Trump’s Salt Lake City Blues

On this website we have always taken the view that a Nation State is like a family home, and a healthy Nation State is one that has no mortgage. In other words, just as a homeowner can truly call his house his own once the mortgage has been paid off, so a Nation State’s people truly have independence when the Nation is not in debt.

One of the benefits of owning a family home without a mortgage is that the family can decide who enters. Renters, and occupiers with mortgages, in varying degrees do not have the same independence, the same rights and the same security. It is the responsibility of parents who have created a home, to control who enters. In the interests of their dependent children, good parents keep out undesirables and carefully vet those who enter. The neighbors down the street, or an extended family member may become homeless. Before offering anything more than temporary accommodation as an emergency, good parents will consider the needs of their own children and themselves. Overcrowding should rule out the admission of anyone to stay permanently. So also would a good parent not entertain anyone with habits and beliefs that were incompatible with the family’s chosen way of life.

The American Nation State (family) has no obligation to admit neighbors, extended family or unfortunate strangers, even in an emergency. It must consider the needs of its own people above all else. If the Nation already has enough people, and especially if some of its own people have problems, it has a duty to resist admitting neighbors, extended family and strangers no matter what the circumstances. Temporary accommodation – time-limited and strictly circumscribed with rules and expectations of the guests – may be offered in deserving circumstances.

When Donald Trump campaigns for the Presidency saying he will make America’s borders secure, will make decisions about numbers admitted based solely on the needs of the Nation’s citizens, will expel illegal immigrants (squatters and trespassers) and bar from consideration for entry all those with habits and beliefs that are in any way incompatible with the family’s way of life, he is saying he will, as President, be a good parent.

When he says he will not admit Muslims to America, given the violence and assertiveness of Muslims around the world, he is exercising the most profound responsibility of a good parent.

When Trump say he will renegotiate trade deals in order to wipe out America’s foreign debt, he is in effect advocating paying off America’s mortgage and restoring full ownership of the house that is the Nation State of America. A Nation State with no mortgage is truly free to make decisions in its own interests.

For advocating these responsible and patriotic policies, Donald Trump is receiving more calumny than any other Presidential candidate in America‘s history. Far Left criminal hackers have deliberately exposed him and his family to harassment, persecution and danger by publicizing his personal details. They are inciting violence against him. There has yet to be any expressed outrage about this beyond his supporters. Clearly, everyone else, in varying degrees is quietly satisfied.

In Chicago, a violent mob, partly organized and financed by two well-known and identifiable groups, and BLM, prevented him from holding a legal political assembly. They acted with impunity, for the new norm in this Revolutionary era is that ‘protest’ to prevent speech that has been incrementally deemed ‘hateful’ must not be hindered since to do so would be to deny freedom to privileged groups.

Utah is the most law-abiding State in the USA. It is thinly populated, predominantly by a devout – if unusual – Christian people called Mormons. The State has a small population of African Americans and an even smaller population of Muslims. With no large cities and few Blacks it is almost crime free, and definitely riot free, looting free and arson free. It is a socially conservative State and its citizens are too busy working to protest.

Since the Republican Party has a primary election there next Tuesday, Donald Trump arranged a rally in the capital, Salt Lake City, for last evening. It was intended to enable the citizens of Utah to see him and hear his program. There was no reason to think that his program is generating fear or hostility in the State. He must have been aware that he has considerable support there for he rented accommodation for 400 people. As it transpired he is very popular because thousands more came to hear him and had to hear him from outside via a PA system.

George Soros, a Jew from Hungary who claims he sought refuge in the USA from Hungarian Communism, is repaying Americans by funding, which together with BLM and other Far Left agitating groups, has decided that Donald Trump cannot be allowed to address the American people. These groups intend to target every Trump rally and use mass intimidation and violence to prevent Trump’s rallies from taking place. To this writer this sounds like a criminal conspiracy as well as an attack on democracy and contrary to America’s habits and beliefs.

As far as this writer is aware, no member of Congress, no member of the White House, no spokesman for the DOJ, no Media outlet, no prominent Religious leader, no Republican representative and no primary rival has expressed outrage or demanded Government action. The MSM is reporting the mob plans and actions with an equanimity bordering on approval. This is truly a Revolutionary era!

Last night the intrepid Donald Trump and his equally intrepid supporters in Utah held their meeting. Outside, the mob of several hundred assembled ready for violence. Since Utah has a law-abiding population we can assume that the mob was organized from outside the State, assembled outside the State and transported in to SLC. Since the mob participants claim to be victims of poverty we must assume that they are financed by rich people and not gainfully employed.

It is reliably reported, though not in the MSM, that the mob attempted to force their way through the riot police cordon in order to invade the meeting. When the Trump supporters left the meeting they were showered with bottles and stones. We can be sure that there was widespread vandalism to their vehicles and everything done to intimidate them.

Not one arrest was made and the police appear to have been content to simply prevent mob access to the venue. This can best be described as minimal policing. Presumably the police Chief and his elected bosses were mindful of the new normal in this Revolutionary era and fearful of a MSM-manufactured scandal of ‘police brutality’ to be followed by a DOJ and FBI investigation of police methods.

Besides the lack of arrests we must not overlook the MSM’s gift of anonymity to the rioters. No reporters sought to investigate who the rioters were, from where they originated and how they came to this remote State. Freedom from identification and freedom from arrest indicate official tolerance and protection, and can be contrasted to the predictable treatment of Rightwing protestors should they emerge.

Next Tuesday the voters of Utah will have their one chance to resist the Revolution, its thugs and its George Soros enablers by overwhelmingly voting for Donald Trump. It would be nice to think that Soros and his brethren, having spent like drunken sailors, experience the Salt Lake City Blues on Wednesday morning.

512b Music Choice 512b

In pre-Revolutionary times disc jockeys promoted good popular music. Today they promote the cultural pigswill that reflects the tastes of the Ruling debauched Media Class and which is designed to rot the brains and morals of Americans.

Back in the old era of 1959, America’s disc jockeys gathered in Miami for their annual convention and that year they invited Peggy Lee and George Shearing to entertain them. Imagine that happening now, if you can!

Lee and Shearing had rarely performed together but in a couple of days they had selected a program and put together some arrangements. The concert was recorded and resulted in an album titled “Beauty and the Beat”. One of the tunes they chose was Rene and Lange’s “I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City” often referred to by musicians as “Salt Lake City Blues”. Highly recommended!

Let us hope Soros is left with those Blues next Wednesday.

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