A Bush Without Roots

On this website we have been cheer-leading for The Donald ever since those few short weeks ago when he spoke robustly about illegal immigration and then refused to walk back his remarks to please the Media whores. He continues to speak ever more robustly and we love it!

So too, do more and more Americans. The Quinnipiac University poll of Republican voters released yesterday puts The Donald on 28%, several points higher than in its last poll. His nearest rival, according to this poll is Carson, with 12%, and Bush down at a meager 7%. Yesterday’s Gravis Marketing poll put Trump on a whopping 40% and poor Jeb on 10%. The polls may have different techniques and different numbers but the message is clear. Trump is way ahead and Bush is way behind.

On this website we are kind-hearted people. It is hard not to feel sorry for Jeb. Back when he, his exalted family, his expert advisors and his Country-club friends decided that the moment was ripe to revive the Bush dynasty, the omens looked good. The Tea Party had lost momentum, the likely Republican candidates lacked national stature and funds and he, Bush, had name recognition, rich supporters, a national network of Party officials and a much-touted claim on the growing Latino vote.

This Latino vote has received much attention from experts and advisors on the Republican side. The contemporary wisdom is that the Republican Party will not be able to win another election unless a big slice of the Latino vote is wrested from the Democrats. That it is a growing vote base thanks to illegal immigration is rarely touched upon. The official Republican wisdom is that the Party must court Latinos, along with homosexuals, single women and the young or be consigned to the dustbin of America’s political history.

Since Jeb has a Mexican wife, speaks fluent Spanish and has been a pioneer of a ‘route to citizenship for illegals’ he and his clan must have thought he held the trump card as well as several aces.

How ironic that a Trump has suddenly burst on the Republican scene, has brought his own pack of cards and is playing the same game but with different rules. As Donald Trump’s poll numbers soar the Bush consortium and the Republican establishment must be feeling sore, re-examining the cards in their collective hand and desperately searching for a change of game. The Latino hand, once seen as a winning one, appears to have become a loser.

Since the Bush campaign shows no sign of leaving the card table we must assume that it is hoping that a sustained frontal attack on Trump combined with (financial) stamina and the imminent withdrawal of candidates who also occupy the Republican collaborationist ground will narrow the polling gap and inject a sense of momentum. By now, Bush himself must realize that the immigration issue cannot be buried and he is so committed to it as to have the ‘open borders’ albatross hung securely around his neck.

Bush is the front-runner for the Republican establishment and Big Business and he is increasingly looking like an also-ran. The problem for them is that the other collaborationist candidates have sunk faster in the polls than Bush. Rubio must be their best alternative hope and then there are Kasich, Huckabee, Perry, Paul and Christie. All are proving to be unappealing to the Republican rank-and-file.

Bush has a problem that is only partially connected to his immigration albatross. It is that he has lots of ‘connections’ but no roots. Like his brother and father before him, his claim to the White House has been based on the public perception of him as a patrician – moderate, statesmanlike, steady, well-connected and naturally entitled to high office. None of these ‘attributes’ are an advantage in Revolutionary times, indeed they are disastrous and most conservatives realize it.

The 2016 election campaign will be a further descent into America’s civil war as the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies seek to complete the destruction of the old America and its lawful institutions. They will ignore all the old rules and employ every dirty trick. Their MSM will go into overdrive. There will be widespread fraud in Black and immigrant urban constituencies, intimidation will be widespread and Republicans with skeletons in cupboards will be suborned. If the Republican candidate for the Presidency is to survive the election process he/she will have to be tough as nails, prepared to fight outside the old rules and to have established deep roots in conservative/Christian/Patriotic America.

Trump already is proving to be a man of the people, capable of standing up to the MSM and unwilling to give the opposition the inch that soon becomes a mile. Trump’s most important attribute and the one that is most responsible for his growing popularity is the self-confidence with which he rejects retreat. Every time he refuses to back down in the face of MSM/Leftist outrage, he wins and motivates more supporters. They see him as the leader of the counter-revolution.

Last week in South East Kansas the American people suffered yet another defeat. Many will remain unaware and those who learn of it will be further demoralized. In Royster Middle School, a framed painting of Jesus Christ was removed from the wall. It had hung there, doing no harm and causing no offence, for as long as anyone could remember. Then the puny-in-membership (20,000 nationwide) but well-financed Freedom From Religion Foundation informed the Principal that it had to be removed. He complied. I like to think that if Donald Trump had been that Principal he would have given the FFRF the finger.

Jorge Ramos, he who was banished to ‘Time Out’ by The Donald, has been whining ever since to sympathetic ears in the MSM. His interviews have revealed his view that today’s journalism is quite properly Revolutionary activism. Significantly none of the interviewers have challenged this. We are not surprised for we have long maintained that the MSM is the propaganda arm, a weapon, and the mouthpiece of our Ruling Media Class.



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