Carson Takes A Hit

One reason for Ben Carson’s strength in the opinion polls was his portrayal of personal integrity in the debates. Another was that he was one of the few competitors to be fully committed to ‘born again’ Christianity. Compared to Donald Trump, who proudly proclaims his own success in business to be partly due to his wiliness, and who is clearly a man of the world and thrice-married, Carson was bound to score well among those Republicans who are Conservative but consider living the Christian Faith to be more important in a leader than anything else.

In the Iowa primary, where Christians are numerous, Republican voters have been frequently polled because as an early contest in the calendar, it will provide the winner with a famous start. It is in the Iowan polls that Carson has been able to dent Trump’s claim to invincibility. The Republican elite, desperate to take Trump down, has been braying about Carson’s lead, and in this the elite has found much common ground with the Far Left in the MSM. Almost every headline in the MSM has used the Iowa numbers to claim that Trump had peaked and consequently the contest was once again ‘wide open’.

If Carson had assumed from this delirious publicity that he had friends in the High Places of the Republican Party or that the MSM was at least neutral about his cause, he has now been brought face to face with the reality of post-Revolutionary politics. The plain truth is that the Republican establishment (where secularists and perverts lurk) holds as much antagonism toward him as to Donald Trump. And the MSM hates his Christianity with as much venom as it hates Trump’s Nationalism.

What is surprising about Kyle Cheney’s ‘revelation’ in the Politico, branding Carson as a liar, is that it was made this early in the campaign. It would surely have been better for the Left to have permitted Carson to ‘take down’ The Donald in the actual primary and then smeared his reputation for integrity. As it is they may have damaged Carson too early and handed a gift to Trump. It is extremely likely that Politico’s attack has permanently damaged Carson, even if the accusation is completely false. The MSM, which has not only given maximum publicity to Cheney’s accusation but portrayed Carson’s response as a humble admission, will bury any Politico retraction in a small paragraph on a back page.

Recently, on this website we mentioned how, back at the turn of the century, we identified John Harwood, one-time ‘reporter’ for the WSJ, as a Far Left propagandist and therefore it was no surprise to us that as the moderator of the recent Republican debate he acted as a Stalinist prosecutor. Back at the time we denounced Harwood, we also denounced Jim VandeHei, another WSJ ‘reporter’, as a Leftist propagandist. VandeHei is the founder of Politico and there is nothing neutral about his Internet creation. He arrived at Politico from the Washington Post, a newspaper that would have been envied by Joseph Goebbels for its propaganda skills.

Just as the Washington Post would never employ a real journalist, committed to truth, so we can assume that VandeHei would never provide a platform for anyone with Christian or Nationalist values. Kyle Cheney is a product of Boston University and has a degree in Journalism and this alone brands him as a Far Leftist. No-one in the last few decades would get a place in a school of journalism, let alone graduate, unless signed up to every Leftist shibboleth. Modern journalism schools espouse the role of journalism as one of changing the world (into a Leftist Totalitarian nightmare), not writing or telling the truth.

Carson, like Obama and many others about to enter national politics, wrote a book ostensibly setting out his own life story. Unlike Obama, Carson was attempting to bridge many years and it is likely that besides (perhaps unconsciously) shaping his story to portray himself as he now sees himself, he might have got many long-ago details wrong. A wholly detached, honest and accurate autobiography is beyond human achievement. It is a mark of Carson’s naivety that he attempted to do so.

Obama, (a mixed-race man who is less Black than Carson) has been able to write two glowing fairy stories about himself and legally place much of his early history out of bounds to investigation by anyone. The crucial difference between him and Carson is that he is committed to the Revolutionary agenda of the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies and consequently he is beyond journalistic investigation and MSM criticism.

From what we have read, Carson has been unfairly smeared. Politico has dropped some of its allegations, but the damage has been done. The MSM will ensure the mud sticks in the minds of all who have been exposed to its propaganda. Carson most likely gilded the lily in parts of his autobiography and made genuine mistakes in others but we do not believe that he is a liar. Neither do we believe he is the best man in the Republican contest. We rate Trump and Cruz much more highly.

The problems that all Conservative, Christian and Nationalist contestants face in this crucial election campaign, are first and foremost the unremitting and wholly unprincipled hostility of the MSM and secondly the double standard of the voters. On the Left are citizen voters who are impressed and reassured by the brazen dishonesty and deviousness of their leaders. On the Right are citizens who expect their leaders to be above reproach. We have to hope that Trump and Cruz have nothing -not even a quietly muttered dirty thought- in their respective pasts, for the MSM and the billionaire perverts who will stop at nothing to preserve and consolidate their Revolution, will surely dig it out.


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