Trump and the Supreme Court

On this website we have no illusions about Donald Trump. We are well aware that he is not a committed Conservative or a committed Christian. The best we can say is that he is neither a committed anti-Conservative nor a committed anti-Christian. Those lukewarm positions alone are enough to place him on the Right (Counter-revolutionary) side in this Revolutionary era of Media Class/Leftist Rule.

Trump’s uncompromising stance on illegal immigration, his clear hostility to mass (legal) immigration and his strong support for borders, language, political incorrectness and America’s workers, place him firmly in the American Nationalist camp. He is no Internationalist! For these attributes combined with his ability to speak plainly and win support, we have supported him over other good, but less effective campaigners like Ted Cruz.

He appears to be a man without an ideological compass and not too much of a moral compass but nevertheless he seems tough enough to stand up to the enemies of America. Nationalism, and toughness in the White House in 2016 would be a godsend.

It is still our view that Trump made a mistake when signing the pledge, though it is not likely to dent his popularity in the short-term. We believe it has cast doubt on his reputation for never retreating and it certainly disappointed us. Now his refusal to stand with the Christian Kansas clerk, Kim Davis, is another disappointment and we wonder where next will he reveal a lack of integrity and a failure to see down the road.

His reason for abandoning this poor women is that the Supreme Court has ruled on marriage and therefore we must stop resisting and move on. No doubt, given his half-hearted Conservatism and his nominal Christianity, it seems politically smart to avoid distractions created by others and stick to clear and popular Nationalist issues for the campaign. After all, the most recent polls indicate he is beating everyone with his current agenda.

What he is missing is the comprehensiveness of the Revolutionary agenda that has been imposed on America during Obama‘s reign. He seems unaware that America is now lawless and the lawlessness permeates every aspect of American life and not just immigration policy. Kansas has a law, voted overwhelmingly by its people, that marriage is limited to a man and a woman. The Supreme Court has certainly ‘ruled’, but lawlessly, for it has no business ruling and by-passing the Kansas legislative process.

Trump may not be aware that for at least a decade, billionaire perverts, many though not all within the Media Class, have been quietly plotting and funding a purge of conservative State Attorney Generals and the appointment of perverts and Revolutionary Leftists to the Federal Judiciary and many State Appeals Courts. This has been deliberately un-reported by the MSM.

Obama and Eric Holder have purged the Justice Department, and on this website we have no doubt that many surviving ‘conservative’ members of the Judiciary are controlled by blackmail. Judges who have career ambitions are aware that a ‘wrong’ judgment will halt a career.

This lawlessness (arbitrary Revolutionary ‘law‘), the mark of a Revolutionary society, is responsible for the persecution of Kim Davis. Her imprisonment is meant to send a signal to resisters that no mercy will be shown and that the law is the political instrument of the Ruling Class and its moral agenda that will rot America from the inside.

If Donald Trump wins the Presidency and attempts to deport even one illegal criminal he will find that the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court will ‘rule ‘ that he does not have the power. Since he appears willing to bow to the Supreme Court’s rulings, what will he do? Trump has seen Obama ‘rule’ with a pen and a telephone and assume that once in the White House he will be able to do the same.

Unlike Obama, Trump will be opposed by a determined MSM, a Democrat Party that is a long-purged and unified Revolutionary instrument, violent mobs on the streets orchestrated by the MSM, a wealthy Ruling Class that may have lost the White House but controls the government machinery, moguls of Silicon Valley and the Internet, a substantial element of the Republicans in Congress, and THE COURTS. HIS pen and phone will not be enough and he will need every Conservative, Christian and Nationalist he can muster.

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