The Cultural Revolution Continues

Yesterday the Black/Red mob exerted its power in Missouri’s biggest college, and at Yale the mob began purging the staff. Today at California’s Claremont McKenna College the mob has taken down the Dean of Students, Mary Spellman. Where next will college professors and administrators be forced to tearfully resign, making groveling apologies as they go out the door? It is beginning to look like America’s 21st Century version of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

It seems that it is sufficient for a small cadre of Trotskyite agitators to appear on campus, make contact with failing Black students, claim a racial slur was spoken somewhere, allege institutional racism that marginalizes ‘minorities’, threaten a hunger strike or protest march, summon the Mainstream Media, and ‘bingo’, the walls come tumbling down.

All over America’s college world, over-paid administrators and wine-sipping tenured Professors must be crapping in their pants. Forgive the salty British expression that is of French origin, but only potty talk can do justice to this scenario. These Leftist cloistered Champaign Socialists are (to use a Biblical phrase) reaping what they have sown.

On this website we have long claimed that America is in the throes of a Revolution that has been proceeding by stealth but is nevertheless transforming the country and step by incremental step marching us to a Totalitarian Utopia. At the present time, as the crypto/Muslim in the White House imports an Islamic jihadist vanguard, Academia is experiencing the equivalent of the French tumbrels and the Red Guard’s humiliation of the Chinese Old Guard.

We Counter-Revolutionaries are not going to shed tears for the old Socialist aristocracy of the colleges as they cringe and grovel before the angry and ignorant student mobs they recruited and indoctrinated with intolerance and discontent. But we need to remember that these same ‘students’, numbering hundreds of thousands, will be bringing their ignorance, their intolerance, their sense of entitlement, their anger, all powered by an envious ideology, into our cities and institutions. The forces being unleashed will not be for ever confined to the citadels of Socialism

Of course, Washington DC is not Paris of the tumbrels, at least not yet, and these students are not a battle-hardened army like Mao’s Long March followers who took Peking, but who can have faith in a prosperous and lawful American future, firmly anchored in our civilized past?

Remember that the Cultural Revolution of Communist China, which claimed millions of innocent lives and condemned the older generations to humiliation and poverty, was carried out by the young but orchestrated by those in power. We can be sure that the agitators who are now inciting brainwashed and ignorant students have the blessing of the White House and the financing of wealthy billionaires. These are Revolutionary times.

The silver lining is that if enough working Americans see these privileged, pampered but potentially dangerous Red/Black Guards on their computer screens, they will flock to Donald Trump as a leader who will stand firm.

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