America’s Unfolding Race War

The deadly attack on police officers in Dallas, carried out under cover of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstration, has brought forth the usual meaningless blathering of politicians and others.

It is always worth bearing in mind after such outrages that the ‘meaningless blathering’ that the Mainstream Media brings to our attention has the prior approval of reporters and editors and is therefore pure propaganda and not intended to elucidate or awaken the sheep. Not only is the content worthless but there is a careful selection of those offered a microphone or camera.

Since President Obama is the mouthpiece of the Ruling Media Class, he is always given an early MSM opportunity to express and define the official view of the outrage. Actually, he is rarely outraged about anything, but why should he be when his plan to change America is proceeding nicely.

The new militancy of urban Blacks is one part of his program of change, and one that is particularly to his liking since he has long made it clear that he thinks it is past time that Whites were put in their place. Does anyone with a clear mind believe that he is distressed when a White police officer dies at the hands of a Black thug?

Obama knew that as President of all the people he had to publicly shed some crocodile tears for the police officers and their families, but he was quick to unleash an attack on gun ownership and shift the focus away from the killer’s race-hate motive. (We are assuming here that there was only one attacker and no co-conspirators!)

The race-war motive of Micah Johnson is beyond the slightest dispute but Obama has to be admired for his insouciant disregard of it and an assertion on a world stage that the motives were too complex to be made sense of.

The blathering of other public figures is at its best – or worst – when there is talk about how ‘we’ must all come together and work together. Could there be a greater departure from reality? The MSM is busy staging pictures and orchestrating the comments of Whites and Blacks standing together at meetings and funerals but in the real world of America, few Whites and Blacks voluntarily stand together.

In fact Blacks generally live separately from all others and the ‘others’ dare not enter a Black area, especially after dark. Blacks seem unable or unwilling to enter a workforce that new arrivals from China, India, Vietnam, the Philippines and Mexico have no problem infiltrating. Those Blacks who do enter into wider society often sever their connections with their people or are rejected as ‘Uncle Toms’.

Several brave souls have investigated and written about America’s new racial segregation but it is not the intention to get into this here. The race war that increasing numbers of Blacks are signing up for has to be placed in context and that context has two new factors that suggest much worse bloodshed is to come.

One is that we have a President who has spent seven plus years legitimizing mostly-illegitimate Black grievance, fomenting Black militancy and re-arranging the Nation’s law and order system in order to suppress White and near-White resistance.

The other is that we are living through a Revolution whose cadres in Government and the MSM are busy dismantling a once-stable society. Black supremacy over White is only one component of the New Order but we can mention here that perverted sex is becoming supreme over normal sex, female over male, and gender choice over Nature. If Mrs. Clinton enters the White House we can anticipate a selective redistribution of wealth and a new and Revolutionary definition of personal freedom and speech. Far from ‘coming together’, the Revolutionary plan is to fundamentally rearrange by force the old order. You have been warned!

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