Cruz. Too Smart, Too Clever?

Here are two more old sayings that contain much wisdom about human nature. “Too smart for his own good”, and “Too clever by half”. At first these both seem self-contradictory, but everybody recognizes their cruel import when applied to an individual.

We all have had experience of people who are fast-thinking, are quick to say the right thing, know they are smarter than the rest of us, are first to see and seize an opportunity, and seem to get ahead through opportunism. But after a time we realize that beneath their surface is an arrogance, a shallow character, a manipulator for personal benefit, and a certainty dawns on us that sooner or later being too clever, too opportunist, too manipulative, too slick, exposes a lack of character and an eventual failure from over-reach.

Ted Cruz’s temporary electoral compact with John Kasich, and now his premature political marriage to Carly Fiorina, reveal a man who is too smart for his own good and too clever by half. Each alliance smacks of opportunism, haste, lack of principle, shallow calculation, and desperation. They reveal Cruz’s poor opinion of the voters’ intelligence, fueled by his own sense of superiority. These are not impressions that will endear him to grass roots Republicans, White workers and independents looking for Presidential material. There are sections of the American electorate who admire opportunism, calculation, and lack of principle, but Hillary Clinton already has their votes locked up.

The compact with Kasich is already in tatters on the ground in Indiana, and deservedly so. It never said much for Kasich that he entered it and then Welshed on it. It is hard to see why Carly Fiorina agreed to go public as Cruz’s VP candidate. It suggests she is not very smart herself. Why hitch your wagon to a likely loser? Does she really think there is a chance of becoming a VP to Cruz in November. Did she not see that Cruz, being a (desperate) opportunist, was making such a premature announcement solely to distract MSM attention from his epic defeats in the five States? Do both have such short memories that they have forgotten what negative things she said about Cruz less than 6 months ago? Donald Trump and the MSM will not have forgotten.

For those with time on their hands and patience, it will be entertaining to hear Mark Levin today trying to turn this sow’s ear of an agreement into a silk purse.

Meanwhile Donald Trump, capitalizing on his election victories, made a speech that oozed American Nationalism and common sense. What politician will stand before the electorate and justify over-burdened American taxpayers funding tens of thousands of their troops in West Germany and South Korea. Germany and South Korea are both wealthy Nations, advanced in technology, and well able to defend themselves. As Michael Savage pointed out yesterday, if these troops were posted on the Mexico border they would not only be protecting America, but spending their pay here.

Germany, if it was not so busy importing homicidal Muslim hordes, would be wealthy enough to militarily support Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, the Ukraine and Belarus. If the politicians pigs’ trough known as the EU, devoted time, energy and resources to defense instead of to erasing Europe’s racial identity, Europe could defend itself. It is likely that here in the USA, the official policy of billeting troops in Germany has much to do with a hatred of Putin and his refusal to allow Russia to be morally corrupted by sodomites.

Did Donald Trump choose the slogan ‘America First’, knowing that it was employed by American flying ace Charles Lindbergh in the 1930’s. He and his followers were opposed to FDR’s step-by-step entry into the brewing European conflict. Whether or not Trump knows 1930’s history, the slogan will further fuel the determination of Jewish billionaires to wage war on American Nationalism and Donald Trump. We think it is a terrific slogan – brief, clear, to the point – and it will connect with voters. This is not a 1930’s situation. Clinton, and the Internationalists who will fund her campaign, are going to find it hard to argue for debt-ridden America, its workers already over-taxed, to make sacrifices for profligate, corrupt and hostile foreign peoples.

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