Dallas Killer(s) And Media Propaganda

The fundamental purpose of this website has always been to uncover the evolution of the Media Class in the Western World, chart its rise to the American Presidency, reveal its alliance with the Far Left, and expose the Mainstream Media as their most powerful weapon.

Yesterday’s article on this website listed the main culprits responsible for the race-based ambush in Dallas that resulted in the deaths of five police officers and more police casualties. This ambush was carried out behind the smoke screen provided by the Far Left Revolutionary organization, Black Lives Matter (BLM). This organization, allegedly partly funded by the Internationalist billionaire George Soros (who is arguably America’s greatest internal enemy), is a Revolutionary Communist Party (Trotskyite) off-shoot which enjoys undeserved public respectability thanks to the President, his DOJ’s head Loretta Lynch, and the Mainstream Media (MSM).

BLM and similar Far Left Front organizations including ‘Social Justice Warriors’, are well-funded and exist to foster and magnify the grievances of Black citizens, radicalize and recruit them for the Far Left, and Balkanize and destabilize by violence the American Nation State. They are also intended to sow White Guilt and demoralize,  divide and terrorize America’s White population.

The Dallas ambush when first reported in the MSM was attributed to more than one shooter. This claim has now been walked back by the authorities. It may be true that only a lone shooter was responsible, but our website visitors need to be reminded that, as we have often written, the first MSM reports are usually the most accurate.  In subsequent reports – including official ones -the facts are doctored to serve the agenda of our Ruling Class and its President. The Dallas killer may have been part of a loose or tight network of violent Black activists who are busy spreading America’s unfolding race war in the run-up to the crucial November election.

This latest official claim, that the killer worked alone, should be treated with skepticism, for we on the Right know that in the new Revolutionary America, officials at all levels can be turned into mouth-pieces for our Ruling Class and its President. If anyone doubts this, just ponder for a moment Thursday’s brazen, dishonest performance of the FBI’s James Comey. It is also worth pondering the strange and convenient death of Anthony Scalia to justify being cynical about today’s officialdom and the honesty of official pronouncements.

The Ruling Class and its MSM have every reason to play down the probability that Micah Xavier Johnson was acting in concert with others, for America’s conservative people (Whites and Asians) are being shackled by stealth and increments, and must be intimidated but not alarmed enough to be aroused on their own behalf.

The agenda of the MSM and officialdom is now best served by portraying Johnson as an individual who acted in response to the deaths at police hands of two Black ‘brothers’. This narrative seeks to subtly create equivalence in the public’s collective mind between the Dallas ambush and the two recent shootings by police officers in Minnisotta and Baton Rouge, La.

At this time, the facts about these two unconnected shootings have been buried by the speed with which the BLM and their MSM enablers have created narratives of unjustified deadly police  violence. In both situations, police officers were required to confront Black suspects. In the Baton Rouge incident we know that they were trying to subdue a violent 37 year old Alton Sterling outside a food mart. He had been reported as threatening citizens with a gun. Before assuming police misbehavior, any objective person will take into account the widespread criminality of Black Americans and their recently -created anti-White and anti-police attitudes which we attribute to the Obama regime, BLM and the MSM.

In the Minnesota incident when an Asian American police officer shot dead Philando Castile during a traffic stop, the rush to judgments made by Obama, Lynch, the Minnesota Governor Democrat Mark Drayton, Hillary Clinton, hordes of politicians of both Parties, Newt Gingrich and Bill O’Reilly, are only matched by the predictable rush to judgment of the MSM and BLM.

Thanks to all that, it is now firmly fixed in the public mind that Castile was stopped for a broken tail light. Thanks to the cool performance before colluding MSM cameras of Castile’s girlfriend, it is also fixed in the public mind that Castile was licensed to carry the gun he had in his possession. Thanks to the investigations of Internet reporters we members of the Broad Right (who seek real news) now know that Castile was pulled over because he matched the description of a local hold-up suspect, and he was not licensed to carry a gun. No doubt there is much more information to come about both Black victims and it might reveal that the policemen were fully justified in shooting in both incidents. There will be no equivalence between them and the Dallas ambush.

In today’s Wall Street Journal the very big front page heading is “Dallas Police Killer Was Army Veteran and Loner”. Written by Dan Molinski and Dan Frosch, this slanted piece was undoubtedly headlined by the political editor to advance the media Class/Leftist agenda. It is typical MSM propaganda and, as always, cleverly conceived and executed.

Most significantly it advances the official narrative of the lone killer by using the word ‘loner’. Why else is the word given headline treatment?   Whether killers are social ‘loners’  or gregarious has relevance only for sociologists and psychologists.

Similarly, his being an army veteran is not headline-worthy other than to implicate the army with violent impulses. It might have been equally interesting but irrelevant to headline that Johnson played basket-ball, ate red meat, liked pornography, didn’t attend a Christian Church or was a dog owner. It would have been more relevant to know if he had been gainfully employed since leaving the army in April 2015.

What was wholly relevant and missing from the headline -and deliberately so – was that Johnson was Black and had proclaimed his hatred of White people. His was a hate crime and the MSM usually finds evidence of ‘hate crime’ to be a paramount motive.

The police report finding bomb-making materials in his mother’s accommodation, plus an arsenal of weapons. This indicates that he was planning an attack well before the two deaths in Minnesota and Baton Rouge. On this website we find it hard to believe that Johnson did not share his plans with others of a like mind.

Meanwhile, lending credibility to the belief that a Black-inspired race war is unfolding, in Tennessee a Black man, 37 year old Lakeem Scott allegedly shot at random four White people (killing a woman), in Valdosta, Ga. A police officer was lured to a place and ambushed,  and in suburban St. Louis a police officer was ambushed and shot.

In fairness to the Wall Street Journal we must acknowledge two consecutive editorials that nail James Comey as a gutless collaborator with the Obama regime, and a similar, well-written article by Kimberley Strassel.

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