before an audience that not just approves of lying as a means to an end, but is excited by lies. The bigger the better! The slicker the lies are delivered, the more palpable the audience excitement. The more shamelessly told, the more the listeners admire the liar.

The Bidens, the Warrens and the Wasserman Schultzes are the second division liars of the Far Left. No-one would deny their skills, belittle their boldness or dismiss their commitment to lying, but when it comes to complete mastery of the art and craft of lying at the highest level, the Big Three are Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

Some might say that these Masters of Lies exercise their talents mainly from necessity. ‘In order to get rich and powerful quickly, simply by talking, they are forced to lie’, so it might be argued. We must disagree. The Big Three are grand psychopaths who truly enjoy lying at the highest level. The approving audience in the Convention, and the electoral support of much of the Nation beyond, are confirmation of possession of a vastly superior brain, the purest amorality and an ability to walk the highest tightrope, in the spotlight and way above the madding crowd.

We surely have to salute Bill Clinton’s confidence and nerve in standing before America and the World and reminiscing about his long love affair with Hillary. Like a hypnotist he announces that fantasy is reality, black is white and they are a couple of old romantic softies. All those other women and girls have never existed! His performance was breathtaking! The Far Left audience swooned over his professionalism and deceitfulness.

Obama painted a picture of himself and his achievements in office and calmly identified with an America he is relentlessly and deliberately destroying. His audience of Far Leftists enjoyed the great joke.

This afternoon Hillary will wallow in the boldest lies.

On this website we know we over-use words like ‘shameless’, ‘bold’, ‘brazen’,’ arrogance’, and ‘psychopathic’, but ‘audacious’. ‘effrontery’ and ‘impudence’ never seem strong enough to meet the occasion. Of course, the truth is that great liars only succeed in the Courtroom of Public Affairs when there is no Bible to be sworn upon, the Court is in the hands of a corrupt judge who denies the jury an opportunity to hear the prosecution’s evidence, and there is no chance of a punishment being meted out for perjury.

In today’s Courtroom of Public Affairs, there is no Bible on which to swear and the Mainstream Media is the Judge who arbitrarily decides what evidence will be allowed to be introduced. Outside the Courtroom is a howling degenerate mob of the liars’ friends. In such a setting the biggest and grandest liars are guaranteed a stage suited to their skills.

The LA Times latest Daybreak poll has Trump with a 7 point lead at 47 to 40. 3,000 likely voters were surveyed. As an antidote, the latest Suffolk poll has Hillary up 9 points in Pennsylvania. Take your pick!

It is difficult to keep pace with the Religion of Peace outrages. They seem to fade quickly in the memory, as the MSM is quick to move us on to other distracting matters. For the record, July 14th was the Nice truck massacre, July 22nd was the Munich Shopping Center shooting (9 dead, 27 injured), and July 24th was the throat-cutting of the 84 year old priest in Rouen, France.

In yesterday’s article about Republican traitors and deserters I omitted the name Charles Krauthammer. Sorry Chuck!

In the turmoil of the Democrat Convention, the fall from grace of Roger Ailes has passed without much consideration from the Broad Right. We consider it as highly significant politically as the sudden death of Justice Scalia.

On this website we have always documented the 1970’s transition of TV News into Entertainment as a defining moment in the creation of the Media Class and the final corruption of real news. We have long assumed that in today’s News Media, the same behaviors take place behind the scenes as in Hollywood, and the same ladders to success are climbed via the casting couch.

The skillfully painted women with exposed thighs who deliver News and commentary may have higher IQ’s than most actresses, but sex availability goes hand-in-hand with Far Left commitment in climbing the ladder of success and rewards. The Media News men and women, both perverted and hetero, inhabit the same world of lechery and decadence as Hollywood scum.

Roger Ailes may have been purer than most, or perhaps he just did what all the rest do. Either he has been framed or he has been ‘outed’, but the motive for his career destruction will have been political. He was never a true Nationalist or he would have failed to get to the top, but he was Right-leaning, and now he has gone Fox News has moved swiftly to the Far Left and just in time for the election. Its daily headlines are now as blatantly slanted as those of Xfinity and CNN.

Has any website visitor any news on the official consequences for the homosexual engineer whose actions caused the death of 8 and injury of hundreds of Philadelphia commuters last year?

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