MSM Hides Another Black-on-White Murder

Over these first days of November, whilst the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been salivating over the antics of Missouri University’s Far Left Professors, White Trotskyite moles, academically-challenged Black footballers and brain-dead privileged students, a shocking murder at Lee’s Summit (Mi) went unreported. The following details of the murder, will in themselves, explain to our regular website visitors why the MSM is refusing to report.

Tanya Chamberlain, a White 43 year-old woman from nearby Lee’s Summit was vacuuming her car at a gas station in the early hours of Sunday morning, November 1st. A little later, her car, weaving along a road, caught the attention of a police officer. Suspecting drunken driving, he gave chase in his police car and eventually the weaving car went off the road. Two youths jumped from the car and ran off with the officer in pursuit. Failing to catch them he returned to the abandoned car where he discovered the dead body of Tanya Chamberlain in the front passenger seat. She had been stabbed numerous times.

The filling station cameras and other pieces of evidence led police to the two alleged killers, who were taken into custody. Reports from the police say they are detaining a 13 year old Black male and a 14 year old Black male and that they got into Chamberlain’s car and then stabbed her to death with a knife, before driving off with her bleeding body still in the car. The police say that each boy is blaming the other for the stabbing.

Since the MSM is refusing to report this murder, we have to rely on the Internet for information. It may be that the two boys are the victims of police racism and are innocent of Tanya Chamberlain’s death. There may be extenuating circumstances and in some way she provoked an attack. Perhaps she uttered a racial slur which we now know is serious enough to warrant unending protests among the best-educated of Missouri.

If the two youths are guilty, this is a shocking crime. We can hardly imagine Tanya’s last moments of suffering as the knife penetrated her body several times. Perhaps, like the students at MU, she felt ‘unsafe’ and not in a comfort zone! We might also ponder what two young teenagers were doing out roaming in the early hours of a Sunday morning and where were their parents?

Sadly this alleged Black-on-White murder is now a common occurrence in the USA and not even the age of the alleged Black killers is unusual. We might speculate that such racial crimes have become commonplace because we have a President who delights in fueling Black resentment and whose Administration defines every Black thug as a victim. Worse still, we have a MSM that only spews lying propaganda, makes martyrs of Black criminals who die attacking policemen, and which hides from the unsuspecting public racial deaths like Tanya Chamberlain’s.

Meanwhile on the nearby UM campus the pampered White student dopes, led by over-paid dysfunctional and perpetually-angry Academics and incited by Black and White Trotskyite, Soros-funded agitators play ring-a-ring of roses before the admiring cameras of the MSM.

The election of a Muslim majority on Hamtramck, Michigan council may be seen as a straw in the wind. I read that since 2004, the Muslim call to prayer has been broadcast to the city’s streets. I was intrigued to read that Saad Al-masmari, described in the WSJ as a 28-year-old Yemeni-American and who was one of the elected councilors, arrived in the US in 2009 and became a citizen in 2011.

What a speedy pathway to citizenship he experienced! A mere two years! As a European who required many years, much money, a temporary visa that did not allow me to work, then a Green Card, my path to citizenship took many years. One of my unmarried off-spring who nearly 9 years ago made an application for citizenship, is still waiting for the fat backsides in Washington DC to get to the final paperwork.

American citizens are mostly unaware that the modern legal immigration process penalizes British and Western European applicants, who are sent to the back of the line and subject to small quotas. It appears that Yemenis and other Muslims are at the front and there are no quota limits for them! Who was responsible for this dangerous state of affairs and why have Republican legislators never intervened? Perhaps The Donald will put this right when he gets into the White House.


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