Police Lives Matter!

On this day one year ago, (Aug 9th 2014) Michael Brown, a young Black man was shot dead in Ferguson Mi. whilst attacking a White police officer. If that had been the end of the story, this website would today have celebrated the passing of one more young thug.

It should have been the case that his Black neighborhood was no worse off for his justified death. Undoubtedly, if Brown and his sidekick had not crossed paths with Officer Darren Wilson, they would have continued to be two young lawless bullies, preying on the local Asian shopkeepers, selling drugs, drawing tax-payer funded welfare, contributing to the area’s reputation for crime and economic stagnation and sooner or later venturing outside their ghetto to sucker-punch a vulnerable White or Asian citizen.

His timely death, however, was not the end of the story for many struggling Ferguson shopkeepers of all races, nor for tax-payers in general, nor for the political health of the US and certainly not for police officer Darren Wilson, whose life has been forever changed for the worse. Instead of Ferguson’s residents breathing a collective sigh of relief over the early departure of a local menace, an orgy of rioting, looting and arson erupted and another Race myth has been implanted in the minds of too many Americans.

It is tempting to gloat over last week’s news that in Seattle a Bernie Sanders Democrat campaign meeting was broken up by young ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrators. It is probable that a handful of White Trotskyites also had a hand in planning this race-inspired attack on free speech.

Let us pause for a moment! On this website we are gloating. We just can’t resist! After all, the ageing Sanders is one of those Left wing loons who, if born in this era, would be a White Trotskyite longing for the demise of the White race and bloody revolution on the streets. Instead Sanders has been ideologically left (no pun intended!) behind by the stealthy Ruling Media Class that has placed a crypto Muslim in the White House and which is implementing a Revolution that has no room for the Vermont White working class that Sanders believes he is representing.

The irrational response of Ferguson’s residents to Brown’s death, and the creation of a myth that is now mobilizing young Blacks all across America’s urban landscape, has several roots.

One of the most productive is the capture of public education by the Left so that all subjects taught are infested with propaganda. The effect of this propaganda is to render young Whites and Asians apathetic with guilt whilst infusing young half-educated Blacks with a confident sense of entitlement, racial victimization and rage.

A second and recently watered root is the presence in the White House of a Black man who ever more openly uses his Office to indulge his own racial and religious resentments. Besides his Leftist hatred of the country he presides over and his obvious sympathies for Islam, he has, at every opportunity, legitimized Black violence against all other Americans. He has also been busy dismantling police authority on lawless streets.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the creation of a Black revolutionary mob on the streets of our cities is the creation of the MSM. It is central to the Media Class agenda that the law-abiding, hard-working, traditionalist people, who as it happens are predominantly White and Christian, should be made subservient to the State machinery the Media Class and its Leftist allies control. To render them subservient they must first be demoralized and then rendered speechless.

There is nothing more demoralizing for diligent people than to see the lazy, feckless and criminal officially tolerated and subsidized. It is adding salt to the wound when the lawless are allowed to dominate the streets and prosper from looting and arson. It is made worse when the public discourse (controlled by the MSM) turns right and wrong upside down. It is now the cemented public narrative that Michael Brown was the innocent Black victim and Policeman Darren Wilson is a White killer who has gone unpunished.

We deliberately used the word ‘myth’ in preceding paragraphs for the creation of myths (that develop from lies) is one of the most formidable tools of the Ruling Media Class and its MSM. False myths wipe out truthful history. The Media Class, which has developed and prospered from replacing reality with fantasy and myth on the screen and stage, is now remaking America based on myths. Black Lives Matter is a myth in the making before our very powerless eyes.

The reality, and today we write this article to remind our website visitors of reality, is that it is police lives that matter for those who have nothing to gain (and everything to lose) from the creation of a Revolutionary new America of street lawlessness, redistribution of wealth, controlled speech and thought, perversion as the norm and open borders.

For those who want the truth of Michael Brown’s death we strongly recommend a visit to the WND website and the article “Sudden Death on Canfield Drive in Ferguson” by Jessie Lee Peterson.

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