Our Crypto-Muslim President At Work

On this website we have spent the last ten years identifying the Mainstream Media (MSM) as the awesome weapon of the emerging Media Class, and then monitoring the Media Class capture of America’s government using the Democrat Party it had purged, and the placing of Obama in the White house. His task when funded and propagandized into the Presidency was to impose the Media Class Revolutionary agenda and cement the Media Class alliance with its Far Left allies.

We have always maintained that Obama was chosen by the Hollywood cabal that lies at the heart of the Media Class, much as an actor is chosen to play the popular lead role in a movie. He was seen as the Sidney Poitier of politics, enabling the concealed Media Class to play on White race-guilt, simultaneously mobilizing the Black vote, and he packaged as an appealing innocent eager to heal the Nation’s (Leftist-manufactured) racial divisions.

Obama was a good choice for the job of the willing tool of a sinister and concealed Ruling Class whose agenda was an imposed and incremental moral revolution. In seven years, bolstered by the mighty power of the MSM, he has officially detached gender from nature and replaced it with fantasy, and elevated unnatural, unhygienic homosexuality above heterosexuality in the Nation’s official culture. Not bad going for a poorly educated, inexperienced man with limited powers of concentration!

Obama however embarked on his Presidency with the strengths of a typical actor – a shallow character that can slip into roles, grandiose ambitions, willingness to read with fake sincerity the lines written for him, the ability to shamelessly lie, and a delight in deceiving and fooling his audience. His success, though entirely due to MSM propaganda skills, has given him a taste for power and fame and he will not willingly become a has-been player accepting minor roles. He and his wife have wallowed in the material fruits of office, but as a psychopath created by poor parenting and haunted by a sense of intellectual and social inferiority, he is not driven by material greed. He is not a Clinton!

The longer he has been in office and above criticism, the more he has moved beyond and outside the Media Class agenda. His racial resentment, not quite the same thing as racial identification, is directed at White people and he has increasingly indulged it. But with age, he has also begun to identify with the Islamic teaching of his early years. The Islamic Imperialism now sweeping the Muslim world is providing him with a new motivation that fits nicely with his White hatred and the anti-Christian agenda of his sponsors.

It has always been our view that Obama’s homosexual agenda was to please his Hollywood sponsors and not fueled by a personal leaning. His growing Muslim sympathies and ambitions are his own and they are beginning to clash with the Media Class agenda.

The interesting situation now is that Obama feels independently powerful and the Media Class may have a tiger by the tail. His Muslim sympathies are in contradiction with the homosexual agenda of his Media sponsors. The Orlando attack has revealed that for Obama, Islam trumps homosexuality. The MSM and the Media Class will find it increasingly difficult to support and explain away his Muslim anti-homo agenda, yet what can they do to curb him without pulling down the whole house of cards just before an election?

Meanwhile Donald Trump is becoming more radicalized by Nationalism and driven to the Counter-Revolutionary Right. His attack on the New York Times is a sign that he sees the lying MSM as his real enemy. His wholly justified assertion that District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, a supporter of La Raza, will have no regard for objective law and will rule against him on racial and political grounds is a step towards recognizing that in Obama’s USA the law is now arbitrary.

We have to admire the ability of the MSM to turn the Pulse massacre into a denunciation of American values, an attack on Trump’s immigration proposals and an issue of gun rights, thus downplaying the Islamic motivation. In this way it has been able to stay on the same side as Obama. Whether or not Omar Mateen was a closet homosexual with inner conflicts and driven by self-disgust, the glaringly obvious truth is that all the Muslim killers are entirely in step with their Holy Book and its teachings.

If only Trump would promise to close all Mosques in America, ban Halal meat, ban all public expressions of Islam and halt all immigration. How Muslims manage their own traditional societies in the Middle East is their own business but Islam is incompatible with Western civilization and must not be allowed a foothold.

We never thought much of Cassius Clay as a boxer and not comparable to Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Sonny Liston or Mike Tyson, but he was an outstanding athlete. He always spoke his mind and sometimes to good effect, none more so than when, after being photographed with the juvenile Beatles, he asked “So who were those little faggots?” That alone makes me warm to his memory.



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