Violent Crime, Government Lies and Media Cover-ups

According to data released on Monday by the FBI, violent crime in the USA (slightly) decreased by 0.2% in 2014. Along with the rest of the MSM, The Wall Street Journal today celebrated this positive ‘news’ with a prominent headline and column. “Violent Crime Fell Slightly In 2014” by Devlin Barrett, unquestioningly sets out the FBI’s statistics.

Everyone who visits this website regularly will be aware that the USA’s government institutions have been transformed and corrupted by Obama’s Revolutionary regime, and that the FBI, like the Department of Justice, is now advancing a Leftist political agenda. All decisions regarding investigations, prosecutions and statistics are based on the regime’s arbitrary political requirements and not on Constitutional law. Unless today’s ‘Revolutionary Law’, unhinged from the alleged ‘bigotry’, ‘sexism’ and ‘racism’ of the old law is considered to be a legitimate replacement, we are to all intents and purposes now living in a lawless State.

Just a couple of examples of this assertion of lawlessness will suffice, for all are glaringly obvious.

  1. The FBI failure to investigate and prosecute Lois Lerner and several others in the Internal Revenue Service who used the Department’s powers to target Conservative political opponents.
  2.  The FBI’s failure to genuinely investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of private Email servers for official business.

It has been alleged by Leftist academics that the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover misused its powers by accumulating and withholding information of legislators’ wrong-doing in order to influence politicians. Hoover, for all his faults and ambitions at least had no Revolutionary agenda and was diligent in protecting America from Communists and other foreign enemies. In his way, he was a counter-balance to the powers of Congress and the White House. Today there are no checks and balances!!

It is our contention that current official statistics on crime, like those on education, the economy, immigration, Obamacare, unemployment and the environment, are lies and damned lies. They are as much a part of the propaganda fed to the people as the content of every newspaper, TV program and modern Movie.

The Ruling Revolutionary Government of the Media Class and its Far Leftist allies have several reasons for producing false statistics. Some are intended to artificially boost the economy or Stock Market, some to inflate employment figures to support an Obama speech, some to reduce the outcry against Obamacare so that it will endure long enough to be irreversible.

One frequent motive for dishonest and misleading Government (and Leftist Think-tank) statistics is to hide the abysmal condition and behavior of urban African Americans. Paradoxically the same dishonest motive fuels a constant stream of African American statistics whose purpose is to elicit sympathy, justify special favorable treatment, and foster White guilt. It is permissible, indeed obligatory, to focus on Race and skin color for these purposes but absolutely unacceptable to mention Race and skin color in any negative context.

Since official National crime statistics are propaganda, and there are no alternative National sources, it is impossible to furnish statistical proof here that the overwhelming proportion of rapes, robberies, arsons, looting, violent attacks and murders are committed by Blacks. Added to the difficulty in providing proof is the MSM’s total and uniform avoidance of reporting racial identity when perpetrators are Black. However an intrepid Internet researcher is almost always able to ascertain the race of a perpetrator for the telling clue is the absence of its mention in the MSM report. The same clue is found in police reports where a description of suspects includes every detail bar color of skin. Often scrolling down to a picture will reveal the missing detail.

It is the belief of this website that if Black crime was deleted from all statistics, the USA would be revealed as a very law-abiding society and gun crime would be relatively rare. It is our experience that the same picture of a lawful population prevails in the UK and Western Europe, and even more so if crimes committed by Islamists were also deleted.

The WSJ column by Devlin Barrett makes no mention of Racial disparities and neither do the statistics he quotes. No-where in our MSM is the race of the elephant in the crime room mentioned. Since a problem that remains hidden cannot be addressed, we must assume that our Ruling Class, its Leftist allies and its MSM have reasons for perpetuating ubiquitous Black urban crime.

Finally, when the government statistics are produced for 2015, what provision will be made to capture the multiple crimes committed in the riots and looting of Ferguson, St Louis and elsewhere? We predict they will be vastly under-reported.

Music Choice

It is our contention that worthwhile music is timeless and beyond fashion. It is mostly possible for jazz enthusiasts to roughly date recordings but nothing good should be rejected from the past. This last week my young son was playing the Glenn Miller 1942 recording of the Jerry Gray composition of “A String Of Pearls”. I was reminded that this superbly-arranged and immaculately played 12-bar Blues is a masterpiece and has stood the test of time. Enjoy it!

Miller was lost-in-action over the English Channel less than two years after this recording. There was a time when music of this adult standard was the popular music of the masses. Do we any longer have a popular culture?


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