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The French Revolution was perhaps the first modern revolution. It began in 1789, when Parisian mobs rioted and discovered that the French Ruling Class of the day lacked the means and determination to restore order. The Revolution never had the support of a majority of the French people but it was enough for the Revolutionaries with slogans and mobs to gain political power in Paris and one or two other large cities. The great majority of the people spread across the countryside and small towns were conservative, but marginalized by their ignorance of news and an absence of organization. They could not be sufficiently mobilized to play a part in resistance.

127 years later in Russia, mobs were able to exert their will in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Once again, ideologues, organized and quick to seize leadership of the mobs with slogans, were able to capture Government and impose an unpopular Revolution on the conservative masses spread across the countryside and small towns.

In Paris it took much less than four years for the ideologues of the Revolution to assert control with their extremist agenda. Marat, Roux, Hebert, Danton and Robespierre, broadening the scope of purges from their actual enemies to future enemies of the Revolution, unleashed a bloodbath of ideological madness and tyranny. By 1793 the Reign of Terror began and lasted for more than a year. The results were truly revolutionary as every vestige of the past and every tradition was replaced by ‘progressive’ and experimental ideas.

History never repeats itself exactly but it is dangerous to ignore its lessons. It is unlikely that even the people of Paris realized in 1789 and 1790 that the new ideologies and slogans of the Revolutionaries would culminate in the terror of arbitrary denunciation, arrest and unprecedented bloodshed. In a period lasting only a handful of years the French people were ripped from their past and yet it is doubtful that anyone saw the end at the beginning. Most likely people thought that each descending step was the final one.

We, today, are living in a Revolutionary period and each day we descend a little further into madness. Just like those conservative masses in the countryside and small towns of France and Russia we are being denied awareness of each step of madness until it is too late. Unlike the French masses of the late 1700’s and the Russian masses of the early 1900’s the American people live in an era of instant communication. Possessing cell phones, radios, televisions and computers, Americans falsely believe they know everything that is going on. However, unbeknown to them the Revolutionaries control the news and entertainment, and so they do not know that a Revolution has already taken place by stealth and that they are being fed propaganda. The real news is denied them.

On this website we constantly draw attention not only to the real news but we explain how and why it is concealed. Black on White violent crime is just one of many examples of concealment. Others include the purging of the Armed Forces, the official and unofficial persecution of Christians, the criminalization of Christianity, Obama’s marginalization of the Constitution, the real weather and the cause of AIDS. Of course, many others on Talk Radio and the Internet also get out the real news, and to far greater audiences than our obscure website, but we uniquely identify the Revolution and explain why MSM news has become only dangerous propaganda. Unfortunately, even Talk Radio and the counter-revolutionary websites reach only a fraction of the masses.

Recently, a Midland County, Michigan lady by the name of Yvette Coomer, who was a regular client of an exercise chain known as ‘Planet Fitness’, went into the women’s locker room of her local branch. She was shocked to find a man in there dressed in women’s clothing. She went to the receptionist to draw attention to this intrusion but discovered an unwillingness to react. She was later told by the Planet Fitness organization that their gyms are ‘Judgment Free Zones’ and as a consequence males who have chosen to identify as females can use the ladies locker room. Similarly, females who chose to identify as males can use the male locker rooms. When Ms. Coomer subsequently raised this experience with other women at the local Planet Fitness, she was advised that her custom was no longer welcome.

These are truly revolutionary times when a man can select his sexual identity and invade women’s personal facilities. Probably most men would not be too bothered by a woman invading male changing rooms or bathrooms, especially if it was an attractive young woman. But a man dressed as a woman is either a grotesque, shocking or frightening sight, especially in a secluded and lonely place.

It is the view of this website that cross-dressing in public is a symptom of mental illness. It is a symptom of societal illness when cross-dressing is tolerated in public and even more so when anyone is deemed able to select sexual identity. Planet Fitness has bowed to the Ruling Class pressure by adopting a ‘Judgment Free’ policy. It probably believes that any attempt to enforce common sense will result in a Court case that will be lost because the Judiciary has already been captured by the Revolutionaries. Since human nature and common sense are conservative Planet Fitness owners are aware that Judgment Free zones will drive away women customers and so they have silenced Ms. Coomer. Most businesses will avoid locker rooms and controversy from now on.

Our point here is that this incident, which has massive implications, is being deliberately ignored by the MSM, which is anxious to avoid arousing the masses until it is too late. ‘Transgenderism’ and choice of sexuality, the first a sickness, the second a nonsense, have been ushered in on the coat-tails of homosexuality. Next it will be human/dog sexual relationships being imposed as another ‘choice’ that only bigots (and enemies of the Revolution) resist. It is step by (quick) step on the Revolutionary path to madness. The untimely deaths of Robespierre and Danton prevented the French Revolution from freeing France of so many outdated concepts.

Music Choice

Perry Como, a deeply religious man with a smooth and relaxing voice and perfect pitch in his early singing career, recorded the Latin-rhythm, light-hearted song ‘Tomboy’ in 1959. The lyric ‘the pink chiffon looks magic on my tomboy’ seems appropriate for these crazy times. Perhaps Planet Fitness should use it as a promotion jingle.


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  1. The left will signal its final triumph by writing a set of draconian “hate speech” laws which will crush dissidents’ ability to communicate.

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