Trump Must March

Last night’s forced cancellation of the Trump Rally in Chicago was a defeat for the Right, for American Nationalism, for free speech, for the right to peacefully assemble, for law and order, and for The Donald and his supporters who turned out in their thousands. To the credit of the latter, many were willing to fight there and then.

Make no mistake, this was a victory not only for the Black and Red Revolutionary thugs who rule Chicago’s streets and who are now gleefully boasting “We shut Trump down!” It was and is also a victory for the Ruling Media Class, for the Obama White House gang and for Cruz, Rubio and the sinister, shadowy billionaires who are encouraging and assisting their unprincipled collaboration to defeat Trump and his army of followers.

One of the several things that has separated Trump from the rest of the Republican pack, has been his refusal to bow to intimidation, whether it be from the Media whores or the street mobs. This willingness to stand up to the forces that everywhere seek to silence the real American people, has awakened the spirit of resistance and energized his followers. Last night was the first setback. The thugs must be answered by might. If not, every rally will be their target and the voice of Nationalism will be silenced.

In the UK, the BNP has long been unable to hold a public meeting because Red mobs, officially encouraged (as they are here), created violence at them and around them. This was used by the MSM, the police and the Collaborationist political parties to smear the victims with a reputation for violence, deter owners of venues, and provide the authorities with an excuse to prohibit its public gatherings. This must not happen here!

It may be that Trump chose a Chicago venue that was too vulnerable to the Far Left and the Black mob. As we understand it, this was a university area and if so, one where the Far Left has long closed down free speech. Trump should find a Chicago venue that is in the heart of the White working class, prepare his followers for effective resistance and throw down the challenge. If necessary, he should call a public park assembly and reclaim the streets for his followers.

Trump is NOT responsible for any violence. Nor are his followers. His followers are not disrupting Democrat meetings, are not invading shopping malls and restaurants and are not preventing BLM and the Far Left White Trotskyites from holding public meetings. On this website we are more than happy for BLM to hold meetings and get out their message of victimization, failure and hate. The more they do so, the more people we recruit. In any case, we really believe in free speech for we are confident in the appeal of our message and the wrongness of theirs.

Trump has dismissed false reports that his next meeting in Cincinnati has been cancelled because of the threat of BLM and Trotskyite disruption. The Rally is on, he has twitted. Good for him, and may all arrangements be made to give the thugs a warm welcome. There must be no giving in to them and no evasions. They must be faced down with force or America will be as lost as the UK.

Chicago’s setback has had one good outcome, for it has revealed Ted Cruz to be the unprincipled, ambitious opportunist we on this website have suspected him to be. We have never attacked him, because we take the view that we should always seek alliances with those with whom we have much common ground. When Marco Rubio, (who we now derisively refer to as ‘Ruby’) joined the Gang of Eight on immigration reform (aka amnesty), he deserted that ‘common ground’.

Until now, despite increasing reservations about Cruz, we have refrained from attacking him. His stands on real marriage, abortion and the Constitution are ones we share without qualification even though we feel Trump’s decisive opposition to immigration, Muslim invasion and unfair trade are the priorities of this time. The Cruz response to Chicago has revealed his unprincipled opportunism and it now places him beyond the common ground.

“Republican Presidential Candidates condemned Donald Trump on Friday for what they say is fanning the flames of violence at his rallies”. NBC News’s Benjy Sarlin headlined with glee. “I think a campaign bears responsibility for creating an environment” Cruz told reporters (of the enemy’s MSM). “When a candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence, to punch people in the face, the predictable consequences of that is that it escalates, and today is unlikely to be the last such incidence”.

“There isn’t any violence at my events, there isn’t any violence at Ted’s events” Ruby told reporters. “There’s only one Presidential candidate who has violence at their events”.

Well, here we see the unprincipled new alliance in action, and how it will please the WSJ scribblers, the Republican elite and the sinister, shadowy billionaires. Cruz and Ruby, whose little meetings have not yet attracted the thugs, are caught ingratiating themselves with the (enemy’s) MSM. Their meetings have not attracted the thugs because the thugs and those who are encouraging them, recognize that Trump is the real and dangerous enemy.

That Trump’s rallies are attracting Red and Black violence is a testament to their message. When Trump tells his followers and the disrupters “Bring it on!” he is not causing violence but facing it down and proclaiming the right to engage in peaceful assembly. If he encouraged his followers to invade and disrupt Far Left Democrat rallies and BLM meetings, then he would be “fanning the flames of violence”, “creating an environment” and “escalating”.

The Far Left and BLM are invading and violently disrupting Trump Rallies because, as they loudly proclaim, they seek to silence his views. If they are not invading the little meetings of Cruz and Ruby at this time it is because Cruz and Ruby are not considered to be the main enemies and their stance on immigration and the Muslim invasion is weak.

Some of our website visitors have wanted us to support Cruz over Trump, and one has suggested Cruz as a VP candidate for Trump. Assuming that The Donald stands firm and hits back at the mobs – in doing so further mobilizing the White working people – we hope he finds a more principled and resolute VP candidate than Cruz. Meanwhile we salute Ben Carson for his endorsement of Trump, which predictably has brought down on his head the wrath and ridicule of our enemies. Carson is a man of principle and probably not dynamic and organized enough to be an effective VP, but he would add decency, steadfastness, personal achievement in the real world and class to the ticket. Some will disagree but this really is a big tent!

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  1. “There isn’t any violence at my events, there isn’t any violence at Ted’s events” Ruby told reporters.

    That’s because there isn’t anybody AT Ruby’s events.

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