Prayer Vigils Facilitate Assembly For Race Rioting

We live in Revolutionary times when the Mainstream Media spews nothing but Far Left propaganda, sexual identity can be chosen on a whim, laws are arbitrarily created by Government and Judges, and words are constantly appropriated to mislead.

‘Protesters’, ‘disturbances’, ‘social warriors’ are MSM code words for ‘rioters’, ‘riots’, ‘arson’, ‘vandalism’ and ‘looting’. We can add ‘Prayer vigil’ to the list. In riot-torn Charlotte, N. Carolina, as in Ferguson and other Black localities where redistribution and reparations have been exacted, prayer vigils are a cover for assembling a rampaging, thieving mob.

The MSM advertises the time and place of the ‘vigil’ to ensure a good turn-out. Mostly ‘prayer vigils’ are timed for dusk to enable the mob to find its way to the venue and organize before the arrival of darkness. With absolute predictability, once the anonymity of darkness is achieved, the mob begins the street violence of vandalism and arson that masks the looting.

No doubt progressive pastors and priests can always be found to spout a mixture of half-baked religion, socialism and victimology, and thus inflame the mob and offer justification for what follows. For the sake of the MSM, the prayers and a few candles confer a kind of respectability on the gathering that it does not deserve, for all know what is going to develop once darkness arrives. The pastors and priests depart, having played their part.

The next day’s MSM narrative is always the same. The vigil was peaceful, but then an element ‘broke away’ and began throwing rocks, attacking police cars, and then smashing store windows and doors. The looting is always played down by the MSM and its narrative always stresses ‘protest’.

Let’s stop beating around the bush. The ‘prayer vigils’ have nothing to do with religion and everything to do with Revolutionary politics. Given that some thug has been shot by police whilst resisting arrest, why would that require a prayer vigil in the street just before nightfall? Prayers can be said at home and in a Church, where they are meaningful. And why a vigil which is a watch kept on the night before a feast?

The police Chief in Charlotte has reported that around 70% of the rioters arrested are from other places. Some pictures show groups of White Trotskyites whose presence from afar has been funded by George Soros. They are not there to say Christian prayers, for Soros is a secular Jew and the Trotskyites are militant atheists. They are sent in to bolster and inflame the mindless members of the mob, create a breakdown of law and order, and ‘educate’ and recruit the criminal element for more destruction.

Whilst it is easy to understand why ignorant, jobless, rootless young Blacks are attracted by rioting, the presence of the young Whites, many of then college-educated females, can only be explained by unhappy childhoods that have created rage, frustration, intolerance and rebelliousness. Feminism and Far Left politics offer an unhealthy outlet for such emotions.

A wonderful example of this can be found on the Internet. Visit on Free Republic for 9/23/2016 under the title ‘Ending the Fed’ and posted by TigerClaws. Here is a 10 minute video, taken of herself, by a young White mother who spews uncontrolled hatred of Donald Trump and any citizen who dares to show support for him.

The woman is not poverty-stricken or obviously materially deprived, yet lives a life filled with anger and gross intolerance which she vents non-stop. Other than being foul-mouthed, she is articulate and fueled by an irrational rage. She expresses a complete identification with Hillary Clinton and is clearly a Democrat activist. She is unable to cease ranting to listen for one moment to the police officer who is attempting to interview her. It would not be possible to discuss politics with this woman for she is fanatical as well as filled with hate and anger.

There are many like her in our Universities, pumping up their anger with ‘Women’s Studies’, groups, safe spaces and speech codes. They have no place in a real democracy for they can tolerate only opinions that reinforce their own emotions. Their rage is intimidating and one reason why many on the Broad Right have abandoned the public place and remain silent. This Leftist constantly uses her victim status as a woman to justify her intolerance. Pity her poor child and any man who crosses her path.

Music Choice

Despite the Far Left and angry Feminists, thankfully there are women who have brought talent and pleasure to the world of music. I intend to recommend songs and women singers who were truly feminine and I begin with Caterina Valente and the beautiful song “The Breeze and I”. Great orchestra, arrangement and voice!

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