Trump: Insurgency Leader?

Surely an extrovert billionaire property developer is an unlikely leader of an insurgency. Yes, but these are unlikely times in the USA.

When Donald Trump entered the Republican primary race it is highly unlikely that he thought he had much chance of setting the contestants’ agenda, let alone winning the nomination. He still has a long way to go to the nomination but there is no doubt that he now has the political stature to determine the agenda not only of the Republican’s internal leadership contest, but the agenda of the 2016 election.

Since his advance to the forefront of the Republican pack began with his fearless comments about illegal immigrants, it is tempting to attribute all of Trump’s subsequent success to this one issue, his personal style and his financial independence from vested interests. Certainly these are factors, but just as important, if not more, is the unprecedented backdrop of the stealthy Revolution that is roiling America’s conservative people.

The Media Class Rulers and their Leftist allies have tightened their grip on the Nation and imposed one Revolutionary policy after another on the people. They have done so through their man in the White House and despite their Party losing control of Congress. Obama’s law-making rule by executive order, Government agencies and control of the Federal Judiciary, massaged and packaged by the MSM, has exposed the Congressional Republican Party as a Party of submission and irrelevancy.

Americans on the Right are frustrated and angered by the absence of Republican resistance and of any Congressional defense of the Constitution.Gone largely un-noticed is the actual redundancy of Congress itself. No serious observer now expects Congress to have any impact on legislation. Does anyone notice or care whether Congress debates issues? The only Senators whose speeches are reported and noted are those campaigning in the Primary contest OUTSIDE of Congress. Has there ever been a time in America’s modern history when Congress has had no role in Government?

On this website we would argue that we are in Revolutionary times and therefore the traditional Constitutional politics of Separation of Powers has, like Congress, been discarded by the new Ruling Class and replaced by centralized power. The President is the Government! Boehner and McConnell and their followers have been reduced to chatter amongst themselves. Even the State Congresses have little political power in the face of the Obama Federal Government. Who can deny this?

Since political resistance to the Revolutionary agenda has been overcome in Washington and State Congresses, resistance has been forced to find expression and leadership elsewhere. Thankfully, we are not quite yet at the point where resistance, though disadvantaged, has been criminalized. And so we come to the unexpected rise of Donald Trump!

Trump and his followers may believe that his ascendancy is entirely due to his personal attributes, his courage, his speeches and his opposition to illegal immigration. In other words he is creating his own success. We believe his amazing success has more to do with the impact of the Revolution, the collapse of the Separation of Powers and the demise of Congress.

‘Cometh the Hour, cometh the man’ so the old saying goes, and without his permission the people’s opposition to the Revolution and its centralized government has fallen on the Trump shoulders. By accident, the Republican primaries and their early ignition by Trump’s immigration speech, has transformed the Republican Primary campaign into the extra-Parliamentary struggle between Right and Left, Opposition and Government, Counter-revolution and Revolution. Trump, propelled by the pent-up forces of American conservatives, has unwittingly become the leader of an insurrection.

At the moment he finds himself fighting the well-funded representatives of Republican submission led by Jeb Bush. So far he is winning. That fight may have several more rounds to go and Bush may be replaced by another collaborationist, but such are the external forces that all the primary contestants will be forced to choose the Trump camp or the Bush camp. We would argue that Trump is also already fighting Obama and the Ruling Class and has replaced Boehner and McConnell and their Congressional comrades as the voice and leader of resistance.

We use the word ‘insurrection’ because we anticipate that our Ruling Class and its followers will not peacefully surrender power and permit the return of traditional moral values, free speech, controlled borders and Constitutional government. If Trump vanquishes the Republican collaborators in the Primaries, survives assassination, and emerges as the likely winner of the 2016 Presidential campaign, we foresee that the current low-level civil war being fought on urban streets will erupt across the Nation. We doubt that The Donald has looked that far ahead.

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