Trump Up! Biden Prepares To Run?

The latest Reuters Rolling Average up to January 5th has The Donald peaking down and down on 41.7%, followed by Cruz on 13.7%, Carson on 10.6%, Rubio on 8.2% and Bush 8.1%. One report claims that in the very latest Reuters Rolling Average Trump has plunged to a new peak of 46% and Cruz is on 12%.

We need to remember that Reuters is a Far Left propaganda organ of the Ruling Media Class and, like all Mainstream Media (MSM) organs, is not to be trusted for facts. Nevertheless it is unlikely that these results are welcomed by the Media Class and at this point in the election cycle there is little to be gained from opinion poll lies.

Trump, Cruz and Carson can be loosely categorized as ‘Rightwing’ and in this website’s language ‘counter-revolutionary’. Rubio, Bush and Christie are on the Republican’s collaborationist Left wing. These latest polling figures indicate that two thirds of Republican voters are supporting Rightwing candidates. This is not quite the same as claiming that two thirds are also Nationalists, for Carson in particular is squishy-Christian on immigration.

Nationalists can draw comfort from the likelihood that Trump, the most Nationalistic of the candidates, is drawing substantial support from beyond the Republican ranks by attracting dissident non-voters and is eating into White working-class Democrat support.

All of these results must be causing heart-burn for the Republican elite and its Big Money Wall Street backers. Poor old Karl Rove, the man who normally lives by opinion polls and who has long been the Republican front man for Big Business, must feel like King Canute. Unlike Peggy Noonan, who has reluctantly faced the facts contained in the polls and acknowledged the uprising that is fueling Trump’s popularity, Rove is clinging to the past. In his Crystal Ball column in today’s WSJ he writes “If the GOP contest narrows to two or three candidates by March 15th, Mr. Trump will not be the Party’s nominee.” Later in the same article he writes “ If Mr. Trump is its standard-bearer the GOP will lose the White House and the Senate, and its majority in the House will fall dramatically”. To us, this sounds like Rove’s wishful thinking.

The WSJ – whose editors and opinion columnists want open borders, international trade at any cost, and who fear Nationalism where ever it surfaces – appears to be subtly shifting its bet from Bush to Rubio. Unwittingly, both of the pictures in today’ s paper that are intended to promote Rubio, reveal the lethargy of his cozy little meetings and a staged and pathetic effort to show wild enthusiasm for his cause. It looks as though Rubio has stolen the Bush crowd and wheeled them over to his little room. Meanwhile, the WSJ has to pretend that Trump and his tens of thousands are a fringe movement of no consequence.

Trump’s big worry is the danger that the UK’s Parliament will ban him from Britain’s shores. How this must be giving him sleepless nights! A petition of 500,000 signatures (why didn’t the UK’s other 3 million Muslims sign it?) has called for Trump to join Michael Savage on the list of undesirables. Prime Minister David Cameron, a traitor who makes Marshall Petain look like a Resistance hero, has condemned ‘hate speech’ and said that “Trump is divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong”.

Cameron, a devotee of multi-culturalism, multi -racialism, European Union, the UN, homosexual marriage and the Unite Against Fascism mob, is, like the crypto/Muslim Obama, very comfortable with the Islamic invasion of his country. If the counter-revolution succeeds in the USA and the UK, Obama and Cameron should each be placed on trial for treason. Petain, in 1945 was tried and convicted of treason, despite being in his late 80’s, having an outstanding military record, and doing all he could to save French lives and retain a degree of National independence during the German occupation. The treason committed by Obama and Cameron dwarfs that of Petain.

On this website we long predicted that Hillary Clinton would not be the Democrat nominee. We assumed that the powerful homosexual faction in the Media Class would frustrate a Clinton presidency, as it had done in 2007. To our surprise, first Squaw Warren and then VP Biden decided not to run against the Clintons.

Today NBC headlined Biden’s statement that “he regrets not running for President every day”. How is this news? Such quotes do not get into the MSM headlines unless there is an underlying agenda. We always wondered if Biden, unwilling to cause open division in a Far Left (and purged) Democrat Party that tolerates no public disunity, was waiting for Hillary to be taken out by Obama and his Justice Department. Perhaps Obama is being forced from behind the scenes to act against the Clintons. If Hillary gets charged for any of her many crimes (probably the emails), Biden will enter as the Party’s savior with Squaw Warren as his running mate. The MSM, having thrown its weight behind Hillary, will have to swiftly readjust, but its monopoly of propaganda and the stupidity of TV-addicted Americans will enable it to do so.

In Texas, another police officer is about to be thrown to the BLM wolves.

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  1. You know you’re in bad shape when your Deus ex machina is Joe Biden and Squaw Running Mouth. The latter of the two must’ve spiked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s peace pipe with peyote.

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