Sixth Cop Shot Dead By Black Killer In 24 Hours

The shooting death this morning of another police officer brings to six, the number of cops shot by Black attackers in 24 hours. This time the shooting was in Missouri when a police officer on duty stopped a Black motorist and received wounds from which he subsequently died. From first reports it appears that the officer was White.

This death follows on from the five police victims of an ambush in Dallas at the scene of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) anti-police demonstration. One of the two alleged ambushers is reported as shouting that he was intending to bring death to Whites. It may be that some of the murdered officers are Black or Asian.

Obama, Lynch, and those who fund and agitate for BLM will shed crocodile tears for the murdered officers and their families, but they bear total responsibility for these latest political assassinations. It has always been obvious that BLM is a Revolutionary organization of Communists and Trotskyites, intent on fomenting race and class hatred. Even now Lynch has responded by applauding and encouraging BLM, seeking to draw a distinction between their demonstrations and the accompanying violence. That distinction does not exist, and she knows it!

Obama, Lynch, her predecessor at the DOJ  Eric Holder, the Obama Cabinet inner circle, at least one Supreme Court Justice, the New York Mayor, numerous College professors and their brainwashed White students, and the whole MSM, have been busy fomenting race hatred since 2008. They have done by creating a false narrative of Black victim hood and White Guilt.

The latest deadly attacks on police officers will be framed by the MSM as an understandable response to the two widely separated deaths of young Black men in vehicles stopped by police officers on duty. The MSM and BLM have presented these shootings as perpetrated by White cops. In at least one of the two incidents, the police officer is an Asian American.

The real truth that explains the sometimes hasty actions of police officers dealing with Blacks in search and arrest situations, is that all police officers -including Black police officers – fear for their lives when dealing with Blacks. It may always have been so in some degree but since Obama’s Revolutionary regime has elevated certain minorities to be above the law, young Black thugs everywhere have felt empowered to ignore police instructions and expand their lawless reach.

One consequence of this has been a leap in the number of police officers killed in the pursuit of their work dealing with Blacks. This in turn has made them more fearful and trigger-happy and the inevitable result is that Blacks who are merely being argumentative  and confrontational are at greater risk.

The Dallas shooting, if repeated, will signal another escalation into outright racial civil war. There are many on the Left, including the President, who might welcome this now that the armed forces have been transformed into a Revolutionary tool of a lawless government.

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  1. Excellent write up! It is disgusting what Barack Hussein Obama has intigated in America…and who are the biggest losers in the BLM CRIMINAL Organization?…its the brainwashed, brain dead black people who think that the BLM mobsters actually care anything about them! But they would rather blindly and willingly follow any man or woman just based on the color of their skin..BLACK!…how sickening! BLM Criminal Mob organization’s motto is, “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”! If they were not a racist organization, they would know that all lives matter.
    One more thought on the massacre on our brave police officers….isnt it interesting that today, the news is off of Hillary and her CRIMINAL activity and the bought off FBI Director!!! Could it be possible that they have all along been creating the crisis that Eric Holder refered to, “Never let a crisis go to waste”?
    I want my America back!!!!!

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