Local Democracy, Housing And Race

The California city I live in is safe and mostly prosperous. It is not too big, but is in danger of merging with other towns of a similar size. The population is majority White with a large minority of Asian Americans. The latter are a mix of Chinese, Filipinos, Indians and Taiwanese, many of whom are employed in Hi-tec. There is a high percentage of inter-racial married heterosexual couples. There is a small but significant resident Hispanic population and many more Hispanics visit daily from the East Bay to work in restaurants, and for small businesses, skilled trades and construction.

Developers, in league with local councilors and officials, strive continuously to build more houses and apartments. This includes in-filling, and encroaching on, and beyond, the urban boundary set by the city in the past. The motivation is obviously money, and for those who stand to gain, the quality of life and conservation are immaterial.

The objections of the majority of residents to this endless growth (of population and concrete) are easily set aside because the State Government and the Federal Government have a social agenda. In this area, the agenda is presented as ‘affordable housing’. In poorer areas some other rationale is used to build for more population. Here in our city, if the Council fails to keep building, including the portion of ‘affordable housing’ that has been imposed, there are organizations ready to take the issue to Court.

These organizations include HUD and the ACLU, but there are several more that have full-time employees, semi-official status and deep pockets. They pose as non-political but it is certain that they are staffed with Far Left activists and behind their closed doors the agenda is entirely political.

In case these organizations are not sufficiently powerful to impose a political/social housing agenda on resistant local people, the Revolutionary Obama regime is introducing a Federal mandate called ‘Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing’. The aim of this legislation is to force suburbs and small towns to build housing in their midst specifically to import ‘low-income’ people.

In a free, color-blind society that also rewards individual effort, people and their housing end up fairly segregated between Black, Hispanic and The Rest. Those who become more affluent move to safer and more pleasant neighborhoods. Money buys choice, improvement and escape, and the least successful in life’s competitions get left behind.

In a multi-racial and multi-cultural society the picture is more complex because living in safe areas with higher social status is not necessarily the only goal. Indians may want to live among Indians, Chinese among Chinese, Blacks among Blacks, and especially Hispanics among Hispanics. Whites may also want to live among Whites but that is bigotry.

The AFFH is the Obama regime and its Far Left allies’ plan to overcome choice. For Socialist planners in the regime it is about – at least in theory – mixing people up, giving the poor an opportunity to have access to the advantages of better facilities, an escape from crime and the ‘browning’ of America. It is also about altering voting patterns to ensure Leftist election victories.

For Obama and his cabinet and appointees it is about punishing Whitey and socially-mobile Asians. They are not interested in ‘minorities’ per se, for that word is merely a code/camouflage word for Black. The AFFH will not take a mix of (poor) Asians, Hispanics and Blacks into prosperous leafy, safe suburbs but transport Black ghettos into the middle of previously safe neighborhoods so the inhabitants can benefit from crime and drugs on the doorstep.

The AFFH initiative is therefore a combination of the Far Left academically-inspired social engineering that always fails to achieve results, and Obama’s race revenge.

Senator Mike Lee (Republican Utah) attempted to stop this legislation but 16 Republicans joined with Democrats to ensure it survives. The 16 collaborators are listed below and should be on our list of traitors to be discharged to Romney’s Third Party, for the AFFH is a core agenda item of the Revolutionaries.

Lamar Alexander, Kelly Ayotte, Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, , Dan Coats, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, John Hoeven, Johnny Isakson, Mark Kirk, John McCain, Lisa Murtowski, Rob Portman and Thom Tillis.

Let us press Donald Trump to disband HUD, stop government funding of all social activist organizations, and restore the full power of planning and environment control to people at the most local level. Halting the Nation’s voracious house building will be a contribution to halting immigration.

Is anyone out there watching to see what happens to Brandon Bostian, the homosexual AMTRAK engineer whose negligence or worse killed 8 people and injured hundreds?


  1. Of the senators you mentioned, I would dearly love to see the following voted out of office: John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, and Thad Cochran. McCain is up for re-election this cycle and is already in trouble against his Republican primary opponent. I don’t think he will survive.

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