CNN Reveals MSM’s Revolutionary Intolerance

As President Trump prepares to fly to Europe and receive a hero’s welcome in Poland, he may well feel satisfied with the furore over his weekend tweet poking fun at CNN. This writer, who never bothers with Trump’s tweets, is still mystified by the source of the wrestling-themed GIF tweet that depicted Trump body-slamming CNN, with some reports claiming the cartoonist was a 15-year-old boy, and others that he was a 30-year-old.

In normal times, a sane person would wonder why a giant Media outlet, with all its power, would pay attention to a mickey-taking tweet from a President who tweets off the top of his head almost every day. But of course, these are revolutionary times masquerading as normal times.

Beneath the surface of American life today, an all-powerful Media Class and its Far-Left allies, having spent eight years promoting a stealthy revolution and then being unexpectedly cheated out of completing it from the White House, are working day and night to overthrow a duly-elected American President.

CNN is, perhaps, the most brazenly aggressive MSM organization fomenting civil war, though several others are very close behind – and all are marching in lockstep.

As Trump’s survival in office extends into months, when even mere days was beyond the plans of the Ruling Class alliance, the rage and hysteria of the forces of revolution is palpable. The activists in the MSM – reporters, editors, commentators and other propagandists – had assumed that their power to destroy a politician, including a President, was unmatched in world history, and yet here is this amateur not only surviving, but resisting with taunts.

We are not here celebrating a Trump or counter-revolutionary victory. The current state of affairs between a legitimate government and an ousted ruling class is little more than a stalemate, especially when one considers that a Republican President and Republican Congress should be rolling back the Obama agenda. But Trump’s survival in office and a series of small but significant advances for the Broad Right are more than we could have expected this time last year.

Rush Limbaugh, who still has not grasped the real nature of today’s political stand-off, was commenting today that the American Left has no sense of humor, as though this was sufficient explanation for CNN’s reactions to the Trump tweet and its naked threat to the young man responsible for the cartoon.

It is true that Leftists lack a genuine sense of humor, and always have, but these are revolutionary times, and revolutionaries are engaged in a serious business: transforming society; destroying the old ways; embarking on the journey to a brave new world – requires a hatred for what came before, a mission to punish those who stand in the way of ‘progress’, and an insatiable appetite for unleashed violence. Serious stuff!

CNN’s brazen threat to ‘dox’, or ‘docs’ the perpetrator of the cartoon tells us so much about the destructive power of the MSM. This power has been increasingly used for more than 4 decades to intimidate and silence opponents of the social agenda of the rising Ruling Class. It is how the Democratic Party and the Unions were purged of moral members and how Republican Party legislators are increasingly being divided from the President.

CNN’s open threat to reveal an identity and whereabouts of an opponent, so that employers can dismiss and Far-Left activists can employ violence, tells us that the Ruling Class alliance is desperate for a resolution of the current stalemate.

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  1. The media class are getting more resistance than they bargained for. Their behavior seems to indicate their ignorance of how the internet works. Do they really think they can get away with these lies and intimidation today? Apparently, they do.

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