More Bad News for Conservatives, the USA and Christian Civilization

Since the conservative principles that are enshrined in the US Constitution are founded in Christianity’s values, and since the USA has, for many years, been the protector of Christian civilization in this world, a blow to one is a blow to all of them. America’s new and revolutionary Ruling Class and its Leftist allies, who operate with stealth from within the Nation, understand that their total victory requires the complete demoralization of conservatives and the eventual destruction of all things conservative, Christian and uniquely American.

American conservatives now tune in to the MSM ‘news’ each day with fear and trepidation, for the Ruling Media Class employs every part of the MSM solely to propagate and expand its destructive and amoral conquering revolutionary agenda. Having just suffered an election setback and with less than two years remaining of its man in the White House, but with total victory almost in its grasp, the Media Class strives to eliminate from its MSM anything that might encourage revitalized conservative resistance, or that could be good news for America and Christianity. Every page and every TV screen features reports of the Congressional Republican’s internal divisions. These divisions have been sown by a Ruling Class that has the power and wealth to corrupt the opposition, to blackmail its vulnerable members and to reward betrayal. Predictably, November’s Republican electoral victories, actually the expression of American conservatism, are now translating into internal splits amongst Congressmen and sell-outs to the Obama agenda. ‘Sell-outs’ is perhaps the wrong word for there is no visible price being exacted- that is unless scandalous personal secrets are remaining concealed by the MSM. This website would argue that a dimly-recognized fear of the MSM and its power to shower accolades or isolate with negative reporting, is enough to suborn the weak, the greedy, the ambitious and those Republican Legislators who lack a true Constitutional compass.

The MSM’s bad daily ‘news’ for conservatives- much of it real and needing little embellishment- is that Amnesty marches on; Obama seemingly stands above the fray, takes vacations and plays golf; Federal courts drive the perverts agenda on marriage and much else that undermines civilization, and large mobs of Black half-wits and small mobs of White dimwits march and destroy property under banners of lies. All this is presented uncritically and jubilantly in the MSM as though it is not the march of National decline but the march of progress, complete with public approval. Conservatives suspect that there is indeed widespread disapproval, for the recent elections gave voice to it, but the disapproval has no means of expression.

More unwelcome bad news for conservatives, Christians and patriotic Americans is that all over the world Islamic Imperialists are advancing their cause with terror. Yet America’s doors are wedged invitingly open for Muslim masses that surely harbor armies of fanatical Islamic Imperialists. At a time when the doors should be heavily guarded against all who care nothing for the Nation, America’s Ruling Classes seek the elimination of America’s identity and the destruction of the integrity of its electoral system by conferring citizenship on an alien Third World. Despite the glaringly obvious symbiotic relationship between Islam, its Imperialist ambitions and terrorism ghastlier than anything witnessed since the 1930’s, America’s ruling Class has banished any negative mention of Islam in the public square.

To add to the bad news for Christians and conservatives, the latest Pope is revealing his worldly progressive credentials and his intention to drag the Catholic Church into the 21st Century, with all the secularism that entails. His expressed acknowledgement and sympathy for sodomites and his belief that dogs go to Heaven will surely win the approval of the MSM.

All is not quite lost for counter-revolutionaries however. Here and there glimmers of hope remain. The Internet’s masters have yet to announce the elimination of conservative dissent, and truthful news continues to squeeze through to the world’s remaining sane grown-ups. Talk Radio harbors pockets of honesty. Cruz, Lee and Sessions stand up for the Constitution in the Senate in the face of MSM hostility and poisonous reporting. Grand Juries return honest decisions despite Media-orchestrated mob intimidation. Perhaps the conservative time will come simply because a bottom (no pun intended!) is reached.

A good place to start today’s bad news is with a list of the Senate’s betrayers who sold out on Obama’s amnesty. Just in case you have not seen their names, they were Alexander (TN); Ayotte (NH); Barrasso (WY); Coats (IN); Cochran (MS); Collins(ME); Corker (TN); Cornyn (TX); Enzi (WY); Flake (AZ); Graham (SC); Hatch (UT); Heller (NV): Johnson (WI); Kirk (IL); McCain (AZ); McConnell (KY); Murkowski (AK); Toomey (PA); Wicker (MS). Chamblis (GA) and Coburn (OK) did not vote.

The good news was that there were good guys.

Crapo (ID); Cruz (TX); Grassley (IA); Inhofe (OK); Lee (UT); Moran (KS); Paul (KY): Portman (OH); Risch (ID); Rubio (FL); Scott (SC); Sessions (AL); Shelby (AL) and Vitter (LA) took a principled stand against Obama’s illegal amnesty edict. We can assume that these brave American legislators keep a copy of the Constitution in their pockets and have no skeletons in their cupboards. Hopefully, in the new Senate and House they will be reinforced by Joni Ernst and others who carry a copy of the Constitution, have a clean cupboard and guts. Perhaps the outrage of the Republican rank-and-file will find expression in the overthrow of Boehner, McConnell and their cronies.

On the marriage front, the standard-bearers of real marriage have won a few victories and they can be found on the NOM website. The MSM will not report them, for the victory of perverts and SSM are top of the Media Class agenda. But the truth is that some Courts have stopped the advance of SSM and in the last elections many RINO’s who had sold their votes to billionaire perverts were defeated in primaries or at the polls by real-marriage defenders.

Parents in many places have bravely protested the school programs delivered by the sexual revolutionaries and Leftists of Planned Parenthood. The MSM is hiding this news also!

On this website we recently included a visitor’s comments on the Eric Garner ‘choke-hold’ issue. The final words on this can be found on the AFA website of December 5th, 2014, The Stand by Bryan Fischer and is entitled “I Rise Today in Support of the NYPD” Read it and you will be convinced that the rioters and looters who march under the slogans about ‘Choke –holds’ and ‘Can’t breathe” are willfully ignoring truth. Such Leftist slogans, faithfully, uncritically and repeatedly promoted by the MSM are always stunningly dishonest. “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” is surely the most brazen example, for the source of this one is none other than Dorian Johnson, the Black man who was partner-in-crime of the robber Michael Brown on the day of Brown’s justified death. Johnson claimed that he witnessed his buddy with hands in the air in the act of surrender and then being shot in the back as he lay on the ground. Forensic evidence produced at the Grand Jury revealed that Johnson is a bold liar. To date, Johnson has not been charged with perjury but has been rewarded with a job with the City of St. Louis.

Some good news comes from Europe where, in Eastern Germany, a grass-roots movement has emerged against immigration, particularly of Muslims. Regular marches, organized over the Internet, have been drawing growing numbers. Last weekend, more than 10,000 marched in just one city. Last year, more than 180,000 asylum seekers were admitted to Germany. The way to grasp the impact of such numbers (disregarding the social and cultural impacts) is to think of a new city of 180,000 being built on agricultural land every year together with the required connecting roads, airport and extra demand for food, water and other resources. Green activists reveal their indifference to the environment and their true Leftist political agenda by furiously defending mass immigration.

Finally, we ask visitors to follow- on the Internet, for the MSM will seek to bury this story- the cruel murder of 19 year old Jessica Chambers in Batesville, Mississippi. Chambers, who was White, was abducted, probably from a gas station, and had lighter-fuel poured in her mouth and over her body and set on fire. She must have endured terror and pain similar to, perhaps worse than, those who are beheaded by the warriors of the religion of peace. Chambers was found dying and her car burned out.

Chambers was a young woman with a history of petty crime and relationships with young Black gang members. She brought disaster upon herself by bad choices and by mixing with scum. However, no-one deserves this cruel death and those responsible certainly deserve capture, trial and death. Some Internet websites allege that the Black gang members involved with Chambers also have links to Islam. The MSM and maybe some authorities will have seen that Chamber’s death is damaging to the current MSM narrative of widespread Black victimization by White policemen. Expect the Chambers death to be overlooked and misreported.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

Heavy rain has saturated much of California and there is more to come. Predictably the MSM has concentrated on flood damage and erosion but these are always by-products of normal winter weather in California. Contrary to reports it is cool. The hills and mountains are lush and green. Much more rain is needed to replenish reservoirs and meet the demands of huge population growth.

According to our UK contacts it is seasonably cold there.

Music Choice

Some time ago we selected the 1978 George Benson version of ‘On Broadway’, which we consider to be one of the all-time great popular recordings. Benson, a fine jazz guitarist as well as a talented singer, deserved his success, being head and shoulders above the whiners and strummers of the Pop world. However, ‘On Broadway’ was originally a 1963 hit for a group called ‘The Drifters’. The story is that the singing group (of Black ex-Gospel singers), were a song short during a recording date. ‘On Broadway’ was suggested. It had been written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil for another group and was about a singer hoping to get to Broadway. It had a different chord structure from the final version. Lieber and Stoller, who were running the recording session, changed the melody a little and the lyrics now featured a guitarist already arrived on Broadway. The Drifter’s version of the melody is a little different from Benson’s and I cannot find out who was the lead singer. But the backing musicians included jazz trumpeters from the Basie Band, Joe Newman and Ernie Royal.

Not as good as Benson’s version but deserving of recognition. A good atmospheric lyric, compelling rhythm, appropriately delivered and enriched by repeated key changes! Enjoy!

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