Charlotte Burns, DOJ Moves In, and Obama / Clinton Silent

In yesterday’s article we predicted a second night of rioting, arson and looting in Charlotte, N. Carolina, unless undeniable news emerged that Keith Scott, the Black man shot by a Black police officer, had a history of crime and had been holding a revolver and not a book.

So far, the White Mayor and Black police chief have not revealed personal details on the late Mr. Scott, though they have reiterated that he was holding a gun and there was no book. We think it was very unlikely that he emerged from his car holding a book, despite the claims of his daughter, who was instrumental in arousing Black anger. However, in the absence of background information from the police, the rioting escalated last night once darkness had settled. We are using the word ‘rioting’ in contrast to the Mainstream Media (MSM) propaganda euphemism ‘unrest’.

Pictures of last night’s ‘unrest’ reveal a handful of young Whites among the ‘unrested’. Since they appear by dress and hairstyle to be the usual dysfunctional punk rockers, we are assuming that the Soros-funded Trotskyite element of Black Lives Matter (BLM) have been dispatched to contribute a political rationale to the looting.

It would be nice to think that a Trump administration would categorize BLM as a terrorist organization, and deport its financier George Soros, to France, where he faces criminal charges for financial crimes.

The looting in Charlotte is a reminder that Revolutionary Socialism and the theft of the property belonging to the industrious, always march hand-in-hand. It is also a reminder that footloose Internationalists like George Soros always seek to Balkanize and destabilize Nation States, all the better to pick over the carcasses.

The news this morning, straight from the mouth of America’s chief of the new Political Police, Loretta Lynch, is that the DOJ will be dispatching Commissars to Charlotte. They will arrive with the mission of discovering systemic racism in Charlotte’s Police Department.

Any moment now Obama and Clinton will be denouncing the rioters, arsonists and looters, publicly condemning George Soros for funding criminal behavior, and calling upon Black leaders to support law and order. We are joking, of course!

It is ironic – and a demonstration of the ignorance of the Black mob – that MSM journalists were attacked by looters. One MSM photographer was almost thrown into a blazing garbage can and had to be rescued by police. Do the looters not realize that the MSM is their most fervent ally after Soros?

The latest opinion polls are not reassuring for us on the Broad Right. Rasmussen Reports weekly White House Watch is the best and has likely voters for Trump at 44%. Clinton is 39%, Johnson is 8% and Stein is 2%. 5% are undecided and 3% will vote for another candidate.

Quinnipiac State Polls have Trump up 7 in both Georgia and Iowa but 2 down in Colorado and 6 down in Virginia’

The LATimes daily has Trump up only by 2.4. At one point last week he was almost 7 up in this poll.

Never underestimate the power of the MSM. It can turn bad news into good for its chosen politicians. We suspect that the MSM has succeeded in both trivializing Hillary’s illness and presenting her as a brave fighter who deserves sympathy from women voters. It is not only TV and newspapers that are effective in pushing propaganda. The radio news, especially ABC, is extremely skilled at packing its propaganda into brief headlines and snippets that in their frequency infect the minds of those who pay minimal attention.

Here is some interesting MSM news. Today’s Wall Street Journal has a large article by Andrew Stein, a New York politician with a long Democrat pedigree. He writes “ A lifelong Democrat, I’m backing Donald Trump because he can shake up our politics and revive the economy”. The title of the article is ‘Party Loyalty Can’t Make Me Vote for Clinton’

In the same paper a number of printed letters praise Trump, and Daniel Henninger, one of the Bret (Israel First) Stephens gang, writes about the terrorist threat to America and infers that Trump is a safer bet than Clinton and the Democrats.

Finally it is being hinted that Ted Cruz will endorse Trump. Let us take good news wherever we can find it!

The latest RealClearPolitics polls:

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