Psychopaths and Terrorists

Human nature, being what it is, we all experience daily, the inconsiderateness of our fellow human beings. Much of it is thoughtlessness. A little is more anti-social. Still, it is quite a step from that to behaviour such as a person stealing from a pocket in the locker room, or shoplifting at the local store. Only a nasty minority go as far as breaking into an automobile or your house, and robbery with violence is clearly evidence of awful psychopathic behaviour by those who practice it. We have to assume that burglars and robbers have little feeling for their victims and humanity in general. 

    Fortunately, even those who do such things draw back from wanton violence such as dropping concrete blocks on trains from bridges or setting fire to department stores. Fear of detection and punishment is no doubt a deterrent to such acts, but probably most draw back from such acts because they do not hate their fellow human beings to that degree. 

    Terrorist bombers are in a different class. They set out to kill and maim as many fellow human beings as possible and do not do so on mere impulse but by planning. What do their crimes say about such people other than that they are not fit to be a part of the human race? It is worth remembering this when reading the media’s take on them. Reporters must search hard to find people who praise a suspect bombers past “social work” or interest in sports, and in doing so those reporters must deliberately sidestep all those who express outrage. Terrorists are like spies. Mostly they merge into society and do things to avoid suspicion, so we should not be surprised that neighbors and work colleagues have been taken in. Alger Hiss (one of the most dangerous and effective spies for the Soviet Union) was a bird watcher and a “nice guy” to those he took advantage of in his work. The psychopath in the terrorist’s personality can be found in the actions which are deadly. 

    We must guard against falling for the Media’s spin on all things and not least on terrorism. We must not forget, indeed we must keep in the forefront of our minds, the true nature of the terrorist. When we hear that Gerry Adams is talking “peace” talk or that a Muslim bomber used to take a neighbors child to school, we must remember that the media (and its functionaries) has an agenda, and it is not in the business of reflecting popular opinion or common sense. 

    A terrorist is someone who has left the human race and re-entry would require a huge amount of public confession and willingness to accept responsibility for past actions.

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