Milwaukee ‘Unrest’ Inconvenient For MSM Election Agenda

In our previous article we forecast that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (Republican) would be unwilling to use the National Guard in Milwaukee, fearing both hostile Mainstream Media(MSM) headlines, and the miss-named Obama Department of Justice (DOJ). And so it proved!

Milwaukee’s Democrat Mayor, who owes his position to Milwaukee’s Black voters/residents (over 40% of the population and a solid 99% Democrat voter base), is tip-toe-ing between ‘pleading’ for calm with non-judgmental platitudes and simultaneously telegraphing support for the uprising. The first message is for the wider American public and the second is for Black urban America and its Far Left allies.

The MSM has decided to ignore Milwaukee as long as possible in the hope that it will go away and not inject the ‘law and order’ issue into the Presidential election. Notice the MSM headline ‘Unrest’, a cunningly chosen neutral word to disguise rioting, arson, looting and a subtext of racially-charged Black-on-White attacks!

For those who get the real news via certain Internet sites, a picture emerges far removed from the niggardly (no pun intended!) MSM reporting. On Sunday night, as a result of the National Guard not being employed, a further 6 businesses were torched by Black rioters. An undisclosed number of White citizens were attacked on public streets, and several police officers injured (despite defensive postures and heavy riot-protection gear).

Now this website considers a total of 10 buildings/businesses being deliberately set on fire in a major US city – in the presence of the forces of law and order – as being shocking, indefensible and an exceedingly dangerous precedent. When we add violent race-motivated attacks on innocent passers-by, we consider events in Milwaukee to be worthy of drenching MSM coverage, detailed and graphic reporting, and demands for Government accountability. What greater responsibility does local and National government carry than protection of its law-abiding citizens and private property?

The Internet’s unpaid reporters have multiple recordings of Black Milwaukee rioters calling for attacks on the Milwaukee suburbs and their White and Asian inhabitants. These are nothing less than repeated calls for a violent race-based insurrection, and yet the MSM has decided to downgrade and ignore Milwaukee to ‘unrest’ and a daily footnote in the news – mostly buried under attacks on Donald Trump.

For good measure, a mere 17 insurrectionists were arrested last night, the police were intent on not ‘provoking’ the rioters with aggressive policing, and the National Guard remained in barracks. There are a number of reasons for this law and order paralysis and we can list them in no particular order.

The President has given his African Americans the green light to disrupt cities and intimidate their White and Asian citizens. The MSM, intent on destroying Donald Trump before November, is determined that no political issue or event that might demonstrate the correctness of his campaign, be allowed to enter the consciousness of the low-energy voters. Inner city African Americans are being mobilized to vote in areas where their physical assertiveness will allow unprecedented fraudulent voting if required. Every Black riot gives the MSM another opportunity to test out its power to turn truth on its head and hide facts.

We don’t doubt that the latest opinion polls, no matter how manipulated, are revealing a crash in Trump support. The power of the MSM to peddle propaganda is awe-inspiring. Trump is now getting support only from those who are impervious to MSM propaganda.

Limbaugh, Savage and other Trump sympathizers are advising him to concentrate his message etc. as though anything he does can make a real difference to the downward trend the MSM has created. These Talk Show hosts have been concentrating THEIR messages for a couple of decades and more, yet have failed to get them beyond the forces of the hard Right. The internet may have broken the MSM monopoly but it has not dented the MSM hold over the unenlightened and preoccupied, or influenced that big voter base we call the Left.

If Trump now swamped the airwaves and TV with $500m of adverts it might just get his message through, but the truth is that the MSM is now pretty much in control of news and opinion. Ten years ago, on this website we warned that the MSM, the voice of a new Class on the verge of taking control and instituting a Revolution, had a stealthy agenda and needed to be recognized and thwarted. No-one on the Right paid attention, and even now most of those who are recognizing the power of the MSM do not understand that it is the voice of a specific, concealed Ruling Class with an agenda.

We see the current position as this. Hillary Clinton goes through the smallest motions of campaigning, talking to 20 or 30 in a library here and there. It is enough activity for the MSM to present as a campaign and with skillful editing can be made equal to Trump’s (massive but unacknowledged) rallies. Pelosi, Harry Read etc. rarely utter a public word. In other words the Democrat Party and its Presidential candidate are on the campaign sidelines. The MSM has emerged as the opposition to Trump whilst posing as honest commentators. Clinton keeps the lowest of profiles and offers no distractions whilst the MSM destroys Trump’s character. Trump’s speeches and policies are given no publicity in the Media. Such a campaign enables Clinton’s crimes and personality to remain unexamined, and incidentally -for those who see the truth – faithfully portrays the real relationship between the Media Class and its electoral tool, the Democrat Party.

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