Book Review – Sharpton: A Demagogue’s Rise by Carl F. Horowitz

This just-published book from the National Legal and Policy Center is an essential read for anyone who wants to know more about the Black Mobs that now rule the streets of many big cities. On this website we mostly refer to such mobs as ‘Red Mobs’ because they are frequently augmented and organized by White Leftist agitators and serve a wider and more sinister purpose than the empowerment of race demagogues like Al Sharpton, the subject of this excellent book.

Mr. Horowitz is the Director of Organized Labor Accountability Project of the National Legal and Policy Center and has written for The Heritage Foundation, Investors’ Business Daily, FrontPage Magazine and the Townhall website. By writing this well-researched book on the character and techniques of rabble-rouser Al Sharpton, at a time when the Revolutionary Class that has spawned and used Sharpton, is in power, he shows great courage.

Conservatives and Nationalists will long ago have concluded that Sharpton is a calculating Racist firebrand and an opportunist with a big mouth and few principles. Whether many Christians believe he is really a Christian and are taken in by the ‘Rev’ before his name is anybody’s guess. As Horowitz makes clear in this book, many Black Christian leaders support Sharpton and are more than willing to line up with him. Those on the Right who dismiss the Rev. Al as a fringe player on the political scene with a trail of sensational but ultimately failed ventures need to read this book.

Horowitz records Sharpton’s humble origins, early mentors and associates and in the process reveals his shady practices, criminal connections and the FBI trap that seemingly turned him into an informer. Despite this mill-stone of a past Sharpton has enjoyed a continual career upward trajectory and Horowitz attributes this to his smart instincts and sheer nerve. From Howard Beach, through Tawana Brawley, the Central Park Five, Bensonhurst, Crown Heights, the deadly fire at Freddy’s Fashion Mart, the Burger King Affair, Michael Jackson, Jena High School, Don Imus, Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown, Sharpton has never latched on to a Black cause that truly exhibited institutional White persecution of a Black victim. In every situation he jumped into Sharpton cared nothing for the facts, rightly assuming that he could ignore them and impose the same tried and tested narrative on each one. That he succeeded with this formula says much about the ignorance and prejudices of African Americans. Today, his National Action Network (NAN) can mobilize Black (and White Leftist) crowds all across the Nation’s big cities.

NAN, and Sharpton himself, are doing well financially thanks to contributions from Big Business, White celebrity benefactors and their non-payment of debts and taxes. Like Soros Front organizations, NAN can rustle up protestors because it has the funds to do so.

Horowitz rightly draws attention to Sharpton’s rise to the giddy heights of a place in the Obama inner cabal and from this assumes Sharpton has gained a power of his own. On this website we refute this conclusion to an otherwise excellent book.

It is worth comparing Sharpton’s rise with Obama’s, noting the similarities and differences. Both have shady histories and come from relatively humble backgrounds. Both claim to represent African Americans and to be seeking justice and retribution for past White oppression. One spectacular difference is that Obama avoids the Black masses whenever possible whereas Sharpton has no problem being one of them. In this sense he is authentically Black.

One profound difference that is overlooked is that Obama is half White and blessed with height, leanness and relatively good looks. These are important and favorable attributes when growing up. Sharpton is short and was until recently overweight and has never been blessed with good looks. Indeed he has always looked a comical and undignified figure. He would have made a good stand-in as Passepartout, the valet to Phineas Fog in Verne’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. His life and political career should be seen as that of a small, comical and  insignificant man who determined to be a big-shot by hook or by crook.

He has succeeded but like Obama his rise and current power owes everything to the Media Class and its agenda. Sharpton is useful to the Media Class because he stirs up Black resentments, exacerbates White Guilt and can command the streets. His Red Mobs intimidate Whites and Asians, undermine law and order with impunity thus demoralizing conservative citizens (an important role in Revolutionary times) and help to speed up the stampede of Big Business to the Left and to a Revolutionary government. He can be relied upon to instantly summon a Black mob of protestors for the MSM cameras and reporters whenever the revolutionary narrative demands.

From early on, Sharpton has claimed to speak for all minorities and has specifically courted the homosexual constituency in the ruling Media Class. His rewards have included protection from the law, the IRS, no investigation of his past by the MSM and now entry into the Media Class with a TV show of his own.

It is the claim of this website that Sharpton exists as a public figure solely because he is useful to the Ruling Media Class. For those who believe that his power lies in being a Black leader we suggest considering him having a Christian epiphany and publicly denouncing same-sex marriage and abortion. We assert that he would be stripped of all his positions and privileges overnight.


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