Can’t Say the ‘B’ Word!

Visitors to this website will already have found the real news about Baltimore on the Internet, so we are not going to cover the same ground here. Those who, having seen the real news, are concerned for law and order will be greatly reassured to know that Rev. Al Sharpton is responding to calls from the ‘local community and Churches’ and is on his way over. With the great pacifier-the President’s appointed right hand man on race matters- present we can all feel comforted that President Obama has his eyes and ears to the Baltimore ground. More importantly the chronically oppressed of Baltimore will feel assured that their cries for help have been heard.

The MSM, as always manipulating, hiding and inventing the news in order to serve the agenda of the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies, can be relied upon to go through the motions of generally condemning violence before twisting the facts. Last evening, in the midst of the ‘Burning of Baltimore’, the Comcast news, courtesy of NBC, did not mention the conflagration but focused on far-away Nepal. We can conclude that at that time its editors did not quite know how to cleanse the burning and looting aspects of its glaring racial component.

The WSJ, with time overnight to summon its propaganda team together for a brain-storming session, easily solved the problem. Its front page article “Violence Erupts in Baltimore” (reporters Scott Calvert and Kris Maher) which continued overleaf had ten columns which never once described the ‘rioters’, ‘looters’ and ‘youths’ as ‘Black’. Several references in the article placed Baltimore’s Burning in the context of ‘Black’ victims of Ferguson and elsewhere, but the Baltimore protestors partaking of some overdue redistribution seemingly had no racial identity.

In case anyone should think that Calvert and Maher simply overlooked the outstanding feature of the redistribution crowd, the editorial on page A16 under the heading “Chaos in Baltimore” and a subheading “The city failed to protect its citizens from rampaging youths” reinforced the point that Black skin had no relevance.  It is not a question of limited vocabulary for the editor mentioned “rampaging gangs’, “packs of young men” and “young people”. Clearly youthfulness is a quality that stands out for the MSM but Black skin passes unnoticed. Perhaps it can all be put down to poor street lighting and the onset of dusk!

The problem with good and interminable propaganda is that even the alert and cynical among us counter-revolutionaries are unconsciously influenced. In all these MSM articles, Baltimore’s looting and burning rioters are set apart from its citizens. Indeed it is frequently inserted into reports that those responsible ‘come from outside’, wherever that may be.

Whilst it is true that homosexual activists travel from town to town for ‘Pride’ parades, swelling the numbers so that the MSM can inflate the number of homosexuals in society, there is never a mention of this travelling band of sodomites in reports. We are meant to conclude that the proud celebrants are all locals ‘coming out’. Yet when it comes to Black rioting, reporters amazingly recognize hordes of ‘outsiders’ and can distinguish them from the few local people. My point here is that even we MSM cynics fall for the reporters’ canard about ‘outside agitators’ when probably the truth is that the arsonists and looters are ‘the citizens’. It may well be true that the people smashing store windows and removing the contents are young people, for they are the most active, but the goods removed get taken home to be enjoyed by many citizens. Quite often the liberated items are large and could not be carried far beyond the immediate neighborhood. I am not convinced that the ‘citizens’ of these Black communities disapprove of a little redistribution and a lot of mayhem. More likely the ‘youths’ are expressing the culture and the materialism of the citizenry.

There is a fact hidden in all this that links to my last article and should be pondered by counter-revolutionaries. The MSM and its Leftist allies are skilled in misusing language and getting us all to sign on. Wrong use of language leads to wrong ideas and conclusions. On this website we never use the ‘G’ word because the correct words are ‘homosexual’, ‘sodomite’ and ‘pervert’. If the masses of normal people had insisted on using the correct words, SSM would not be before the Supreme Court this week. Homosexuality would have brought forth sordid images of anal intercourse and worse instead of gay fun.

The MSM and its Leftist allies constantly employ the word ‘minorities’. This misuse of the word cleverly lumps together America’s Asians, Orientals, Arabs and Latinos with Blacks. This misuse is not accidental nor the consequence of literary sloppiness but is intended to create a sense of shared (disadvantaged) identity between groups of people who are not only racially and culturally different from each other but whose success in, and commitment to, America, varies widely. Indeed there is a gulf between Asians that is almost unbridgeable i.e Hindus and Muslims.

The Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies constantly work to conceal the varied cultures and successes of the minorities and instead seek to define all as an underclass along with urban Black Americans. In reality, statistics for education, single parenting, employment, crime and non-welfare income, when truly recorded, reveal staggering gaps that make a mockery of the blanket term ‘minorities’. Our website visitors know this to be true so there is no need to labor the point here.

What needs to be pondered by Counter-revolutionaries is that only one minority riots, burns and loots and only one minority-bar Muslims- has a problem with the police. Not even Central Americans who are here in great numbers (both legally and illegally) and many of whom are economically exploited, riot, loot and burn-at least, not yet! Indeed, many Asian and Oriental Americans who are building businesses must fear the encouragement that Obama, Holder, the Democrats and the MSM are giving to Black rioters.

A thoughtful American patriot and conservative has pointed out to this website that resistance to the revolution cannot be built around minorities but has to be built around America’s core White Nation-builders. This is unarguable, but many of the cultural and racial minorities that now (and increasingly will) populate America should be on the side of our Counter-revolution, for that is where they belong. That they are not is mostly attributable to the other side’s skilful misuse of words but also to those on the Right who pretend that America’s racial clock can be turned back a hundred years.

On this website we celebrate European achievement. We completely reject the concept of White Guilt, which is intended as our route to serfdom. We are grateful for America’s unique Constitution and the success its freedom has spawned. But we also believe that in the current revolutionary crisis, created by the rise of a morally corrupt Ruling Class and its allies, we counter-revolutionaries need all the allies we can recruit. Baltimore and its lesson to the diligent, the industrious, the savers, and the patient, offers an opportunity to broaden the forces of conservatism.


What price official crime statistics? Surely they are worthless when there are Fergusons and Baltimores?

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  1. “The MSM and its Leftist allies are skilled in misusing language and getting us all to sign on. Wrong use of language leads to wrong ideas and conclusions. … If the masses of normal people had insisted on using the correct words, SSM would not be before the Supreme Court this week.”

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black; you just did it too by calling the issue before the SCOTUS “SSM” (Same Sex Marriage). That’s their term, not ours.

    Let’s call it what it is: Homosexual Mirage.

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