Conservatism and Nationalism. A Conflict To Be Avoided

A website visitor called attention to the latest article on the website. (“Whither the American Right. Cruz And ’Movement Conservatism – Or Trump And National Conservatism” by James Kirkpatrick). It is well-worth reading but also demands a critical response and an exploration of the similarities and seeming differences between Conservatism and Nationalism.

The relationship of the two, and whether they can be at least temporarily reconciled, is crucial to the Counter-revolution. As the timely Kirkpatrick article reveals, the emerging clash between the political personalities of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, is also a clash between the current expression of American Conservatism that the Cruz campaign is promoting, and an emerging, though improvised, brand of Nationalism that Trump has ignited. A bloodless resolution of the clash is crucial for the Right because should the conflict mortally wound one or both contestants, the resulting Democrat Party Presidential election victory will mortally wound America and all it has ever represented.

It is beyond this writer, both in terms of time and intellect, to deal with all the ideological and practical similarities and differences between the two ‘Right-wing’ competing schools that Cruz and Trump are representing. In terms of economics, morals, the place of the individual and freedoms, the arguments properly belong to philosophers, historians and economists. What needs doing now here in America in 2015/16, is the forging of a principled alliance to stop and reverse the un-American Revolution that Obama and the Democrat Party are striving to complete.

The biggest problems are not the differences of principle or personality, but the failure of both Cruz and Trump to recognize that America (and many other Western Nations) has experienced a Revolution, albeit by stealth. A new Class has been emerging over three or more decades, and by developing a natural alliance with the Far Left, this Class has purged and captured the Democrat Party, and acquired, and is usurping, the power of the State machinery through the Presidency.

The new Class is the Media Class and the weapon which has enabled it to impose upon America the first Ruling Class in its history, is its hidden ownership and controlling presence behind news and entertainment. This weapon grants the awesome power of constant, concealed propaganda, permits the incremental advance of a Revolutionary Class agenda, and provides the power to make and break the reputations of public figures.

On this website we have repeatedly asserted that the basic agenda of the Media Class is to impose a Revolutionary amoral agenda on an unwitting America. Like all Ruling Classes in history, its agenda mirrors its own composition and desires. Unfortunately for America, this new Ruling Class is dominated by the debauched and decadent, a community preoccupied with the pursuit of shallow and unrestrained appetites.

Its Far Left ally – a natural ally, since both seek unpopular Revolutionary change only achievable by stealth and Government oppression – seeks control of the people by all-powerful Government, seeks redistribution of wealth and income in pursuit of equality and dependency, the total dismantling of the preceding society, and ultimately World Government. It is Internationalist and Totalitarian in intent.

Both the Media Class and its Far Left ally, partners in Revolution, are intent on destroying the traditional family, Bible-based Christianity, gender differentiation, free speech, borders and National, racial and cultural identity.

Neither Cruz nor Trump show awareness that Obama is the agent of this Ruling Class and its Far Left ally, and is pursuing their combined agenda. They do not recognize that America is in the grip, not of old-time Liberalism brought up to date, but of a ruthless Revolutionary force.

Cruz understands and cares that America’s Constitution has been set aside, that Christianity and the traditional family are under attack, and that the separation of powers has given way to Government by Presidential edict. Trump is incensed that America’s borders have been thrown open to the Second and Third World, that America’s citizens are being sacrificed on the alter of Internationalism, and that the current government is enabling America’s wealth to be plundered by the World. Even put together however, these are an incomplete understanding of America’s plight.

As Kirkpatrick’s article points out, Cruz’s Conservatism would sacrifice American workers – at least in the short term – in pursuit of free market ideology. His Christian Neo-Conservatism would commit America to the defense of Israel and might embroil it in military adventurism in the Middle East. Such policies can be said to conflict with Nationalism.

Trump, as Kirkpatrick suggests, is something of a Libertarian on Social/moral issues but a resolute defender of borders and the economic interests of American workers and American business. He is a proponent of an economic safety-net provided by Government. His foreign policies would not be determined by Big Business. Although Kirkpatrick does not say so, this is as near as Trump gets to Nationalism.

Kirkpatrick, a Nationalist, obviously shares Trump’s view that same-sex marriage (SSM) is not an issue worth confronting and sees Cruz’s view on it as a pandering to the same Christianity that would defend Israel’s interests. We do not know for sure why Cruz opposes SSM and how much he trims his policies to win the nomination, but we say that Trump and all Nationalists who lean towards Libertarianism on social issues, are failing Nationalism.

To begin with, SSM is merely a lever used by our new Revolutionary Ruling Class to destroy Christianity, the traditional family and free speech. The goal has never been about marriage ‘equality’ . Traditional marriage, a framework for the real family, a definer of gender and a guarantor that children will never belong to the State, is an irreplaceable core component of individual freedom and a strong people. A strong, free people, invested in the future through commitment to their progeny, is, in turn a core component of a strong and independent Nation.

The social Revolutionaries and their homosexual constituents have no genuine interest in marriage. Indeed, they despise marriage as an institution. The increasingly decadent general population they have been nurturing and brainwashing, has been abandoning marriage, child rearing and personal responsibility. The homosexual capture of marriage (an institution now only valued by Christians) has really been an assault on it, reducing it to a grotesque charade, thus paving the way for the normalization of every perversion that saps the character of a Nation’s people. The victory of SSM has provided the legal means to silence and suppress Christians and free speech. Before our very eyes, the Nation’s military has been purged and weakened using homosexual ‘equality’, Gender differences, in truth a scientific fact, have been officially abandoned and replaced by the fantasies of the mentally deranged, the emotionally dysfunctional and those obsessed with novelty and celebrity. How can any of this Libertarian nonsense be compatible with Nationalism and a strong people?

Ruthless ‘free marketry’, shorn of limitations and without Government intervention, is not in the interests of an urbanized Nation’s people. Safety nets are necessary. The Evangelical Christian commitment to Israel is irrational, though there are practical reasons for an alliance that have nothing to do with serving the interests of those American Jews who put Jewish interests before American interests.

It is our view that there are very few, if any, real conflicts between Conservatism and Nationalism – when both are properly understood and sensibly applied. However, Trump and Cruz (and their followers) are on a collision course that can only benefit America’s Ruling Class. Big egos are involved along with faulty understanding of today’s American crisis. Trump acts on instinct and Cruz is beholden to rich backers. Yet many ordinary Right-wing bloggers show good sense when they say they would welcome a Trump/Cruz ticket or a Cruz/Trump ticket.

We side with Kirkpatrick in leaning toward Trump simply because securing borders, eradicating domestic Islamic terrorism, deporting most illegals, and sending ‘refugees’ back to safe areas near their country of origin, deals with America’s most urgent problem. We wish Trump would go further and oppose all immigration into this over-crowded, over-urbanized and divided Nation. And, if he is elected we have to hope that his followers will compel him to dismantle the gains made by the moral/social Revolutionaries, for that is the path to restoring the Nation’s inner strength.


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