Vegas Deadly Attack

Lakeisha Holloway’s murderous attack on Las Vegas pedestrians will quickly be pigeon-holed by the Mainstream Media, given that Miss Holloway, aged 24, is Black, female, a mother and said to be homeless. Any reporting will focus on the absence of a religious or politcal motive, her mental health, her ‘desperate circumstances’ and probably a claim that she cannot remember the incident.

Let us first note that no gun was used. There is no material here for the Obama crusade against guns. It is highly unlikely that Miss Holloway is a Tea Party member, a Trump supporter or an Evangelical Christian, so this death and injury toll cannot be attributed to Conservative provocation or Talk Radio. In short this is news with no propaganda value and therefore not news at all!

The few facts we know for sure from MSM reporting are that she had her young daughter in the car, was driving along a Vegas street, and suddenly and deliberately drove into pedestrians. Then she reversed and repeated this deliberate attack with her car. After this she drove off and soon after called the police to report her crime. She offered no explanation when arrested and now has a lawyer, so any explanation now will be given in collaboration with him.

It has been reported in some places that she had been in Vegas for a week with her daughter and living in her car prior to the attack. From this it has been speculated that she was homeless, though relatives in Portland, Oregon, where she has been resident for some time, have said that she was not homeless. Reports from Portland also suggest that she was enjoying a successful and productive life, though what this means is anyone’s guess, since Black criminals are always in the process of turning a life around and on the cusp of a career.

Victims of Black crime, including Black victims, are quickly forgotten by the MSM. One 40+ woman lost her life as a result of this horrific attack. This is a tragedy for her and her family. 30 or more pedestrians were injured and we can assume that many have serious injuries. Some may be in critical condition. Others may be handicapped for life, but the MSM reporters have no interest in them. The sudden horror of the repeated attacks will have traumatized many who were happily enjoying a vacation trip.

Generally in mass murder attempts, the MSM speculates about the motive or looks for a ‘Rightwing’ provocation. Since there can be no ‘Rightwing’ connection here, the MSM is suddenly disinterested in a political angle and can be expected to decide that this attack is a ‘one-off’ aberration.

Some reports on the alternative (Internet) Media claim that the DOJ and Homeland Security have been investigating. This suggests that there is a suspicion that Ms. Holloway may have a connection to Muslim terrorism. One witness is said to have heard her shouting a Muslim praise to Allah as she inflicted death and injury on infidels.

It is possible that Miss. Holloway has had a recent Muslim conversion, though her relatives in Portland have not mentioned this. We do not know why she was in Las Vegas with her daughter. We do not know if the victims were White, Asian and Latino and that race was an issue. It is possible that Miss Holloway, if angry or depressed about her personal situation, was inflamed by the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter, President Obama or the MSM narrative of Black injustice. The Vegas police Department has ruled out alcohol. It is possible that she is mentally ill, though her known previous history suggests that she was in good mental health.

If her attack was motivated by either Islam or race hatred, the MSM will want to suppress such news, and so will Obama and all those who want Donald Trump’s campaign to fail. As in the Philadelphia train crash which killed 8 people and injured hundreds, we will continue to look for the results of an official enquiry. We live in a time when all MSM reporting is propaganda, made to fit an agenda, and much is concealed from the people.

Bowe Bergdahl is in the news following his appearance in a military Court on Tuesday. He is now referred to as Sgt. Bergdahl. As I remember it, he was promoted to Sgt. after his warm and official welcome by Obama in the White House. His promotion was a scandal, given the circumstances, and was an attempt by the Obama Administration and his puppets in the Pentagon, to confer on Bergdahl an aura of heroism. This inappropriate promotion should be investigated as a purely political act.


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