Cruz. Calculation or Principle?

Only time will reveal whether the Cruz performance at the Convention has gifted the Mainstream Media with their best opportunity to discharge Clinton’s non-prosecuted email crimes from the election campaign, as well as present a picture of the Trump Republican Party fatally divided.

It is beyond dispute that Trump knew beforehand that Cruz was going to use the platform to welsh on his campaign pledge and slyly telegraph to the world that Hillary Clinton in the White House was preferable to a Trump Presidency. Both Cruz and Trump made their calculations about the fall-out and both will have been aware that the MSM would seize on Cruz’s thinly-veiled sabotage attempt on the Republican Presidential campaign.

Since Donald Trump is not running an orthodox political campaign, but leading an extra-political movement in Revolutionary times, and bringing with him a Show-biz and Business history, it is difficult to judge his calculations. By allowing Cruz to have the platform, was he being charitable to an enemy and revealing confidence in his mastery of the Convention?

Or was he giving Cruz enough rope to hang himself and relying on the Convention delegates to be the Celebrity judges. Has he calculated that either way, the Party will be more united behind him as a consequence of Cruz being too clever by far? And if so, has he gifted the MSM too much?

In our view, Ted Cruz has fallen between two stools and may never get back up unless he completes his sell-out to America’s internal enemies. Today he has told his Texas companions and the world that the real reason for his public rejection of Trump is entirely personal and a matter of family honor. The Trump digs at wife Heidi and Cruz senior were unforgivable and transcend all other issues, including Party unity and a Clinton Presidency.

Cruz delivered this explanation with apparent sincerity and emotion but the timing suggests that the emotion has only just taken prime place, or he would have stated it much earlier and refused to attend the Convention.

When the Republican primaries began, we were Cruz supporters, for he represented both traditional lawfulness and conservative social values. He seemed to be the best on offer within those ideological confines. Like many others on the Broad Right, when Trump convincingly raised the banner of Nationalism, we rallied to what we perceive to be THE great issue of our time, which is the salvation of the Nation State, its borders, language and culture ( to quote Michael Savage!).

Cruz, like Mark Levin and others, failed to see beyond the narrow confines of the old pre-Revolutionary divide and he fought the primary campaign as a political lawyer. Trump’s Nationalism has transformed the Republican Party (and dispatched the ready-to-collaborate Old Guard to the fringes) simply because saving the American Nation State and its people is the fundamental issue. He has exposed the fissure between Nationalism and Internationalism that our Ruling Class and its allies would have preferred to conceal.

We believe that Cruz (like Jeb Bush on the Left) had long been preparing for the Presidency. Trump unexpectedly up-ended his ambitions by proving to be a serious candidate with an agenda beyond Constitutionalism. Now, consumed with disappointment and frustration he is unable to see beyond his personal ambition. He has joined his one-time enemies in working for a Trump defeat (and a Clinton victory) in November, in the hope of an opportunity in 2020. Since a Clinton victory will likely result in the early criminalization of the Right, Cruz has foolishly placed personal ambition before country and principle.

In the meantime, the MSM has been able to consign Clinton’s escape from prosecution for willfully endangering National security, to public oblivion unless The Donald uses the bully pulpit tonight.

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