Christie! The Media’s Gotcha!

It is hard for we Conservative counter-revolutionaries of Radical and Right not to gloat a little over Chris Christie’s fall.   On this website we mostly refrain from abandoning or attacking anyone on the Right side of the current revolutionary political divide. As those who read and understood our previous two articles will have gathered, we caution against irrevocably dividing the meager opposition of which we are a part by using intemperate language and accusations. We yearn for good leadership that will seek to unite Conservatives, neo-Conservatives, moderate Conservatives, Christians of every denomination and all Nationalists, with the exception of those who advocate gas chambers, gulags and expulsions for those citizens deemed not to have pure Aryan blood. We stand for free speech; a free market-place; sensible laws that protect the law-abiding but recognize the strains of urban living; the retention of good traditions, and small and local government wherever feasible. We want strict adherence to the Constitution. Consequently, in the search for unity against a lawless, rich, powerful Revolutionary government, we advocate making allies, rather than enemies, on the Right, and invite all on the Right to rally around the Constitution. 

    For this reason we have always refrained from making personal attacks on George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove and other alleged RINO’S. Though we have strongly disagreed with some of their policies and many of their actions, we have hesitated to impugn their integrity by attacking their motives. The Revolutionary Left seemingly never wastes time attacking its allies and fellow-travelers, not even those who are luke-warm supporters. Not until an alleged RINO crosses the political divide and clearly supports the enemy, do we on this website stoop to attack personal motives. We assumed that President George W Bush was a decent man, generally conservative, loved his country, and pursued the policies he did because he honestly thought they were right. He was a great disappointment as a President, often muddled, sometimes inept and lacking in foresight but we never believed he and his closest advisors were ‘selling out’ to Big Oil or other sinister forces. The same goes for Mitt Romney and Karl Rove. It would be easier though to defend such a policy of restraint if the alleged RINO’s also spent their time publicly attacking only the Left, rather than pandering to the Media Class by turning on comrades. Still, we think giving benefit of the doubt is preferable to castigating everyone who deviates from some ideological purity. Having said that we turn to Chris Christie! 

    Christie is now undoubtedly on the receiving end of an orchestrated Media campaign of destruction. Even the dimmest lamps on our side recognize that this is so. He is rightly getting little sympathy and virtually no support from comrades, not even alleged RINO’S. He has quickly become a political leper. The facts of the charge against his New Jersey Administration are mostly clear, since Christie himself (foolishly in our view, for the Media Class is never forgiving of those on the Right), appears to have admitted that the traffic snarl-ups inflicted on a New Jersey town were retribution for the failure of its Democrat Mayor to endorse Christie prior to the recent gubernatorial election. 

    Christie’s attempt to weather the Media-manufactured storm with a long Press Conference and the sacking of two aides, was at first greeted with approval by some Right-leaning commentators. On this website, based on our recognition of the Media Class at work, knowing its agenda and its methods, we never for one moment thought that Christie would salvage his reputation by appealing to the massed ranks of the Mainstream Media (MSM). Christie only revealed his crass ignorance of the Revolutionary nature of contemporary America when he called a Press Conference. This is like an accused man placing himself in front of the enemy’s firing squad. 

    If Christie could not recognize that he was becoming an obstacle to the election of Hilary Clinton (or whoever the Media Class selects) in 2016, then he is a fool. If Christie thought that merely embracing Obama just before the 2012 election was enough to win some ongoing support from the Media Class, then he is worse than a fool. The Media Class and its Leftist allies are carrying out a full-scale revolution in America, intent on marching to totalitarianism. Trifling betrayals of fellow Republicans are not sufficient for one-time and potential enemies of the Left to gain permanent immunity from a Ruling Class that is engaged on deadly business. Forget Podhoretz’s silly talk about the Media Class being an Old School club that rejects outsiders! We are not battling against – and losing – our America way of life to an Old School club. 

    Once Obama was re-elected, Christie was placed back on the list for Media Class destruction, despite having stabbed Romney and the Republican Party in the back in the crucial election contest. He has no valuable betrayal left to offer. By recently revealing his ambition for the White House, Christie unwittingly signed his Media political death certificate. Did he really believe that sacrificing two comrades would suffice to satisfy a MSM tasting blood? This is what befalls a man who has grown too big for his boots. His only honorable end to an increasingly dishonorable career (other than immediate resignation), would have been to batten down the hatches, deny any wrong-doing in the traffic plan, and used the Press conference to boldly accuse Obama and his regime of regularly and shamelessly punishing the public in pursuit of political gain – citing Benghazi, gun-running, the IRS, Obamacare and much else. This would at least have inflicted some harm on the enemy before he went down in flames. 

    However it would have taken an understanding of the Revolutionary civil war in this country for Christie to have uncompromisingly confronted the Media Class as the enemy. Even now he believes he can win some sympathy from the MSM. It is sickening to the writers of this website that Republicans whose shortcomings have been seized upon by the Media Class, still cling to the notion that abject apologies will save them from MSM destruction. If Christie hopes to have a future career in politics, he will have to do a Charlie Crist and switch party, denounce his former colleagues ad infinitum, loudly proclaim that he has evolved on SSM, equal race outcomes and the rest of the Revolutionary agenda and commence supporting Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Nothing less will suffice! 

    Christie’s downfall is a minor tragedy for the Right, for he had many talents that are sorely needed, particularly his ability to attract the support of White working people. Overweight, more than a little coarse, pugnacious and ready to fight in the gutter, all this might not have added up to Presidential material, but certainly to a Republican Governor capable of a major role on the National scene. The last Presidential election campaign however, revealed that he was no longer in politics on the Right, but pursuing only personal ambition. His embrace of Obama, his readiness to approve SSM without a vote by the people of New Jersey, and his treatment of Romney during the election contest revealed that he was an opportunist back-stabber. There is nothing worse! And so today, we gloat a little over his death dance. 

    Those who do not troll through the Right wing websites, especially Free Republic and American Renaissance, will be unaware that a New York teen was arrested last week in connection with an attack on an elderly woman. It is alleged that 16 year old Devin Alexander waited outside a Rochester store for the woman to emerge with her shopping and then punched her to the ground whilst a friend video-taped the attack so that they could post the exploit on the Internet. 

    Given that the accused and his partner in crime are both Black and the old lady, who was unknown to them, is White, we might safely assume that this is another ‘knock-out’ and a racial Hate crime. Alexander, it is reported, was already on probation for a robbery conviction. 

    Not a racial Hate crime however, according to initial police reports! Indeed, not even a felony! I believe the Chief of Police is Black but in any case a prosecution for a serious crime that might result in incarceration for young Devin would surely bring down the full force of the Holder Injustice Department, in pursuit of equal (or better) outcomes for young Blacks. It would surely please Holder and Obama if the police prosecuted the old lady instead and had her imprisoned for a Hate crime! Meanwhile in Florida another mob of some 30 young Blacks ran through a store stealing and vandalizing. I am curious as to how such mob crimes are entered into crime statistics. Will this particular crime be counted as 30 thefts and acts of vandalism, or one, or perhaps, seeing as how no-one has been charged despite much video footage, no crime at all? As far as I know, no White, Asian or even Latino youths commit this type of organized mob raid on property. It will be best for the race statistics of (violent) crime if Holder designates this particular crime as no crime at all and then the racially unequal outcomes will be much reduced. In some ways, given that the MSM refuses to report them, it will be tidier, and a step towards a more inclusive society, if everyone ignores them. 

    Holder is not just an Action Man where race is concerned. When an appeals judge in Utah recently halted SSM, Holder sprang into action to ensure that whatever the people of Utah (America’s most law-abiding State and least Black) have voted for is irrelevant. He has ruled that the Federal Government will recognize the small number of grotesque same-sex ‘marriages’ that took place in Utah under the previous lower court judicial ruling. As we have long pointed out on this website, homosexual advancement is the top of the Media Class agenda and SSM is only a stepping stone to the compulsory indoctrination of the whole population in the pursuit of inclusiveness for perverts, moral degradation of the whole population and the end of free speech. Since SSM is a priority of the senior partner in the Ruling Class coalition, Holder does not hesitate to don his Action Man outfit. 

    Socialism was not always the home of perverts and libertines. I can remember when Britain’s Socialist parties, especially the giant Labour Party, were more moral than the Tories. Of course that was in the days when Socialist parties everywhere were parties of the working people and respectable poor. It has not yet percolated the minds of most working people of the West and the USA that Socialist parties are now almost exclusively the home of the rich and famous of the Media Class; the Bankers of Wall Street; the leisured, cloistered and pampered members of Academia; those activists who pack the richly endowed major non-profits; and the massed ranks of the unionized Public employees. Votes, legal and fraudulent, and street thugs are provided by the feckless mobs of the inner cities. I exaggerate, but only a little! 

    This brings me nicely to the French Prime Minister, Francois Hollande, whose ‘affaires’ surely underpin what I wrote in the previous paragraph about Socialists. Francois, a man certainly not blessed with good looks, is nevertheless a longtime proponent of the ‘fair shares for all’ doctrine of Socialism. He can properly be called a Far Leftist when it comes to morality and redistribution. He has certainly shared himself out amongst the ladies and one can only conclude, given his face, that it is power not looks that attract attractive women. Francois used to co-habit (marriage is now so unSocialist!, except when it furthers a homosexual agenda) with another French senior Socialist, Segolene Royal. With her he had four children but this did not lead to marriage. Perhaps they both had ‘open’ relationships. Clearly the royal Ms. Royal was not enough for him and so he took up with Valerie Trierweiler, a journalist for the Paris Match. We can assume that like all journalists she was another Far Leftist. When he was elected Prime Minister he was co-habiting with her. Now he has entered into a relationship with actress Julie Gayet. She is 41, Hollande is 59 and Trierweiler is 48. 

    This man is clearly a womanizer and we can speculate that there have been many other women along the way. He is certainly a redistributionist with his own sexual favors. It seems that his Socialist lifestyle was revealed publicly by the magazine ‘Closer’ which is described as a ‘celebrity’ magazine and he is threatening to sue it for “breach of privacy”. 

    Here we see the lives of modern Socialists. No room for Christianity or any kind of morality and so not challenged by homosexual relationships and SSM. Hollande is fervently promoting SSM in France. Trierweiler has been receiving in-patient treatment at a hospital apparently because she learned that Hollande is sharing his gifts with another woman. Leftist governing politicians, celebrities, actresses, journalists, lots of time for sex, combined with a privileged lifestyle whilst working for the poor, the under-privileged and the marginalized – is this not the new Media Class in action? 

    Weather – Adam Sobel of CNN reported on January 7th that the “record cold doesn’t disprove global warming”. The UK’s Daily Telegraph on the same day reported that it was officially America’s coldest day on record. All 50 States (I emphasize the 50 for the benefit of our brilliant President) fell below zero. In the UK, the wet weather continues but thanks to gross over-population with Third World immigrants, a drought will be declared somewhere around July. 

    Music – Recently, in Oakland, I was lucky enough to see and hear a little guy with a big voice. Kenny Washington, an African American, is about 4ft 8′ tall but is full of singing talent. I didn’t particularly like the way he treated a number of classic ballads in a Coltrane style but I assume that the modern jazz backing of the group he was appearing with made this obligatory. I have never heard better scat singing not even by the great Ella Fitzgerald. Washington has recorded and deserves fame. He will not get it of course because he is too talented.

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