Mr. Trump Goes to Milwaukee

Our last two articles have concentrated on the rioting by Blacks in Milwaukee and the Mainstream Media’s attempt to both omit it from the news, and offer excuses for it when omission is not possible.

Those who get their news from the alternative Media and Talk Radio will be aware that the two nights of rioting began when a Black and dangerous career criminal was shot dead resisting arrest and threatening the life of a Black police officer. They will know that there are organizations of urban Blacks, some funded by Internationalist American-haters like George Soros, whose goals are to intensify race hatred, sow division among the American people, nurture White Guilt, create Class resentment, destroy property and encourage redistribution by looting.

They will also know that those goals are encouraged from the White House, are part of a wider political and social Revolutionary agenda, and that the MSM plays a key role by controlling the news.

The problem for the Revolutionary alliance of the Media Class MSM, the Internationalist billionaires and the Far Left, is that Black street-thugs, once mobilized, cannot easily be controlled and restricted to a time-table. The attractions of violence, destruction of property, arson, looting, publicity, notoriety and anarchy greatly appeal to those who are permanently angry, resentful, envious and impulsive, and so a mere spark can ignite an explosion.

The rioting in Milwaukee had not even the slightest justification for Black activism, and even with MSM ‘doctoring’ of facts could not be sold to Americans as the ‘White-on-Black persecution‘ narrative. Its impact in battle-ground Wisconsin on White working Class voters was likely to favor Donald Trump, and so the MSM has strained to minimize what should be a major news story.

Donald Trump’s decision to divert his campaign and go to Milwaukee has made it impossible for the MSM to bury the events of the last two nights. At this moment we are not clear as to how Mr. Trump will use the rioting to advance his campaign, but early reports suggest he intends to support the forces of law and order. If it can , the MSM will mis-report his visit but we can be sure that it is enraged and greatly alarmed by it. We believe that this is the way to wrong-foot the MSM and command headlines.


  1. At this point I halfway expect the TV propagandists to show a picture of Trump at one of his rallies with a KKK hood photoshopped on top of his head. I can’t even watch 5 minutes of Fox anymore without my blood pressure going up into the stratosphere.

    • Thank you for your comment. Please alert this website to your friends. If the Black war on White Americans escalates any further, and especially If Clinton wins and White America is treated like a defeated race, a modern equivalent of the KKK will be required.

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