It is amazing how abbreviations have taken hold of the language of politics. Most likely this owes much to the growth of government and the drift to totalitarianism. The Soviet Union was surely the pioneer, employing abbreviations that encapsulated the dishonesty, cynicism and murderousness of its institutions. The very title of the new state – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – was so dishonest that USSR quickly replaced it. Lenin and Stalin’s terrorist police forces came with abbreviations – GPU and NKVD. Hitler, an early admirer of Stalin’s methods renamed his German Workers Party, the National Socialist Workers Party and this was abbreviated to NAZI.

In what was once popularly known as Great Britain, and has since been abbreviated and downgraded to UK (United Kingdom), the relentless growth of government since 1945 has spawned endless government agencies with abbreviated titles. An abbreviation, ‘Quango’ is used for their collective name. It stands for ‘Quasi-autonomous, non-governmental organization’ and Great Britain has about 800 of these, employing 111,000 people and costing tax-payers 46 billion pounds per year. Neighboring little Eire also has about 800 Quangos with 6,000 employees and costing its taxpayers 13 billion Euros per year. Since Quangos are at least partly funded by government and their controlling personnel are appointed by government it is obvious that they are neither autonomous nor non-governmental. They are the tentacles of Socialism or ‘a rose by any other name’!

The USA has seen the relentless growth of NGO’’s, many of which are partly funded by taxpayers and influenced by government. The USA also has increasing numbers of government agencies that are paraded as semi-autonomous, and like NGO’s masquerade under abbreviations. Many of the NGO’s are funded by rich Leftists and like the government agencies fly under the public’s radar with abbreviations. In truth, most organizations that employ abbreviations have titles that are either too revealing of their intent or have titles that are deliberately misleading. Most are the tentacles of Socialism in one form or another.

The less said about international bodies that masquerade under abbreviations, the better, but the UN and all its abbreviated offshoots are the tentacles of world Socialism and like their National counterparts are paving the way to totalitarianism.

All of this leads to more commentary about Great Britain’s current political situation and especially the developments on the British Right. American’s of the Right should pay close attention, because it is obvious from articles and blogs on the Internet, that many are being misled. The exceptions occur on the American Renaissance and Occidental Observer sites where some contributors are better informed.

It is unfortunate that the two leading British Right-wing Parties are known by abbreviations, but trends are trends! The British National Party (BNP) has been around for some time and is the successor to the National Front. The title of the ‘National Front’ betrayed its roots, for ‘National’ suggested ‘National Socialism’ and ‘Front’ was a throwback to Stalin’s efforts in the 1930’s to create broad European movements secretly controlled by dedicated and uncompromising Communists. The BNP attempted to slip free of the poisonous National Socialist image of the National Front, but its roots, its core membership and the hostile Leftist Media largely thwarted such efforts. The hostile MSM was aided by the leadership of Nick Griffin. Griffin, although keen to rid the Party of its old Nazi image, was intellectually wedded to Socialism (within Nation State boundaries), and ruled the BNP with Stalinist tactics. His policies included re-nationalization of major industries (including the railways), the exercise of government control over the remaining private sector, limits on personal incomes, the protection of domestic markets from imports and much else that was Fascism. His regular purges of internal opposition (which were manna to the hostile MSM and prevented any growth of membership) and the Socialist policies ensured that the Party forfeited popular support that some other policies might have garnered. The BNP, despite suffering greatly from Britain’s abandonment of free speech, embrace of political correctness and politicization of the police and judiciary has not placed free speech and the slashing of government powers on its agenda. Nevertheless, the overthrow of Griffin is significant and it does appear that the new leader is encouraging internal democracy, seeking a broader church and looking to create popular appeal. The Party seems to be regaining once-alienated followers and remains a determined, tough and disciplined organization capable of enduring every persecution short of Government proscription.

UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) has completely different origins than the BNP. It has no past racist and Socialist baggage, being founded on the increasing resentment of British working people, some middle-class people and all patriots towards the EU. It must be remembered that like all Socialist (here I include National Socialist and Fascist) endeavors the EU’s British proponents always hid their real aims and advanced their cause by dishonesty and subterfuge. As the consequences and costs of EU membership have emerged over the years, opposition has grown at the grass-roots. This opposition has had no effective political outlet for all the main political parties (Labour, Conservative, LibDem, Green and Scots and Welsh National parties) are committed to EU membership, as are Big Business, the Unions and all those who benefit from ever-growing government power. Needless to say, many politicians are bought-and –paid for because the EU is where the tax-payers money oils the wheels and provides the troughs of swill.

UKIP entered the political arena as a one-issue party, i.e. exit from the EU. Many of its original members and activists were disgruntled Conservatives and so it grew fitfully in those parts of England where the Conservative Party was strongest. It had few roots in the industrial towns of the North and Midlands where the Labour Party ruled. The relentless influx of immigrants has especially changed the Labour Party (just as immigrants have changed America’s Democrat Party) and the White working class has seen its numbers and prosperity shrink and has lost a political voice. UKIP has grown but patchily. Its leader is colorful but indisciplined and it has avoided issues such as immigration and homosexual advancement. This has resulted in the Media Class treating it benignly and with amusement and in stark contrast to its treatment of the BNP.

A number of things have altered Britain’s political scenario. Externally, these include the economic woes of the EU, the admission to the EU of poor Eastern European States, the massive influx of Third World immigrants to Southern Europe and the continued imposition within the EU of ever more cultural unity. Internally, the UK’s native people have been increasingly experiencing the benefits of Third World invasion augmented by an influx from Eastern Europe, the increasing assertiveness of immigrants (high Muslim birthrates and low native birthrates) encouraged by laws both domestic and EU-sponsored that confer privileges on non-Whites, an inability – due to EU laws – to halt the invasion, and laws that prevent free speech and legal native opposition.

Perhaps the final straws have been David Cameron’s emergence as leader of the Conservative Party and his opportunist parliamentary coalition with the LibDems. Cameron, in his quest for Media Class support and to get back Big Business financial support from the Labour Party, jettisoned his Party’s last patriotic connections and its last links to Christianity. The Conservative Party had long enjoyed (not very deservedly in modern times) a reputation as a Nationalist party and as a Christian party. Cameron’s public support for Islam, his hatred of anything to the Right of his Leftist direction and his commitment to the homosexual cause has alienated not only many conservative voters but even some members of his Parliamentary Party. Americans will see many parallels here.

In the last general election no Party obtained an overall majority in Parliament. Cameron, unwilling to forfeit the chance to be Prime Minister, cobbled together a coalition with the small LibDem Party. Since both parties have historically been diametrically opposed this was a most unprincipled marriage of personal ambition and cynicism. The Conservative Party has subsequently lost rank-and-file members to the UKIP and some sections of the White working class (other than those in Government Service Unions) are abandoning the Labour Party and voting UKIP. UKIP has suddenly become the Party of protesters, a position the BNP might have enjoyed but for Griffin’s disastrous leadership and the Party’s failure to shake off Socialism.

Last year in local government elections, UKIP made dramatic gains in scattered locations. Its influx of patriots and traditionalists has resulted in this onetime one-issue Party becoming more outspoken against immigration and Cameron’s social progressiveness. Most recently, and in consecutive incidences, two Conservative MP’s resigned the Party and their Parliamentary seats and immediately stood for re-election. Both were re-elected as UKIP MP’s which gave UKIP two seats in Parliament. The large votes that both gained were humiliating blows to Cameron and his comrades and all on the eve of a Party Conference. This website rejoices in his humiliation and hopes for much more of it. It is rumored that other Conservative MP’s may jump ship, either out of principle or opportunism. Let us hope so, for since Labour’s vote was also hit by the UKIP rise, Britain’s Big Three political parties will be hard hit. The LibDems are already decimated and since it was the Party of perverts and international swill-guzzlers, all American Christians, conservatives and Nationalists should celebrate.

The new BNP leadership and UKIP’s embrace of a more complete Nationalism and its swelling membership may see a re-alignment on the Right. This would bring together a small but battle-hardened cadre capable of withstanding Media and police/ judicial persecution and a more popular and less doctrinaire movement.

Britain has been hit by a series of sex scandals. The first involved Media entertainers and politicians exploiting young children. This has been followed by many convictions of Muslim gangs of men grooming young White girls for prostitution. The benefits of multi –racial and multi-cultural enrichment have been beyond the ability of the Media Class and its political pawns to conceal from the native people. On top of this has come the Ofsted scandal. The Lincolnshire small town of Middle Rasen has so far escaped such enrichment and its local elementary school was recently inspected by Ofsted- a government Quango. Market Rasen is 97% White and the school population reflected that.  The school was highly praised for “its management, teaching, plus well-behaved, courteous and enthusiastic pupils. However Ofsted could only award the school a ‘good’ rating because it was ‘too English and too White’.

The BNP has been picketing the school in support and is the only party to do so. This is one of the reasons that on this website we comment favorably on its members. We could wish that the Republican Party had been out picketing on behalf of Officer Darren Wilson and the store-owners of Ferguson and that the leaders were also down in Louisiana turning that election into a plebiscite of Obama’s illegal EO on illegal immigrants.

Finally three other comments on Ferguson:

1)  Julie Bosman, the NYT reporter who revealed Wilson’s home address so that he can be assassinated, has been receiving harassment now that her address is also public. We love that old English saying, “what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander”.

2) One website has also discovered that Bosman was caught and convicted for shop-lifting when she was 17 years old. This must be embarrassing for her and her employer. It is rare that a shop-lifter is caught in the first crime!

3) The Media pictures of Michael Brown often show a college graduate in cap and gown. Pictures of Officer Wilson show a man who looks like a Nazi Brown-shirt. Such is the propaganda method of the MSM.

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