Trump Represents Losers, The Ignorant and Uneducated

One of the constant themes of the ‘Never Trump’ brigade of superior intellects, is that his followers are the White underclass of America. Without any scientific evidence, the charge is made that his voters are the poorly educated, the economically unsuccessful and those White people who have been left behind by a society that rewards the intelligent and adaptable. There is an undercurrent of Darwinist eugenics lurking here!

As a Trumpet who is largely self-educated and married to a woman Trumpeter who is highly educated and successful, I find this stereotyping offensive. Since I know several Trumpets who are also White, educated, intelligent and reasonably successful – and on this website we always claim that anecdotal evidence is more reliable than Mainstream Media propaganda – I believe this dismissal of Trump supporters is simply not true.

The snobby Wall Street Journal Gang of Four regularly employ this canard, on the basis that if something is repeated often enough in the MSM, it becomes accepted as fact. The only seed of truth in the smear is that the highly motivated Trumpets are mostly White. That racial fact actually means that Trumpets are above average in intelligence, education and economic success.

Who do I make this claim? Well, it is beyond dispute that the support for Democrats – and Hillary Clinton in particular – is heavily weighted (no pun intended!) by Blacks and Hispanics. And as we are always being told by re-distributionists and race warriors that these two groups suffer from lack of education and jobs, it must mean that Hillary is the voice of the losers, the ignorant and the uneducated.

Curiously, the superior intellects and the WSJ Gang of Four never comment on the intellectual quality of Hillary’s followers. You see, it is perfectly acceptable to generalize negatively about Whites but absolutely abhorrent to do so about people of color. Maybe it is this racist double standard that has driven White voters away from the Republican elites and adds motivation to Trump supporters

As it happens, on this website we do not like dismissing voters and their choices based on education, IQ, or economic success. Education and economic success do not equate to wisdom and maturity, and certainly not to patriotism and true economic worth. The many White Americans who left the education process early in life and who own or work in small businesses as carpenters, plumbers, car mechanics, carpet layers, restaurant workers, farmers, ranchers and fishermen – and the list is endless – are the backbone of America, and indispensable. In fact the same is true of working class Asian Americans and Latino Americans, and provided they are citizens, their voting loyalties do not demean their representatives.

The elitists who smear White Trump supporters in this way find it is a useful short step to also smearing them as fanatical, bigoted, uncouth and violent. They can be portrayed as neo-Nazis, Fascists, White Supremacists whenever they get angry or assertive. Peggy Noonan in this weekend’s WSJ has reverted to attacking Trump and his supporters.

In an article that is puffed up with Manhattan anecdotes and her own ‘feelings‘, she reports that a Manhattan friend and his young son attended some political rallies. They are impressed by a Bernie crowd that is ‘boisterous’, but at a Trump rally “a woman screams out the P-word to refer to a rival candidate” and worse still, “Trump repeated it from the podium”. The child is “mortified’. Has this child not been exposed to a Black Lives Matter rally, a typical TV advert, a late night TV comedy show or a Black rappers lyrics?

Boris Johnson, the Tory Party Mayor of London, is campaigning on behalf of the movement called ‘BREXIT’, which wants the UK to vote itself out of the EU. Johnson is breaking from the Tory Prime Minister on EU membership, so he is being patriotic on at least one issue. Otherwise he is a typical Tory fraud.

Johnson was peeved that Obama poked his long nose into the campaign by advising voters to vote for ‘staying in’. He remarked that Obama had an “ancestral dislike of the British Empire’ that stemmed from his Kenyan roots. Needless to say, this innocuous and factual statement provided an opportunity for all the pro-EU Internationalists to sound the racism alarm. Boris, who is part Turkish and part Jewish, was accused of “dog whistle racism”.

Among those who immediately attacked Boris as a racist was the Black female MP, Diane Abbott. This large (I have to say ugly, because her face expresses her personality) woman, the offspring of Jamaican immigrants, has made a career out of accusations of racism. From the beginning of her life in London, she discovered racism everywhere, yet never considered returning Jamaica. Instead, she became a professional Socialist politician and soon found herself in bed, literally, with a young White Socialist comrade named Jeremy Corbyn. He is now the Labour Party’s Far Left leader of the Opposition and Abbott is the Shadow Secretary of State for International Development in his Shadow cabinet.

She did not marry the White comrade Corbyn but married a Black Ghana -in. The marriage did not last too long. She has survived several scandals though this is not an achievement for Leftists and especially Black Leftist politicians are never harmed by scandal. She puffed up her Parliamentary expenses and was caught out. She also sent her daughter to a private school, despite having denounced others for the same decision.

Her attack on Boris and defense of Obama is the knee-jerk reaction of most Black activists. Race and skin color come before Country.

This term ‘dog whistle racism’ is another nu-speak term of the Far Left, and we must add it to our list of totalitarian attacks on free speech, along with ‘non-binary person’ to define a mentally deranged person who is not experiencing, despite physical equipment, a defining gender.

Finally, Trumpets can take heart this weekend from two Nate Silver predictions. Silver is considered to be an expert on opinion polls. In Connecticut, Silver predicts that Trump has a 97% chance of winning, Kasich has a 3.5% chance and Cruz a 1.5% chance.

In Indiana, Silver predicts Trump has an 82% chance of winning. The three most recent polls put Trump around 42%, Cruz around 35% and Kasich around 20%.

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