Big Debate Nerves

Tonight’s Fox News televised debate from Cleveland, Ohio featuring the ten leading Republican hopefuls, presents the first real hurdle for those candidates that lack something special. What constitutes ‘special’ can include, big donors, a nationwide organization, good looks, self control, a pleasing voice, a gift of the gab, a popular political stance that stands out from the rest of the field, and charisma.

Two hurdles that lurk behind the scenes are the agenda of the mediator and the bias of the MSM interpretation that will swiftly follow the debate. Trump will surely face these last two hurdles for we know that the Murdoch family is out to stop him and the MSM hates and fears him.

If the opinion polls are correct, a lot of good and patriotic Americans are hoping that Donald Trump will boldly express the popular political stance that stands out from the rest and which has propelled him to the top. They won’t care if the mediator is openly hostile -in fact the more openly hostile the better -and they will welcome MSM hostility tomorrow. They will also hope that he has some charisma for that alone will separate him from an uncharismatic pack.

We have written ‘they’ but this website also shares the hopes of those Americans who detest the MSM, the Republican elite, the dangerous anti-American crypto Muslim in the White House and the International Big Business people who would sell their country and its people for a profit. We are nervous and probably so are most of those who have invested hope in Donald Trump. Will he stay true to form, speak his ( and our) mind and continue to confound our enemies? If he does, then tomorrow we will commence referring to him as ‘Our Donald’.

There was good news yesterday from New Hampshire where the Gravis Marketing Poll (Aug 5th) had Trump 32%, Kasich 15%, Christie 9%, and Walker and Carson 8% each and Bush 5%. The high percentage for Kasich is probably because he recently has been campaigning in the State and heavily advertising there.

——————————– Donald Trump (32%)

————— John Kasich (15%)

——— Chris Christie (9%)

——– Scott Walker (8%)

——– Ben Carson (8%)

—– Jeb Bush (5%)

Tonight’s debate is expected to draw the biggest audience ever for such a debate and Trump’s presence is the reason. The Media will go into overdrive to explain this away as Trump’s celebrity or his ‘outrageous’ criticisms of illegal immigrants and rival Republicans. We believe his popularity springs from his unrepentant message.

Recently we were saddened by the death of author Stanford Evans, a genuine intellectual in this age of ambitious academic whores. Yesterday came news of the passing of another intellectual warrior for truth. Robert Conquest single handedly in the 1960’s unearthed the death toll statistics of Communism in the Soviet Union. He revealed the truth that Socialists had already, before the Second World War, dwarfed Hitler’s eventual body count of innocent victims.

University academics, fellow travelers and crypto communists in High Places in the US, the UK and elsewhere sought to dismiss Conquest’s claims. When the Soviet Union collapsed and the facts emerged proving Conquest had been right all the time, he was still vilified and Communist totalitarian terror brushed under the carpet. Only Hitler’s crimes against the Jews and homosexuals are mentioned in academic circles, Hollywood movies and novels.

Conquest lived a long life (98 years) and continued to publicize the bloody crimes of the intolerant Left. But expect his already-suppressed reputation to be systematically eroded by University academics as the years pass. There are few genuine intellectuals in today’s world but many academic whores and Leftist propagandists and when they have redefined Ethel Rosenberg as an innocent victim of McCarthyism they will begin painting Conquest as a White bigot.

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Music Choice

California’s Dave Brubeck was an impressive pianist and in the early 1950’s he teamed up with alto saxophonist Paul Desmond to begin a musical partnership that lasted many years. Like John Lewis’ MJQ, the Brubeck Quartet reached an audience far beyond those who had been captured by the genius of Charlie Parker.

In the early days of the 1950’s the Brubeck Quartet toured Universities and played some fine and original jazz.

Later, with a change of drummer, the Quartet branched out into jazz that was more ‘clever’ with unusual time signatures. This proved even more popular with the public though the music itself became shallow and occasionally novel. The best of these compositions and recordings was made in 1959. ‘Take Five’, a catchy Desmond melody in 5/4 time opened with Brubeck’s impeccable playing of a phrase in this unusual time and a good Desmond solo. The drum solo by the fussy Joe Morello goes on for too long but the piece has stood the test of time, is still popular and can rightly be called ‘timeless’ despite its emphasis on time. Enjoy!


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